Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Few Challenge Faves

New Year's Eve!!  Whoop Whoop!

I thought for today I'd take a look back and  recap some of my favorite looks from the Style Me Pretty Challenges with Alison at Get Your Pretty On,  that I spent much of 2014 participating in!  I had so much fun during each of the 4 challenges and loved linking up with fellow bloggers I met!

The Spring Challenge was the inaugural challenge and began in April and lasted through early May.

A few of my favorite looks:

Clearly I really loved my leopard flats and striped shirt!  Find out more about these looks {here}!

The Summer Challenge in June and July was a breeze!  I loved wearing colorful shorts and maxi skirts.

 My sister and my best friend both joined me in the summer challenge! So it was double the fun!

This outfit was probably my most favorite of the whole challenge!!

To find outfit details and to see more looks from the summer challenge {here}!

Before we knew it summer was a memory and Fall had arrived.  This challenge I vowed to shop my closet and found I had all of the pieces needed.  I think this challenge was the easiest.  Love how easy it was to put the looks together and style everything!  I have so many favorites!

Fall Favorites

Find more of my Fall looks {here}.

I slacked the most during the Winter Challenge, but being during the holidays pretty much lent itself to that!  I still came away with some favorites from the outfits I did manage to put together.  This challenge really built on the fall one.  For the winter challenge, I splurged and ordered the TOMS booties.  I loved wearing them!!  Super cute!!

See more of what I put together during the Winter Challenge {here}!

I love everything about the challenges...the great group of ladies in the FB group, linking up each week with fellow bloggers and challengers, our fun linky graphics (Thanks Deena!) and the ease of getting dressed each day!!  You can find out more about Style Me Challenges and see how they impacted me in my letter to Alison.

  And the fun's not over for me and my Style Me Blogger buddies!  We are continuing to link-up in the new year...talking fashion, home, life,  and everything in between!  I am super excited about it!!  Join us!!

Happy New Year!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recapping Christmas

I will try as hard as I can to recap what I remember of Christmas.  After all the build-up and anticipation for so long, it always seems to fly right on by...

After cookies and cocktails on Tuesday, I came home and attempted to get my house in order for Christmas Eve Dinner that I was hosting.  I went to bed close to 1 and woke up the next day by 8.  The day was spent cleaning and preparing for my guests and figuring out what to wear!  It was an awful poured buckets!!  So wellies it was!  I did not look particularly Christmasy for Mass but at least I was dry.  Actually, my feet were, I ended up looking like a drowned rat.  But that's the plus side of hosting at your own house.  You can blow dry your hair and change when you get home from Mass.

My bestie and parents arrived at my place around 3.  My bestie and I exchanged gifts (because i was really too excited about hers not to give it to her right away!) we had a few snacks and drinks,  then headed out to Mass.  My church is literally two minutes away form where I live so we didn't leave too early for church.  But we should have left earlier.  There was no more room in the church so we headed over to the Hall/Gym with the rest of the overflow.  This actually ended up being a wonderful Mass.  The Hall was decorated beautifully and the Pastor of the parish said Mass.  I posted his homily in my Christmas post.  My mom commented on how it was like our own private Mass.  It really was!!

After, we came home, had a few apps and drinks, started dinner and waited for my sister and her significant other to arrive.  I think I get too stressed when it comes to hosting.  I knew right away i was going to serve ham and wanted to also serve salmon, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and my sister brought a salad and brussel sprouts!  But when serving potatoes, one should really offer her guests butter!!  I didn't have any.  Luckily I was able to catch my sister before she left home and she brought some.  There was also something else I didn't have but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.  I told everyone next year I'm treating to Christmas Eve Dinner at my favorite restaurant in town!  HA!

Dinner turned out well though!  Everyone had a great night talking laughing and enjoying one another.  Toward the end of the night I was getting hoarse, and my throat was getting scratchy.  Everyone noticed.  It was suggested to put some bourbon in my tea to help with the sore throat.  I thought I'd be better in the morning!  Everyone left around 11ish or so.  I cleaned up a bit, got ready for bed, took a shot of Nyquil in hopes that the next day, I'd feel better, and headed to bed.  Leaving my wrapping for the next day!!  Because, YES...I still had to wrap my gifts!!  But there weren't many this year, so I wasn't worried!!

A few pics of Christmas Eve
Mom and Dad
Besties at Christmas

Well, lots of glasses of wine, boubon in my tea, and a shot of Nyquil, did absolutely NOTHING for me, and I woke up with less of a voice!  As the morning went on...I ended up with no voice!  Which made for a not so fabulous Christmas!!  But I got through it and had a lot of fun!  Obviously, I didn't talk much!  And our PJ-wearing Christmas tradition ensured that I was cozy all day!!

The gift card grab bag I did for the nieces and nephews was a hit!!  They all had a great time with it!  They made a few trades and did some bargaining but everyone ended up really happy, so I was glad!  Next year's gifts for all of them are already purchased (Thank you after Christmas sales!).

