Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today I'm taking back the blog!!


 If you're reading this, I THANK YOU!  Because lately, I have not been the best blogger out there!!  I took a little bit of a blog break!  And I'm not going to lie...it was longer than I intended.  But I am not going to write down all my excuses about why, or how life got in the way...I'm just going to take back the blog and promise to be better going forward!

With the holidays in full swing, there's lots of fun stuff coming up both here and over at The Blended Blog that I can't wait to share with you!

Today's post is totally out there, but thought I'd be a fun way to get back into it.

{In full disclosure this post is a running list of random.  I started it a while back and have added to it as I thought of things!  I am not sure anyone will want to read it, but thought I'd publish it anyway...it's quirky- like me!!  And so Solitary Life!} 

  • I have known for a while now that I'm a serious over-exclamation point-er!!  When writing emails, commenting on blogs, I always use too many exclamation points. Like for every sentence...And I double it.  I have been trying to be more diligent about switching them out now.  But I guess I'm an excitable person!! SeewhatIdidthere??

  • Every time I take a selfie, I think...I really need a photographer for this blog!  Thumbs Down for Solitary Life!! 
How could I NOT have inserted a Selfie here?? ;)

  •  My neighbors above used to be very quiet people.  These days they're not.  I'll be honest, it's starting to piss me off!!  They are getting the place painted and I guess moving crap around.  And can I just say that it's the girl who is loudest.  When she goes out, she must wear her heaviest shoes, because I can hear her stomping around.  The joys of condo living....but I wouldn't trade my little house for anything!!

  • With the exception of Countdown to Christmas, I haven't watched real TV in months.  I have however spent an ungodly amount of time on YouTube.  God Bless Chromecast!  I actually listen to music other than country.  But I also feel better about myself knowing I wasn't the one who created this 4 hour Christmas music playlist!!

  • Someone told me recently that I had a lot of coats!  I'll never see that jerk again...LOL (since then I may have bought three more puffer vests and a North Face jacket...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • I have a three word phrase that I say to myself every morning, that if anybody ever heard, might definitely think I was crazy.  But hey, it's gets me outta bed in the morning!!

  • By now I'm fully Christmas-fied!  I look around the place and think to myself, I really should invite people over!!  I'll never do it.  I have a lot of good ideas but executing them is the hard part!  HA!

  • Google Hangout is Super Cool!!  Shout out to my bloggy friends, Deena, Shaunacey, Lana and Carrie,  for a fun Saturday night!  (And the distraction from Report Cards....EW! Yes, when you live a Solitary Life, you do report cards on Saturday nights!)

  • My favorite thing about Fall and Winter is not having to shave my legs everyday!  Oddly enough, I've been doing it!  I'm not sure why...maybe in my head I think Santa's gonna bring me a man for Christmas?!?! 

  • My mom would be mortified if she knew the reputation I had amongst my colleagues at work as the "Wine Drinker"!  (now she does...she's my number one blog reader and is very quick to tell me when I have typos!) I tried to dispel this the other day.  I don't wake up everyday intending to have a glass of wine after work.  In fact I say to myself, " this is the night, I'm gonna make a big ol' pitcher of iced tea"!  But then I get to work and things happen and people happen and after the day I had the only thing to look forward to is that glass of wine!  I know I'm not alone in this!!  And don't worry ma....I'm the comedian of the group too!!

  • My girl crush on Adele is in full effect!!  Love her new album!!  I bought it forgetting I didn't have a CD player anymore...DUH!!  But put it right into my iTunes!  

Thanks for reading and for sticking with me!!  Have a happy Tuesday!!


  1. I loved reading this list--so many things I can't comment on them all, but I dont think you should be ashamed of being the wine drinker...or watching Countdown to Christmas! All totally acceptable!

  2. Oh god my mom watches those Hallmark movies. Those plots are so convoluted lol. Haha and Danica McKellar is like 10 of them!

  3. I have the same exclamation problem as you!! See I just did one. Yes to Hallmark countdown. Gotta love those movies. So sad, they usually give hallmark channel for free in December, not this year, boo!!! Enjoy :-)

  4. OMG I love this!! I'm a terrible exclamation mark user! Whatever, I'm excited about a lot.
    YAY for google hangouts, so excited you joined us :)
    I love me some wine so there's nothing wrong with that title ;)

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  5. Such a fun list!! I am the same way with exclamation points! lol :) I have to go back through my blog posts all the time because I'll look back and notice that I used one at the end of almost every (or every ;)) single sentence! LOL :D Your post made me laugh and smile...thanks for sharing! xo - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  6. Glad you're back! :) You're not alone on the wine drinking. haha! Love the Wanted sign!

  7. So glad you're back! I loved our Google Hangout - I'm sorry I was so sick and kind of out of it. We need to do it again :)!

  8. Loved this! I love how you said you don't wake up intending to have wine every night but life happens...I hear ya! I never go for the iced tea instead! Your blog always makes me smile!!!! (deserved extra exclamation points)


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