Monday, March 4, 2019

TBB Asks: Shopping

TBB Asks day is always one of my faves...and that fact that today's topic is Shopping has me really excited! Even though I was supposed to be on a shopping made it one whole month!!  Here are my up with us over at TBB so I can read yours or let me know them in the comments below.

1. Top 3 Shops
Amazon, Nordstrom...and probably these days,  my hometown boutique, Say More!

2. Where is most of your shopping done?
Most definitely ONLINE!!

3. Favorite thing to shop for?
CLOTHES!!  Do I need more clothes? Probably not...but I love to shop for them!!

4. What do you hate shopping for?
Honestly...groceries!!  Nothing I need is ever on sale when I need it and food is so friggin' expensive!

5. Most favorite thing you've ever bought?
That's so tough!!  I have no idea!

6. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?
Well since the majority of my shopping is done online and alone, when I actually get out to shop I prefer to do it with friends.  It's fun and they always have an opinion!!

7. Best Bargain? 
Hmmmm....another tough one!!  I never buy anything if it's not on sale, so I always try to get the bargains!!

8. Thrift store shopping...yes of no?
Well the only thing I've ever gone thrift store shopping for books for my classroom library.  But I am not opposed to it for clothes.  I have a friend from work who thrifts all the time and she had the best clothes!  And tells me all the time she finds things with TAGS on them.  When I ask her where she gets something she's wearing, more often then not she'll tell me Sal may know it as The Salvation Army!  HA!!

9. Best Cities for Shopping?
This is tough one because I don't travel much.  I found great stuff in Toronto when we were there for our TBB trip last year.  I like that they had different stores than I have at home!

10. Fashion icon?
I like to try to keep up with the trends, but I wouldn't say I have one style icon.  I like the classic looks and like scooping out new clothes via blogs and websites!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!  All this shopping talk makes me wanna go do a lil online shopping!!  HA!  Have a great Monday!!

Friday, March 1, 2019


The first week back at school after a week off is always rough!!  This week was no exception...and it seriously was just the LONGEST!!!  I am so glad it's finally Friday!!  As I continue to look for the positive in each day this year, I thought since I haven's shared a Friday Five in awhile, I'd get back to it...because even the longest weeks have some bright spots!!

I finally got my hair done!
After two years it was certainly time!!  I brightened up my color a bit, cut off all the dead ends and got layers!

Freshly Meal Delivery
I've pretty much tried every meal delivery kit out there!  I've been waiting for Freshly to start delivering in my area.  This week I received my second delivery.  Each one comes with 6 meals.  I started out with the most but may go down to 4, not sure yet.  After the first six, I decided what I really loved and what was just ok for me.  These meals are made fresh and sent to you ready to microwave, so it's the easiest!!  For me and my long nights, it totally works.  I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen!   I am finding I am loving the pastas, risottos and bowls the best...not so much the meats!  But will have to give a few more a try before I make a final decision.
Hands Down my favorite meal is this Veggie Penne Pasta...Delish!! 

Waiting on my Fab Fit Fun Box
Even though I don't have it yet, just knowing that it's on it's way is a fave!!  It's my first box and I was able to customize it a little bit so I am eagerly awaiting all my goodies!

This BEER!
It's probably super random that I'm including beer in my five, but seriously this beer I had on Wednesday was so different and DELISH.  It's brewed by a brewery right here in town (Long Island's Oldest Brewery!) and it's made with coconut and sticky rice wheat.  It's called the South Pacific.  You can actually taste the sticky rice!  I didn't think it'd be that good but it totally is.  I'm going back this weekend to get my growler filled and have what their billing as their own Black and Tan with South Pacific and a Roast Mocha Stout!!  You'd think that after drinking ALL the beer in Boston last week that I'd be over it...but I guess I'm not!!  I still have a few weeks in this winter body, right??

Shallow Wins the Oscar!
Did I watch the entire Oscars? Nope...but I did see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance of Shallow and Gag's win.  So well- deserved!  And I like the two of them together.  I know they're not and their are lots of rumors, but hey even if Bradley was my friend...I'd take it!  HA!!  And and in all honestly, all the A Star is Born music is really great!
image via

Have a great weekend all!  Happy March!  Speaking of March get ready for a fun month with us over at The Blended Blog!!  It all starts Monday with TBB Asks!  It's all about Shopping!!  Grab our graphic and link up with us!!  See you there!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Some Fun with Paperless Post

Recently I had the opportunity to try Paperless Post, a cool invite/announcement/flyer site where you send electronic invites and announcements to friends.  The site works on a coin currency. (Available for purchase.)  I was gifted  coins to get started on my project. 

