Monday, May 14, 2018

My Picks: All things Entertainment!

Linking up again this week with the ladies of The Blended Blog to share my recommendations on movies, tv, and books!  With Summer fast approaching, it's the perfect time to share!! Summer reading anyone??  Movies and tv show to binge watch on those dreaded rainy days?

I tend to watch way more TV than I do movies, but I just recently saw The Greatest Showman and can't recommend it enough!!  I LOVED it!  I rented on cable and had it for 48 hours...I may or may not have watched it five times!!  LOL  I laughed, cried, I cheered, I sang along!!  Get the whole family together and grab the're gonna love it.

Another movie I just, just saw is Tully.  I can't say I recommend it, but I wanted to share it here to see if anyone else saw it and what your thoughts are?  I didn't hate, hate it...but I didn't like it either.  And it was just I can't even really describe it.

I'm more of a TV girl!!  And since summer is coming, I'm going to recommend my Summer Shows!  One of them is Younger.

But mostly I just love me some Peter Hermann!!

Younger is about a woman in her 40's who lies about her age to get a job in publishing, and the antics that ensue because of this!  Not a very good description really...but just watch!!  It's on TV Land and returns on June 5th!!  Binge watch now to catch up!

Suits on USA used to be a summer show, but this season, got all screwed up due to the Royal Wedding.  Meghan Markle is a star in the show.  I've been watching since season one and love it.   It's kind of another show about mistaken identity (I guess that's my thing!), all centered around lawyers at a big NYC firm.

More than movies and TV, in the summer I read the most.  Probably because during the school year, I don't get to as much.  My book quota though is pretty up there this year thanks to audio books.  My top for the year though have got to be, The Wife Between Us (read more about it here!), and  Something Like Happy (here!) I've been trying to find the happy in every day this year!!

I am currently reading and enjoying The Address by Fiona Davis and Girl  Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  Check back for my reviews!!

These link-ups are always so fun!!  Can't wait to get great movie, tv and book recommendations!!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

TBB Asks: Entertainment

It's been a while since I've last blogged, but it's always TBB Asks that pulls me back in.  And today might be my most favorite topic!!  We're talking all things entertainment.

1. Comedy or Drama?  I like them both equally, honestly, but I tend to do more drama!

2. Fiction or Nonfiction?  Nine times outta ten, it's fiction.  But just on Friday a nonfiction title, The Paradox of Choice, was recommended to be and I totally intend on picking it up!

3. Movies in the Theater or at home.  I tend to watch more at home, but I do like to go to my town's little theater every few months.

4.  Musical or Play?  Definitely MUSICAL.  I recently saw Once and totally and completely loved it!

5. Which Meal of the Day is your Favorite to Eat Out?
Can I say any and all?  I am not really much of a cook, and hardly ever go food shopping so I eat out...A LOT!

6. Favorite Book Ever: WONDER... I've blogged about it lots!  {herehere, and here!}

7. Game Night?  HELL YES!!!  Usually at my house! So much fun!!  Always lots of laughs!

8. Favorite Outdoor Game to Play?
I don't really have one.  I like to just lay out in the sun reading my book or listening to music, while everyone else around me plays.

9.  Favorite TV Series Ever?
That's so HARD!!  Ever, Ever??  The adult in me wants to say Parenthood and the teen in my want to say Dawson's Creek!  HA!!  Favorite Sitcom: The Office!

10.Sitcoms Now or Sitcoms then?
I was a big fan of sitcoms when I was growing up.  Totally a TGIF fan, and Growing Pains and Webster, And Diffe'rent Strokes and Valerie's Family.  I even watched the Golden Girls and Empty Nest on Saturday nights with my Nana.  I don't really watch to many sitcoms today, I lean more toward the drama, but I am actually really liking the Roseanne reboot and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE Splitting Up Together!!

11. Miniature Golf or Bowling?
I'm absolutely awful at both!  I haven't played miniature golf in years and years, but I remember it being lots of fun.

12.  Favorite movie theater candy?  Definitely Reese's Pieces!  YUM!

13.  How do you like your popcorn? Lightly salted and lightly buttered.

14. 3D Movies?  Nah

15.  Favorite Genre of Books to Read?  Any type of fiction!
One of my most faves I've read this year!

I love these posts.  And so enjoy reading all the responses!  Head to The Blended Blog to link up with us!!

Make your Monday a great one!  And plan to link up with all us all month long as we talk all aspects of entertaining!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Home update: So random and fun!

If you're a regular here, you might recall that my big goal for 2018 was my house.  Getting it painted and spiffied up.  It's been a few years since it's been brand spanking new, so it needs a bit of TLC.

I am well on my way!

When I was approached by Commercial Palm Trees to receive a plant (or plants)  of my choice for the house, I jumped at the chance.  Because I  thought it was different, and it'd class up the place!

