Thursday, January 12, 2017

A lil Throwback...From a Monday!

On Thursdays this January, I am sharing top posts from chosen by the readers!  Last Thursday, I shared the most viewed post of last year, 36 is....

Today I'm sharing another top post, Monday, Monday, Monday!  Seeing this as one of the most read posts of the year made my smile.  It detailed my time with my bloggy buddy, Deena!

Hope you enjoy this post this time around, too!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Netflix and Chill with Adore Me!

Ahhh...Winter the perfect time to just stay in, get cozy, clear out the DVR and binge watch shows on Netflix!

So that's what I did this past Saturday when Mother Nature dumped almost a foot of snow in my neck of the woods!!  (But I'm not gonna lie....on any given Saturday I may or may not be doing this!)  But Snow Days are the perfect Netflix and Chill Days for sure!

I was supposed to go out, but was super excited when those plans got cancelled due to the weather!  So I settled in for a day at home.  The morning found me sipping coffee in my cozy pj's on my couch, under a blanket catching up on the Blue Bloods I missed the night before!

By noon, I was fairly productive, getting all the fixin's ready for minestrone and throwing it all into the crockpot to spend the day cooking!  The house smelled DELISH!!  While that was cooking I Netflixed a few fun movies!  Serendipity and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...Total Classics to me!!

Randomly, I had a friend venture out into the snow and arrive at my house with cheese from my favorite cheese shop in town!  Perfect snack for before the minestrone was ready and to share with a neighbor friend I had over for a while.

And did I wine a little??  Well of course I did!!

Spend the day alone I did not!  And any time I see people, snow or not, a bra is required!  LOL  If I had to wear a bra, I suppose it's a good thing it was a comfy one!!  And any of my bras from Adore Me  are always my go-to's these days!

I've been a fan of Adore Me for almost two years now!  Bras, pjs, bathing suits, I've gotten them all at Adore Me.

Ideally, it's a monthly subscription company but skipping the month is always an option.  Shipping is fast and easy and returns are a breeze! I've never been disappointed in Adore Me.  I like that I feel comfortable and confident in their bras and panties!  And I like that I can just hang out in them...on a day where I have no company of course!!

All in all, I'd say it was a successful snow day indeed!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Planning in the New Year!

You'd think for a post on  planning, I'd be on time!  But me being me....

Yesterday the The Blended Blog started a new link up, called Nuggets for the New Year. A fun series that will run on Mondays this year, with great ideas posted by our contributors about various topics. Check out all the deets here!  Yesterday a few of the ladies shared their ideas for planning and organizing life!  And since I'm a planner now, I wanted to join in on the fun!  A day late and all!!

I'll be honest, I wasn't really a big planner until a few years a ago!  As a teacher, yes, I plan my lessons, but my life notsomuch!  

Then last year I discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner and that helped kick my planning into high gear!
My 2017 Planner!

I like the Erin Condren planner because it offers both the horizontal and vertical options. The vertical works best for me, this way I am able to separate out and keep track of my own activities (the home), my school activities (work) and the blog!

 Not only do I plan, but I sticker as well!   And I stickered so much in 2016, I have a ton leftover to use for this year, so I'm saving money.  I've talked about it before on the blog and if you've seen my instagram, you know just how far my obsession goes!  HA!  Follow Me @solitarylife

I would have to say for me, planning is not a chore, it's more FUN! I love adding events to it, making lists in it and crossing things off!  And as the year goes on, looking back at all the the things I've done.

I got my sister into it too!  We schedule planning nights where we eat sushi, drink wine, and plan!

The ladies of the Blog had awesome ideas and tips! I don't think I can really share any planning tips persay, except maybe, just make your planner work for you!!  Not everyone does good with a paper planner. nowadays many people use an app or calendar on their phones! Or some might even need a separate planner for each aspect of their life!  But this works for me and filling it in has become part of my routine for the week which I enjoy.

And I'll be honest, this year when I finished my planner I really did have a good time looking back at many activities, my cancelled plans, blog posts and scribbled notes.  When I put it on my shelf for safe keeping I thought, 2016 wasn't a bad year at all!!

Here's to all that 2017 has in store!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Musings!

I've decided to start something new on the blog today!  I'm pretty's kinda random and will probably always post later but I'm into it.  Monday Musings is going to be a plethora of random thoughts and feelings I may have throughout the day...the dreaded Monday!  For so many Mondays are rough...for me too!  I think this might help to make them better, or at least make me laugh!  Hope you do too!!

I woke up this morning thinking, 4 day weeks feel as long as 5 day weeks!  I wouldn't mind having every Monday off!

And let's be honest...I should have been hopping outta bed!  Thanks to almost a foot of snow on Saturday, I had a pretty nice, relaxing day and weekend as a whole!  But I didn't do as much as I should have!!  Laundry went undone, beds went unmade, and the storage room might still have a sign on it that says....

But isn't that what snow days are for anyway....binge watching shows and chilling out when it so chilly outside.  I was really upset with myself though, that I didn't read more!!  And by more, I mean at all!  Starting tonight, I am reading a chapter before I go to bed, each night!  I'm not a Monday night TV watcher!!  I received two books for Christmas...I'm going to eeeeny meeeny miney moe them!

