Thursday, March 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday Jams!

I was so excited to see this post come up in my Time Hop this week!  I was reminded of how much I loved it and thought it would be just perfect for today's Throwback!  Seriously this is one of my all time favorite posts!  So enjoy the old school jams of my childhood on this Throwback Thursday!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring 2017 Bucket List

Joining my blog buddy Leslie to share my Spring Bucket List today!  When she first brought this up I didn't think I'd be ready to share a Spring list.  Summer for sure, but Spring...not so much!!  But then something happened!  Yesterday Spring came, I read a bunch of bucket lists on blogs and I got all excited for what Spring has to offer!!  And I thought, "Hey, there is a bunch of "stuff" I'd like to do this spring!!  So today I'm sharing with you my own bucket list, that I envision taking me from Spring through mid June!   Then it's...School's Out for SUMMER!!

Get My Feet Spring and Summer Ready!!
I am embarrassed to admit how long it's been since these feet have gotten a pedicure...but it is WAY OVER DUE...I'm pretty sure when I go and get it done, I'll be THAT Girl that they talk about!

Goodbye Winter!
At the moment it doesn't exactly feel like spring outside but I am super excited to be rid of my boots, blanket scarves and bulky sweaters.  I'm going to do a good clean out of all the clothes I'm "over and donated them this Spring!  I donated to my friends clothing room for Veterans and am always so excited when she tells me her clients rave about my donations.  It make me feel great and I know they are going where they are so needed!!

Spending Spring in town!
For four years now, I've passed the community garden and never actually went in.  I've always wanted to but never had.  And it's so cute.  There's benches, a gazebo, even chess!  In the Spring when the flowers are blooming it's beautiful!  I am making it a goal to get there this Spring.  With a book...two stone!

I go out to eat a lot in town, but in the Spring and Summer lots of the restaurants on Main Street have outdoor seating.  It's always fun to enjoy a meal in the bright sunshine and people watch. I'd also like to head down there for more Sundays Fundays when it's nice too!

I like just getting out and walking more when the winter melts away.  Winter is a time I feel so cooped up!!  I'm also going to do more yoga! A while ago when my foot was in THE BOOT my doctor suggested I try yoga...because there's even a beginners course called "Yoga for inflexible people!"  For ten bucks I picked it up and did it faithfully for a while, then it kinda got lost in the shuffle.  I didn't make it a lifestyle!  LOL  But I did enjoy it, so I want to do it more regularly!

A New 'do!
Another thing I seem to be overdue for is a cut and color of my hair.  Part of me has not been because a- it's expensive and b- I've been trying to hold out and wait for some big things I have going on this spring that I want good hair for!  I will probably go on my Spring Break in three weeks!

I know I'm talking about spending money on my hair and pedicure, but I really hope to save some money!  I have two super fun trips to look forward to this Spring!  So I really, really need to SAVE!! So I can spend on on the trips!!  LOL

Rainy Days and Sun Daze
So the saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers, so I fully intend to be rocking my rain boots this spring.  But I also look forward to sunny days rocking on my rocking chair on my front porch, getting a tan!!  My motto is :Everybody looks better with a tan!!

The Dreaded Guest Room
Isn't a little Spring Cleaning on everybody's bucket list?  My biggest job has bot to be my guest room.  Right now it is beyond disastrous!  I have bar stools and lounge chairs in there!  Boxes and bins galore!  I dread doing it but I know it has got to get done!  So then maybe I can have guest over this Spring!

I totally enjoyed doing this!  And think it's very do-able!  Here's to a wonderful Spring ahead for all!!!

After further research, I remembered that I did share a Spring Break Bucket List on the blog last year!  Head here to see how it compares!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

There are so many wonderful reasons to be happy!

Happy Monday and Happy Spring!!  Spring has finally sprung, even if it doesn't quite feel it yet!  But the hope is there!!  And thanks to my trusty Erin Condren Life Planner I know that today is also the International Day of Happiness.   I do my best to live a happy day everyday!!  The Desiderata hangs in my bedroom and I read it each morning, like a prayer.  The ending states, "Strive to be happy." It's not always easy, but I'm always looking for the positive and the happy in each day! Because, honestly there are are just so many reasons to be happy!!

Today to celebrate the day, I want to share a few of them.... (in no particular order!)

Happiness is....

  • the first sip of coffee in the morning!

  • that glass of wine at the end of the day
  • a good night's sleep
  • Family time
  • a new book
  • a surprise bagel from my co-worker
  • a Saturday with no plans
  • a smile from a stranger
  • Girls' Nights spent laughing until it hurts
  • an unexpected text
  • a day in jeans and sneakers
  • Sunny and 70 degrees
  • an ice cold beer
  • sand in my toes
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • a TAN!
  • blog comments
  • a home cooked meal I didn't have to cook
  • a fun song on repeat
  • a great pair of jeans that fit like a glove
  • a few extra minutes in the shower
  • hugs from my favorite littles
  • a day off
  • packages on my doorstep
  • new shoes
  • being in pj's by 5 p.m.
  • Happy Hours & Game Nights
  • Sleeping in
  • ice cream and cupcakes
  • HOME

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments below!