Since this year I have instituted a monthly Game Night at my house, I thought it'd be cool to create a  Game Night invite on Paperless Post. Doing so was way better than the crazy text thread I usually send.  This way there's not a million texts flying back and forth and I could easily keep track of it all.

Below is the invite I created.  It was so easy and fun.  There were many free options, but since I had the coins I went crazy!!  LOL...not really! Seriously, each invite only cost me six coins!!  So I have plenty leftover for my next project...a flyer I'm making to use at school!

And I loved that each invite comes in a cool envelope and the process to RSVP is so easy to set up and keep track of.  I used the comment option on the RSVP page to add messages to friends and allow them to write messages to the group!!

Since I'm a total Google Girl, I LOVED that I could use my Google account to join and then sign in.  No new password to remember!!  YAY!!

Before Paperless Post I, had never used any sort of invite website!  Where have I been??  Paperless Post is the way to go!!  Get started and give it a try here!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!
Have a great day!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Spreading the LOVE!!

Loving this month of LOVE!!

Joining The Blended Blog for this week's LOVE LOOP!!  We're spreading the love for our fellow TBB Gals!! This blogging community is such a special thing!  Sometimes when I tell people about my blog friends they just don't "get it"!  ANd that's ok!  Because I totally do.  I'm immersed in it.  I know what this world can give and bring to my life!!  And that is why I'm so excited about today!!

If you don't know Kellyann  from The Blonde's Shopping Bag, you are missing out!! Kellyann is so sweet, fashionable and REAL!!  Although she's a TBB'er I have yet to meet in real life, I know we'd be fast friends!! We'd shop, eat sushi and shop at Hobby Lobby together!  Next time I'm in Florida, I think I'm gonna make a pit stop at Kellyann's!!  I'm coming for ya lady.. let's shop!!!  Love you friend!!

Head to Kellyann's Blog to see who's she's spreading the Love to today!! And use today to spread kindness and love to those you love!!  It'll make your Monday that much better!!

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Friday Five for the First Week of February!

The year's flying right on by...isn't it??  LOL  Happy February Ya'll!!  I love February.  And it being my birthday month has nothing to do with it!  It just love that it's a month of love and vibrant colors...all the reds, pinks and purples.

After taking a week off, I'm back with a Friday 5!

Well wasn't that just THE WORST Superbowl? Ugh!!  Truthfully it was so boring, I didn't watch much of the game.  But I went to a party and had a great time.  We were treated to our own half time entertainment from our friends (I even sang on the mike...something on Monday morning I regretted very much! HA) and while I didn't win big in the pool, because that honor went to an 11 year old (WTF!) , I did win the final score in a free pool that my local boutique ran!!  A $20 gift card to the store.  I've blogged about local store, Say More Boutique here!  So I was pretty excited about that!!

An early bed time!
I know this is a weird favorite but honestly, I haven't had a good sleep in forever and when I got into bed before 8 on Monday night, I questioned if even that was appropriate.  But I was fast asleep by 8:05 (I know the exact time because I missed about 25 text messages) and slept straight through til 5a.m, I was pretty damn happy!! 

Warm Weather
What is happening??  This week it hit 60!!  That's just crazy!  And I know probably short lived, but the weather has been great!  The kids can go out at recess, run around, and have a grand old time. Even though I didn't get to enjoy very much of it, just having the sun shining and the weather even a little bit warm this time of year is cause for celebration!!

Rumchata Martinis
Last week, with my toe, I was pretty much out of commission.  This week, even though I am still in a little bit of pain, I was back at Taco Tuesday and Bingo.  After Taco Tuesday we've been getting drinks at the bar and the last couple of times we've treated ourselves to these delish Marshmallow Rumchata Martinis!!  They are like beyond the beyond!  And the perfect dessert!!

TBB Asks: Relationships
Bookend posts were all I could muster up this week.  BUT I love me some TBB Asks every month and this months, relationships topic was a lot of fun!!  Did you link up with us!?!  If not, you can!  The first Monday of each month!  Head here to read all the links!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!  Wishing you all a fabulous, fun February weekend filled with LOVE!!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

TBB Asks: Relationships!