I actually had a hard time choosing one because there were so many wonderful looking plants.  They really have a super variety.  In the end I went with this one!

I originally had a hard time figuring out where I would put it in the house, but then my sister helped me see my entry way in a new light.  And I really love where it is now.

I will admit, that buying it online, I thought it was a little bit bigger, but I have gotten used to the size and realize, for my home, I would not want anything much bigger.  I am really impressed with the variety at Commercial Palm Trees for Wholesale ordering and Silk Direct, for individual purchases.  I am even considering buying more artificial plants/trees for my home from them!

If you can't wait to get out of this awful, too long of a winter weather, consider a purchase form Commercial Silk to help keep your home  feeling warm and springy all year long!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hello Again!

Today I'm linking up with my TBB Buddies for today's Spring prompt, Reintroducing Myself to my Readers!  Some readers are old friends, some are new readers, and others have found me thanks to The Blended Blog! And to all of you I say a big thank you!! 

And if you've just found yourself here today, a Hi and hello to you!  Here's a few fun facts about little ol' me!

  • I started this blog way back in 2012 , really on a whim.  I had just living in my new apartment, all by my lonesome, and all these crazy things started happening so one day I announced in the faculty room at my school that I was gonna start a blog called the Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life, I actually got great feedback!  HA!  So after thinking about it, a few days later I set it up!!  You can read my very first post here!! I'd say my blog is definitely more of a lifestyle blog, like my life! 
                                        I like the ring of Mishaps and Mayhem better in the end!
  • Even though the blog is called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life, that really just refers to my life, on my own, as a single girl!  I really don't live too much of a solitary life.'s only some nights I sit on my couch all alone binge watching my shows and drinking wine! I am surrounded by huge family, lots of friends and about 230 kids that I love!  In my job as a teacher!  I am a librarian and technology teacher at a small Catholic School in my town.  And this year I am back to having my own home room as well. I teach 6th grade religion.  I love what I do and often spend more time at work than I do at home!!  So you'll see friends and Family sprinkled throughout the blog as well.  Sometimes I blog about my life as a teacher on the blog!  Read one of my  favorite teacher posts here!!  
  • In the early days I didn't know so much that a better blog called for pictures! And I blogged very little. In 2012 and 2013, I don't think I even blogged twenty times!  It wasn't until 2014 that I really started reading other blogs regularly and decided to kick my own in to high gear joining link-ups to grow my readership and make blog friends!  I know have a faithful following and and awesome bunch of blog friends both and in blogland and in real life thanks to The Blended Blog and my (very minimal) contributions there!
  • I blog for me and for fun and as an outlet.  I don't do it for profit or as a full time job!  And I am totally okay with that.  That not what my blog will ever be. I don't even know where my blog fits in this world but I love it and am so glad to be a part of it!

To help you get to know me better, I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts!

If you've landed here for the first time today, thanks for visiting...I hope you'll stick around! And if your one of my OG's, thanks for putting up with my crazy antics over the years!! 

Hope you have an awesome Monday!!  If you are a blogger, head over to TBB and link up with us today!  Can't wait to meet new friends!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ask TBB Launches today!

Excited to share that a new series is launching today over at The Blended Blog.  

Ask TBB is a question and answer series!  Really it's women sharing thoughts and advice.  Head over there to hear our thoughts today about leggings as pants, concealer and date night ideas.  And get involved!!  Ask us ANYTHING!!

Find out all about Ask TBB here!!  

Monday, April 2, 2018

TBB Asks: Spring!

Been off the blogging grid for a bit, but nothing like a good ol' TBB Asks with The Blended Blog, to bring me round again.  Today we're talking Spring!  And I'm asking myself where the heck Spring actually is, thanks to the fresh 6 inches of new snow currently falling round here!!  Cone ON!!!  Anyway, I have hope Spring will actually show up soon so I'm going to get in the Spring mindset, and think SPRING with these fun Q's!  Join us!!

1- Three colors that remind me of spring
When I think of Spring, I think of vivid yellows, oranges and purples.  I guess just because I am so ready to be over the Winter Blues and these bright colors make me happy!!

2- First thing you add to your wardrobe in spring...
My wardrobe gets a tee refresh in Spring and sometimes I'll get a new pair of jeans in a lighter more spring hue.  I go dark with jeans in the winter!

3- First thing I ditch come Spring...
The big ol' winter coat!

4-Who mows the grass?  
Not me!  LOL  Living in a condo, we have landscapers!  Woo hoo!

5- What's Spring like where you live?
UNPREDICTABLE to say the least!  Like I said, it's Snowing right now!  Ugh.  And some now think that thanks to this brutal winter we may just skip Spring all together and start going straight to the hot temps!  Who knows?  Mother Nature's gonna do what she wants!! 