Since we buy gifts for all the kids, the adult "kids" in my family do a Secret Santa.  Which I really discovered is not so secret with some of the couples!! (a BIG BOOOOOO to THAT!!) We send out lists with three options for our Secret Santa to choose from. Then my mom tries to get us the others.  But this year we did the gifts from my parents first so we kinda knew what our Secret Santa didn't get us!!  HA!!  (Which I was kind of annoyed about because I was able to score everything my person wanted on their list and still get it all in the cost limit!!) But it actually worked out and my sister loved that I got her everything and the jewelry organizer that my mom ended up getting her was totally different then the hanging one I got! So I am going to stop harping on it!

  It is always fun because we have to think up a clue for our person and everyone guesses.  Then the person who guesses correctly gets to go next!  I actually opened my gift from my Secret Santa second to last.  It was funny this year how it worked out.  All the girls got the girls and all the guys got the guys.

After present opening  and a family photo shoot, we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  Since we always load up on apps, we went low key and easy with dinner, which was a great idea!!

After some down time and another photo shoot, we went in for dessert!  All the cookies we made were a hit and we didn't even need to worry that their wasn't enough because there was a boatload of yummy treats.  And randomly, we broke out into song!  Apparently we do that now!  Luckily, I was the five golden rings, so all I did was through my hand up and lip sync...

It was a FUN day!!  So much fun, that I needed two days to recover!  Just kidding....but I did spend the weekend sleeping, talking to no one, trying to get my voice back and coughing a lot!!  Sunday I decided that this whole thing was a bit ridiculous, so I returned to the land of the living. I still sound terrible and have a constant cough, but am actually feeling better!

 My mom did an awesome job making all these blankets for the kids!!

It was a warm, beautiful day for the fifties!

Family Sing-along

I still have a few days of vacation left and loots of fun planned, so that makes me really excited! Can't even believe this year is over and 2015 is around the corner!!  In 2015, I'm going to be better at remembering to take pictures for the blog!!  All these are my mom' thanks Mom!!

Wishing you all the best New Year!  Have fun, be safe and forget about those resolutions...they rarely stick!!!!  :)


Linking up for the first time today!!  I do love two-fers!!  :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cookies and Cocktails

For over ten years now my sisters and I have gotten together a day or two before Christmas Eve and made cookies for Christmas.  It's turned into quite the party!  Ten years ago the kids were babies...and their weren't quite so many of them!  And I remember, we used to make a lot more cookies.  Now I think we drink more then we bake!  We always have our signature cocktail, pomegranate martinis,  for starters.  For the past,  I don't know how many years, my oldest sister, Tara has been the hostess.

During the early years, it was just the four of us!  Now my mom and dad come too...but only for the drinks!!  HA!!  The kids all play in the basement and we bake. All the guys come on over after work. Most years we just ordered pizza for dinner.  This year Tara made Chili....6 pounds of it!!

This year seemed to be a comedy of errors!  After bringing break-and-bakes, I attempted candied pecans.  But they burnt...pretty badly.  The oven was too high!  My sister, Meg forgot the sugar in her sugar cookie dough (DUH!), Tara was not very happy with her Ina Garden Pecan Sandies and Erin dumped her whole first batch of bark.  After a few more tries, everything turned out great!

I have to admit, I did more baking this year than last (and I never even made those bake and breaks)! And I was determined to redeem myself after the candied pecan debacle!   I actually made chocolate chip cookies from scratch but instead of chocolate chips, I used peanut butter chips.  Made the whole cookie peanut buttery!  YUM!  My favorite.

After all the cookies were baked and cooled, the kids were able to come up and test the cookies.  They ate way more than expected but we did manage to save some for Christmas. After a few more drinks, a few helpings of chili, and a beautiful song written and performed by my niece, the night came to an end.  At least the night at my sister's!  I came home and attempted to get ready for Christmas Eve at my house the next day!!  More on that, later on in the week!!

A few fun photos from our day!

My sisters and I in the aprons that Tara gave us!  We decided they were not very flattering, but they sure were cute!

Well into cookies...and cocktails!

The hostess with the most-ess!!

What was left of the cookies after the kids got their hands on them :)

And for anyone who saw my Winter Challenge post on Tuesday!  Here's Tuesday's outfit, minus the poncho...but with an  apron!

I had hoped to have up my whole Christmas post today, but unfortunately Santa brought me sickness for Christmas...and took my voice!  So I spent most of the weekend drugged up and sleeping!  Both very much needed!! Feeling a little better today!  Hope to post the Christmas festivities somewhere along the line this week!!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed the long holiday weekend!!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Hope the day is filled with family and fun.  Last night at Christmas Eve mass, the priest shared this story during his homily.  I wanted to share it with all of you!  It is so easy these days for everyone to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the craziness of the holidays to forget who the day is really about...Jesus Christ!!

One December night, many years ago, I had just finished decorating for Christmas when I heard a noise at the front of the house. I turned on the porch light and opened the door. To my surprise just as I stepped outside, I saw Santa Claus climbing out of his sleigh. He placed his fingers over his lips, silencing me before I cried out.