Today's Monday was especially rough thanks to the Golden Globes!  I stayed up late watching.  My sister text me that she thought they were a little bit of a mess, and I have to agree! But that's why I watch.  I enjoyed Jimmy Fallon, but would have love to see him MORE!  Did you watch? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.
These two were one of my favorite couples of the night.  I just love that Justin and Jimmy are BFF! They make me laugh!

I've tried since the new year began to only have one cup of coffee a day, I've been pretty good at it (9 days in ha!) until today!  It's so cold I just felt I needed a cup to warm up!  My schedule didn't allow me to make one during the day so I held off! And am having a glass of wine wrapped up in a blanket as I type this to keep warm!  HA!! Wine of the lesser of the two at 4:30 might have very well kept me up tonight!  :)

Every Monday Morning I wake up and think to myself...."You will not have a drink tonight!, and even I know that's a lie!!
Because Monday happens, people happens and inevitably, something goes wrong.  It's Monday after all!

I'm also smelling the yummy crockpot...I made minestrone in the crockpot during the snow storm Saturday and had planned to have another meal yeasterday but that never worked out, so I thought I'd make one tonight to eat tomorrow and for the rest of the week!  Cooking it on high for for three and a half hours has it finishing 9.  So I'm looking forward to trying it....even if it's 9 o'clock!

Since it's coming on 9 o'clock, I'm going to end this first edition of Monday Musings, and wish you all a great week!  With Monday down, we are that much closer to the weekend!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks for reading all my random tonight!

Let me know how you like Monday Musings below!!!

Sweet Dreams Sweet Readers, and thanks for stopping by!

And don't forget to stop by TBB today!  We are launching a new series today, Nuggets for the New Year!  The girls are sharing their great ideas for planing and organizing in the New Year!!  Check it out here!!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Friday is here!  After all the hub-bub of the holidays, most everyone was back into the swing of things this week...well, except my lucky bestie, Mel, who had to work a few days last week and took a few more off this week! I know I have a lot of days off as a teacher but I'm kinda jealous of people who can take the odd day off here and there!  They can shop and avoid crowds, go to the movies and avoid crowds and even travel freely, when it's NOT a holiday and the price is not jacked up!  LOL
But anyway...back to Friday goodness...

It's always the shortest weeks that feel the longest right?  I am so glad Friday's finally here!  Glad to be back sharing some of my faves for this first week of the new year!

/ONE/ One Word
After seeing and hearing so much about one little word on Instagram in the days leading up to the new year, I thought I'd give it a go in 2017.  I am not one to make many resolutions because I always break them.  But with the one word movement, you choose a word to guide you throughout the year.  I had a lot of fun thinking of words and rationalizing them for me but ultimately I chose the word savor.  Savor has many meanings and I hope to include each of these into aspects of my life in the coming year.  I want to savor the moments rather than letting them fly by, I want to savor and add a little spice to my life too.  And from the word savor comes save!  And who couldn't do more of that each year!?!  Do you use one word to guide you through the year?  Let me know what it is in the comments below!!

/TWO/ Toronto with TBB!
This week I booked my trip to Toronto!  I'm going there later this year to meet up with and really MEET the ladies of The Blended Blog!  I AM SO EXCITED!!  I may have screamed as the payment was processing.  I've known these lovely ladies for over two years now, but to actually meet them will be a whole new level of fun!!

/THREE/ Pennies a Day!
Speaking of saving,I'm joining my bloggy bud, Leslie and trying the Penny a Day savings challenge.  The first day of the year you save 1 cent, the next day 2, the next three and so one.  At the end of the year, your saving should be $667.95.  That is a good chunk of change!  I started it yesterday but was able to get enough change to catch up for me and a friend!  We are both going to try it this year!!

/FOUR/ My Sleep Revolution
I am starting of the year on the right foot, sleep wise!  Every night this week I've gone to bed early and fallen asleep early as well.  I don't know if it's this week or this cold I have that just kicking my ass and making me so tired, but I like it!  HA!  I wake well rested and haven;t minded getting up at all!  And I know this being Friday night, and the first week back, I may be in bed by 8:30 again tonight!

/FIVE/ This...just this!!

This is by far my most favorite of the the 2017 goodies I've seen online this week!  It's by my pal Whitney and I LOVE it!!  I am so all over this list this year!!

Have a great Friday and a fun weekend ahead!!

Linking up with Erika and the girls today for Friday Favorites!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Throwback Thursday is back!

Happy First Thursday in January!  I thought in this new year, I'd bring back my Throwback Thursday posts for awhile!  The #TBT theme for January is Top Posts of 2016.  I'll be sharing posts from the blog with the top hits from the course of the year! 
This weeks post, is actually one of the top two posts of all time and that, humbles me, because it's my birthday post!  I turned 36 this year and shared 36 fun facts about myself!  I was happy and surprised so many read it and shared it.  Sadly in a few short weeks I'll be 37!  EKKKKKK!! Enjoy 36 is....once again if you missed it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year Styled!

Happy New Year!

After a nice week off, I am back at work and still trying to get back into the swing if things!  I'm not gonna lie, ya'll!!  It's tough!  But since it's Wednesday and a brand new year, my friends and I are debuting a new fashion series, that I want to share with you!  Head on over to The Blended Blog to learn all about it and link up your fashion post!

 My fashion sense these days is not much to write home about but link up with the beautiful ladies of The Blended Blog, scope out their fabulous posts, and take a peek at a few more of the lovelies that link up here!