It's time for another round of TBB Asks!  Given that it's almost Valentine's Day, this month we're focusing on relationships! This is gonna be fun!!  Lots of love for my Blended Blog Tribe!!

1- Who is your oldest friend and how did you meet?
Well this is Mel....
You've seen her many, many times on the blog and I even wrote a whole post about her here!  Our friendship is now over 35 years old.  We met as babies when Mel's mom was walking her in her stroller around the block!  Our moms struck up a conversation and here we are today!!  Mel is like my parents fifth daughter!  And for years growing up, all my sisters baby-sat her at one point or another. They are all married with kids, but we joke ours is the longest running relationship...which is actually not a joke!  HA!!

2- Who are your people?
Honestly, I'm very lucky...I have a lot of people who are a great source of support to me.  My family and best friend Mel are my biggest supporters.  I have my school friends, many of whom after so many years have grown to be like family to me. I have my TBB Girls who may have started out as virtual friends but, I'm so glad we get to be friends in real life now. And I have my "townie" friends who I've probably known the shortest amount of time,but see most often these days! I've always joked that I have sets of friends, and very rarely do those friends inter-mingle...but as I've gotten old, the intermingling has started to happen!!  LOL  I am so grateful to all the people around me!

3- How did you meet your partner?  #ForeverSingle!!

4- How is Valentine's Day celebrated in your home?
Usually I'm home on my couch with a bottle of WINE!  This Valentine's Day I'll be at the Podiatrist!!  But he's not bad there's that!! It's the little things people!!

5- What's your love language?
I guess I don't really have one...I just do my best to surround myself with people who are kind and genuine!

6- Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates?
I really enjoy flowers.  I'm a big chocolate girl so, I can have that anytime.  If I receive flowers it's definitely a special treat!!

7- What the most special gift you've ever given or received?
This is really hard because there are so many gifts that I've received that are special to me.  And I save everything, so I have them.  I think because it's most fresh in my memory, I'd have to say that the throw blanket my mom had made with all my concert tees is super special to me.  Because we've been talking about making it for YEARS!!!!  And this Christmas it finally became a reality!!

Get ready for more fun in February on The Blended Blog!!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!!   Head over to TBB and link up your answers to these Q's with us!!  No blog? No problem! Tag us on social media.... #TBBAsks!

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Never Will I Ever: Fashion Edition!

I thought I'd skip this week's TBB prompt: Never Will I Ever, but then I realized there was something I could totally write about!!

I've pretty much tried everything.  If I'm comfortable in it, I'd probably wear it.

I've done the boho jeans/flared leg style.

I wear ripped jeans like it's my job! {They're my fave!!}

I've worn shorts and riding boots.

I've done the coated jeans and faux leather leggings.

And unlike Shaunacy, I'd totally embrace the fanny pack comeback! LOL

I done the shoulder baring shirts, the no back tops, the one shoulder tops and everything in between!

And much to my sister's dismay, I even wear pretty teeny bikinis from time to time!!  But I do like the high-waisted ones too!!

Even as a teacher, I've done something I never thought I'd do...I dress for the holidays in fun scarves and crazy socks, and totally sport ALL the ugly Christmas sweaters!  HA


Wear stilettos!!

Even if I could, which I can't due to my CP and balance issues, I wouldn't want to.  Are they pretty? Sure!  But I'm sure they are not comfortable at all!  And I need comfort!  I mean your foot is totally bent!!  Just crazy!!

I can do a heel...but a modest one!  

And as far as dressy, strappy shoes go, I like a block heel.  I am just more comfortable and sturdy if you will.  I also need a bit of height in the toe bed. 

These shoes are my highest, and I'll admit to hardly wearing them because I feel unsteady.  I wear them to a gathering in which I'm the host and don't have far to go!  HA!!

Can you do stilettos?  What am I missing?  Are they even comfortable? 
Is there something you'd never wear?  Let me know in the comments below!

And it's hard to believe, February is just a few days away!!  I'm wearing fun, festive, pinks, reds, and hearts all month long!!  I'll be documenting my looks on insta!!  I'd love it if you'd join me!  Follow me...I'm @solitarylife101