This is my wish for you today and everyday...

Have a fabulous week!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Faves!

When you lose you're whole post...and cry a little!!!  LOL  This was not my original post I had planned on because I had blogger open on two computers and I lost the completed version, so today's post is not only a little late but also kinda the Cliffs notes  version.  And now that I'm home from work, and it's St. Patrick's Day, I might be drinking and blogging!!  So there's that...Happy Friday!!


Hey Hey Everybody!!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!! This week wasn't bad one at all...lots of faves to go around!!

This day is one of my faves ever!!  I used to go big in my younger days, but the old lady in me is now just pretty content to wear my green, have a pint and call it a day.  I'm waiting on my Peapod Guy to deliver me some Guinness and  all the fixin's for my Ruben!  I also got a sweet surprise today at work when a thoughtful mom brought me an Irish Soda Bread, so tonight I'll have that for dessert!

A snow day (that really shouldn't have been!) and Two Dress Down Days definitely made this one of my favorite weeks!!  We dressed down for St. Patrick's Day today and Pi Day on Tuesday...really Leftover Pi Day, on Wednesday thanks to the snow day!  Any day I can wear my sneakers and jeans to school is just the best.
This is an awful pic, but my Pi Day shirt got rave reviews!  LOL

The This is Us Finale.  This episode was not one of my faves but since the series as a whole will go down as a favorite of this year, how could I not include it in my faves this week.  And Milo is totally one of my favorites!  So it's a win-win!

March Madness kicked off yesterday, and just for fun, my Blended Blog Buddy Alison, set up a basketball bracket for us!!  Head on over to read her blog post from our new Monday Random Stream series {here}!  I had so much fun making my picks and oddly enough was a little stressed!  But it's totally just for fun! I'm already having a great time following along!  I'm not the top of the class but so far I'm not a failure yet!

If you've read the blog for any amount of time, you know I love to shop! And that I tried to be shop free for these first three months of 2017, but that went out the window in February!  So I've been shopping!  BUT I got a really awesome deal this week!!  I bought two bathing suits from JCrew.  This suit, originally, $98 was on sale for 49.99 with an additional 25% off.  Then this one (super cute and different for me!), was $98 with 25% off!  Then I had a rewards card for $25 off!!  Basically I got two suits for less than the price of one!!  And I got money back from Ebates to boot!  (If you are not using Ebates, you really should!  Sign up here). I'm set for my trips in May and for the rest of the summer!!  Oh and a bonus: Swim is free ship and returns!  Fingers Crossed I LOVE these though!

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Wear some green, pour a pint and do a jig!!

Linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika and the girls today!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Throwin' it back to Year One!

Some weeks, I blog everyday...some weeks I only throw it back!  This week is one of those weeks!!
Sharing a fun throwback from year one on the blog.  It was new, I didn't blog too frequently (between September 2012 when I began and all of 2013, I blogged just 17 times!), took no pics, and I think my mom was the only one who read my posts! And my teacher bestie, who will never let me forget this one!  :) But blogs from my first year are always fun to read back.  Sometimes I laugh...sometimes I cringe! I sometimes miss the adventures in my little apartment!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Little Letters

A few weeks ago when I posted on The Blended Blog for TBB Loves, I mentioned that I had started reading Taz and Belly.  I love her little letters idea.  So today I'm joining in on the linky fun with a few little letters of my own!

Dear Sweet Kindergarten Friend,
Thanks for making my day!  I heard you yell, "It's a blister outside" as I was walking by...I had a good laugh knowing you meant blizzard!

Dear Snow, 
Thank you for holding off so that we get the day in!  I'll take the snow day next week!  Even though we're going to be in school until July!

Dear Spring, 
Where are you?  I'm so over snow and scarves and boots.  I'm wishing for white jeans and open toe booties!

Dear Mailman, 
Yesterday you put three packages at my front door that didn't fit in my mailbox, then I went to the mailbox and found another.  Couldn't you just brought all of them to my door!?!?

Dear This is Us, 
Why do you break my heart a little each week?  And great job on making old Mandy Moore look like Sally Field!

Dear Amazon,
Thanks for the free returns!

Dear Co-worker Friend,
Thanks for getting that coaching job after school.  Those three weeks you did after care on Thursday til 6, I really enjoyed my one day off...getting home at 3, a few happy hours, etc. Now I'm back to doing what I really mean to say is, thanks for nothing!  :)

Dear Friday,
YAY!  You're finally getting here!  This week was worse than the last (the first week back after a break)!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: This one's for the girls...

I thought since yesterday was International Women's Day, for today's Throwback Thursday I'd revisit a post that celebrates friendship and woman!  In August 2015 I joined my bloggy buddy Leslie and our besties to celebrate Friendship Day. It's one of my favorite posts!