Monday, December 30, 2013

So I've updated the blog a bit...

So this being my Christmas vacation and all, I thought since I had the time, I'd update the blog a bit!  Little did I know, doing so would cost me two hours of my life!!  Nothings ever easy.

I tried to spruce things up a bit using snazzy designs like the ones I see on all the blogs I read nowadays.  But copying and pasting and coding and all that tech mumbo jumbo (that I am so well-versed in...or at least I should be!) is a real pain in the ass!  I wanted to make it look pretty and stuff and copy codes, and such! And apparently I did too much, because their was so much on the page, it looked like it had just thrown up!  Then, to my horror, I couldn't delete it!!  I tried removing everything and the throw up page still remained!  Then I deleted the code and the page said to me "Are you sure you want to delete this?" but I deleted it anyway...and so a split second i thought I lost the entire blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But alas, I got it back!  And just decided to use what I had.  Blogger has so many options to choose from. Why was I not just using template, backgrounds and options that were already available to me?  So for the next hour, I played around with that and this is what I came up with!  Hope you like it!

As the New Year approaches, its a time to look back on the year that was.  When I look back on this year, the thing I'll remember most is moving....and what HELL it was!!  LOL!!!  But at least now it's over!

I know I did other things too, but I can't really remember them...which I think is sad!  So I'm taking two ideas from another blog I read and documenting 2014!  I have already started keeping a gratitude journal, in which I'm writing down 5 things each day that I'm thankful for...not the big things...just the simple and silly things!  Like a good cup of coffee, a comment someone said to me that totally made my day or just a rainy day!  (Because on rainy days it's ok if I sit on my ass, wrapped in a blanket and watch movies all day!)  I think it's a good idea and a way to reflect on my day!

Another thing I am gonna do is take a picture everyday!  The Mix and Match Mama did this this passed year and it was really interesting!  I know some days might be hard, because all I do is work, but if I can find one thing in my day worth photographing, I think it'll be awesome way to look back this time next year and see them all!  I'm gonna post the pics to instagram, so if you wanna follow me, please find me at missmitch2.

I spent a lot of the year online, like so many others, but I thought I would share with you all the links to my favorite pages!

Pinterest Told Me To is awesome!  This lady is hilarious!  She puts outfits together that I never thought would go together and she makes it work!   And she always has awesome giveaways!  Fingers Crossed I win this weeks giveaway!!  :)

The Gratitude Journal and Pics I spoke about were ideas I got from Mix and Match Mama.  She has a bunch of blogs...a foodie blog, a family blog and a travel blog!  She also writes for Every Day Cheer, where I saw her Thanksgiving blog and was inspired to start the gratitude journal.  Here's the link to the article:  This site also had a really good cocktail recipe that we tried on Christmas!!
Links to Shay's sites:  the foodie blog her family blog (PS-her brother is Sean, The Bachelor...which I didn't realize when I started reading her blog and her husband is just plain hot!)

The last blog I have for you to check out is my friend Jamie's!  Where my blog is all "just for fun and laughs", Jamie's will really move you!  It's about her life as a married lady... and she shares her heartfelt family stories! It really is a must read!

Thanks again for reading...I really do appreciate it!  Here's to lots more blogging in 2014!

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I probably should be getting my house ready for my Christmas Eve dinner but instead I have sat down to write this!  Because guess what?? Everything is done!!! If you know me....this will shock you!!! And my mom and sister seem to be doing most of the work, I'm just supplying the venue....and I got a HAM!!!! LOL

I guess I wanted to write today to just reflect on the year. I bought a home, (which really TOOK OVER my year!) traveled a bit, went to numerous concerts, spent countless hours with my family and friends, doing something and nothing all at the same time! And spent way too much time online! I probably spent more time on twitter and blogs than I did on Facebook! But I do love keeping up with people! I love the baby pictures, the wedding photos and check-ins! The pics of your dinner...not so much!! But that's only because, when I see these pics, chances are I've had a bowl of cereal for dinner!!! Hahahahahaha 

As the year ends I just wanted I guess to say everyone who keeps up with me! Bothers to like, comment or share something I post on Facebook, follow me, retweet or reply to something I've tweeted or took the time to read this silly blog I have!! Even though there are only a handful of people I actually saw this year, please know that the rest of you are thought about often! I wish you a Merry Christmas and nothing but the best in 2014!! 

My wish for all of you this Christmas and throughout the coming year...

Wherever you are, I hope that you're laughing

Whoever you're with, I hope that you're having

The time of your life and everything's right
Whatever you wish, I hope that you get it
When love walks in, I hope that you let it
And baby be glad when you look back at me
I'll never be sad as long as you're happy

(Lyrics from Uncle Kracker's Happy)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So I might have gone a little overboard...

Holy Cow...the Christmas Season is here people!!!  How did that happen!?!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I know I did...but really thanksgiving isn't any different from numerous family dinners throughout the year.  And I guess that is what I am most grateful for....that Thanksgiving isn't the only day of the year that my family sees one another!!  With 18 in my immediate family alone, we see each other plenty, from random happy hours and Sunday football in between! LOL

It's always good to have the time off from work too!  Even though, being a teacher, these next couple of weeks are the toughest...for the kids...and me!  Everyone is most looking forward to our longer vacation coming soon and not really concentrating on work!  Instead it's all Elf on the Shelf and Santa Coming Craziness!!

I certainly, used my few days off wisely!  I SHOPPED!!  WOO to the HOO!!  But I did it the best way!  ONLINE..with coffee in hand (or wine) and clicking the internet for the best sales, with the help of my new best friend in Cyberspace, Pinterest Told Me To.  Seriously, I am addicted, and she did all the legwork and I reaped the rewards!  (Pinterest Told Me To was also the blog that told me to wear leggings to Thanksgiving dinner, which I decision ever!!  If I could live in leggings I would! (Leggings or pj''s a toss up!)

But seriously, I shopped a lot....I bought somethings for others and somethings for myself.  I never buy anything that I don't figure out a place for me to wear it first.  For instance, I bought a few things for myself that I can wear to various holiday parties, so if anyone wants to invite me to any...I'll be there, and dressed to the nines!!  :)
I am pretty impressed with myself too that, nearly all my Christmas shopping is done!  GO ME!!

However, I realized I may have gone a bit overboard! When I got home from work today, I had so many packages in front of the door I couldn't get in! Hahaahaahahahahahaha...waaaahhhh!!!  And that was only half of what I've ordered!!  But on the bright side, CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY I GOT EVERYTHING?????

I must go, and sort out my purchases!!  Until next time!

And totally go find Pinterest Told Me To!!  Like, Follow and Share her everywhere!  Right now she's giving away a $500 gift card to Nordstrom...the best store ever!  Check out her blog and all the details here:

Merry Christmas to all!  I hope to write more before the holidays!  Especially now that I'm getting ready for my first Christmas Eve dinner at MY HOUSE!!