6- Favorite thing about Spring
That it's bright and sunshine-y and everyone is just happier!  HA!!  And I can get the winter I tend to hibernate!!

7- Spring Cleaner?
I didn't think I was, but this year I's say yes.  One of my big goals this year was to work on my house!  So I've been doing that.  I've been cleaning, decluttering and throwing away!

8- Baseball Fan? YES!!  

9- Tulips or Daffodils? 
Definitely tulips!  They just make me happy!!  

10- Favorite Outdoor activity?
Just that fact of finally being able to get outdoors works for me!!

11- Flowers in Pots for the win!  Or in a vase on my table!!  

12- Favorite Bird?
I don't think I have one of those!!

13- Vehicle washed at Home or at the Car Wash?
SKIP...LOL  I'd have to say car wash though!  

14- When do you pull out the sandals?
As soon as I paint my toys!!  HA!

Hope your Monday's a great one!!  Link up with us all month long!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

TBBtalks: Skincare!

Last week's TBB Asks was all about Beauty and kicked off our Beauty themed posts for the month of March.  Today The Blended Blog is rolling right along...we're talking skin care!! #TBBtalks

If I'm being honest, I never really thought too much about my skin.  I know that's scary, but I really didn't.  Other than the "everybody looks better with a tan" mantra, I got going on, my actual skincare was an after-thought.  I am a creature of habit.  I used Mary Kay Time Wise Facial Cleanser for years because my sister sold it, then after noticing gross dark spots on my skin (thank you sunshine!) switched to Kiehls Clearly Corrective

Not too long ago I was introduced to Rodan + Fields thanks to Instagram and Facebook. Actually that's a lie.  I knew about Rodan + Fields because I used Proactiv for years!!  And I actually blamed them for my dark spots!!  LOL Which I now realize was probably all MY fault, because, when it says, "avoid sun exposure" on the label, you should probably listen!!  But me and sunshine go hand and hand...and now, so do me and hats!!!

Anyway, back to the Rodan + Fields skin care line.  Like I said, I was introduced to the line (for adults!) via Facebook and Instagram.  Bloggers and friends were using and selling it and it just kept popping up.  A family friend got me into trying the Lash Boost, which I Love!  A few years ago, via a blogger I actually did give the Reverse Regimen a try.  But in all honesty, I couldn't keep up with it because it was so expensive, (and at the time I wasn't making as much as I am today), and I guess I thought, I'm still young, I have time for this!!

Well fast forward to today!! I am officially OLD!  I went to a Rodan + Fields Party that my sister hosted, where this was pointed out to me quite literally!!

When we got there we took a skin profile, called the solutions tool. I thought for sure it would tell me that my regimen would be Reverse, for the dark spots, but since they've diminished (thanks to this miracle, bought on a whim!!)  my face's primary concern is LINES AND WRINKLES!!!!!   WHAT?!? WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

So my sister had this party, and I was really very good!  I was super conservative with my spending, got a few awesome new products I knew I'd love and DID NOT purchase an entire regimen!!  I was so proud of myself!

Then a few weeks later, I stayed over my sister's house for the night and forgot my face wash.  She, being so super impressed with all the Rodan+Fields products at the party, became a consultant!  So at my disposal was every regimen they offer!  Being that Rodan + Fields had suggested the Redifine Regimen (ya know, for those damn lines and wrinkles!), I tried that!!

And seriously, I'm not even lying, when I say even after night one, I noticed a difference!!  We're all these R+F crazies out there really on to something?  And did I want to hop on their bandwagon??  I was really thinking about it.

I left my sister's house the next day with samples of the Redefine Regimen, which includes 4 steps!  A face wash, a toner,  an a.m. moisture, and a p.m. moisture.  She told me to give a few days and see what I thought!

After day three I was hooked and knew I wanted to get the regimen.  I am really excited I've revamped my beauty routine with the Redefine regimen and it's enhancements!!   I also signed up to to be an R + F Preferred Customer because it has it's perks! So I'm saving money any which way I can. Yes, it's pricey, and yes, I'll have to cut way back on my new clothing budget but is my old lady skin worth it??  YOU BET!!  (And in all honestly, I am writing this blog in the same old pair of leggings and tunic I've worn probably 8 times in two weeks, so why do I continue to spend money on new clothes!?!)   Rodan + Fields says give it six weeks.  So I'm gonna do that...and I'm sure I'll document my progress on the blog!  HA!!

I just received my full redifine regimen in the mail today, with a free lash boost...woo hoo!  (Free lash boost with regimen ends today)  Excited to start using it on the regular!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else uses on their skin.  This is a fun link-up!  And see you back here next week for #TBBTalks Hair care!