About Me

Who knew?!?!

Who knew that when I started blogging on a whim and as a joke back in 2012, that today it would have morphed into this!

A blog with awesome followers, dedicated readers and some of the best bloggy buddies a girl could as for...who all started a collective, The Blended Blog, that I contribute to, too!

Wow!  Blogging is a fun hobby and outlet, that I often wish would pay the bills, so that I could just do it full-time!!  But that is not to say I don't love my day job as a tech teacher and librarian. Being the single lady that I am, my students are "my kids" and my family and friends are EVERYTHING.

The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life  is my story...I'm still just trying to navigate this crazy thing called LIFE (even in my thirties)...with a smile on my face and a drink in my hand!  It's a hodge podge of fun, fashion, family, friends and everything in between!

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