"What are you doing..." I started to ask...but the words choked up in my throat as I saw he had tears in his eyes. His usual jolly manner, the eager, boisterous soul we all know, was gone. He composed himself by clearing his throat, then answered me in a whisper. "Help teach the children."

I was puzzled. What did he mean? He anticipated my question, and with one quick movement brought forth a miniature toy bag from behind the sleigh. As I stood there bewildered, Santa stated again but more firmly, "Teach the children. Teach them the true meaning of Christmas. The meaning that has long been forgotten."

I invited him in to warm by the fire as I tried to tell him that I wasn’t sure if I knew what he meant... when Santa reached into the toy bag and pulled out a brilliant shiny star.
Teach the children that the star is the heavenly sign of promise," he said. "God sent a Savior to the world and the star was the sign of that promise being fulfilled. The countless shining stars in the heavens, one star for each person on earth, represents the hope of all mankind."
Santa gently laid the star on the fireplace mantle and brought from the bag a bright red Christmas tree ornament.
"Teach the children that red is the first color of Christmas. It was first used by the faithful people to remind them of the blood that was shed for all the people by the Savior. Christ gave His life and shed His blood that every man might have God's gift of Eternal Life. Red is deep, intense, and vivid -- the richest color of all, and it is a symbol of the greatest gift from God."
"Teach the children," he said as he pulled a small Christmas tree from the bottom of the toy bag. He placed it near the fireplace and gently hung the red decoration on it.
"The deep green branches of this tree is a perfect background for this ornament. This is the second color of Christmas," he continued. "The pure green color of this evergreen tree remains this color all year round. This represents the everlasting plan for mankind. Green is youthful, hopeful, and the abundant color of nature. The needles on the tree point heavenward -- symbols of man's prayers as they go toward heaven. Trees have been man's best friends. They have sheltered him, warmed him, and made beauty for him."
Again, he pulled something from his bag; I heard a soft tinkling sound of a bell.
"Teach the children," he said, "that as the lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell, it should ring for every person too, that they might find their way back -- it means guidance and return. It further signifies that all are precious in the eyes of the Lord."

As the soft sound of the bell faded, Santa lit a candle and placed it on the mantel. The soft glow from its tiny flame cast a glow about the darkened room. Odd shadowy shapes slowly danced and wove pictures upon the walls.
"Teach the children," whispered Santa, "that at one time candles were placed on Christmas trees. They glowed brightly against the dark green branches showing man's appreciation for the star of Bethlehem of long ago. Now, strings of colored lights have taken their place in remembrance of Christ's birth."
Santa turned the small Christmas tree lights on and placed a gift under the tree.
He pointed to the bow and said, "A bow is placed on a present to remind us of the spirit of brotherhood of man. We should remember that the bow is tied as all of us should be tied together, with the bonds of good will toward each other. Good will forever is the message of the bow and the gift, a gift of love."
Santa reached for a candy cane, and held it out towards me.
"Teach the children that the cane represents The Shepherd's staff. The crook on the staff helps bring back sheep that have strayed away from the fold. The candy cane represents the sweetness of giving not only at Christmas time, but also throughout the entire year. The spiral design is a symbol that we are, our brother's keepers."

Santa looked about the room, then again at the tree. His love and great feeling of satisfaction shone from his eyes. He could not help but sense the wonderment and admiration that I felt for him in my heart.
One last time, he reached into his bag and brought forth a large beautiful wreath. As he placed it on the door he spoke gently with love, "Please teach the children that the wreath symbolizes the eternal nature of love: it never ceases, stops, or ends. It is one continuous circle that only grows greater and greater when expressed. The wreath, the circle of love, plays a double role. It is made of many things and has many colors. It reminds us of God's unconditional love and the true reason for Christmas. Please teach the children."

(Author Unknown)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Winter Challenge rolls on...

Hey Friends!  Happy Tuesday!  We are in the final week of the Get Your Pretty On Winter Challenge! Switching things up a bit this week with the Style Me Challenge bloggers and posting today so we can all enjoy the next few days with family!

To say I've been off challenge these last few days is an understatement!!
Here's what I managed to pull together!

In last week's post I mentioned wearing my PJ's to work on Wednesday!  Super fun and comfy!  (I'll spare you a pic...) So I opted out of Wednesday's Look!

Thursday, the outfit called for a tunic sweater and plaid scarf with black leggings, uggs and boot socks.  I obviously had to switch it up a bit for work. No uggs allowed...expect on PJ day! :)  I put my own Christmasy spin on it with the Kelly Green sweater (not very tunic-ish), my blanket scarf and went with charcoal gray trouser pants.

Friday I was off Challenge again.  The last day before Christmas vacation was a dress down day!  A few of us wore Christmas sweaters!  This video game inspired one was mine!  Being the tech teacher, i thought it was appropriate.

Saturday and Sunday I didn't dress for the Challenge.  There was just no where to go! #SolitaryLifeProbs 
It was a Saturday of cleaning, laundry, organizing and wrapping.  
And Sunday I woke up with a cold and cough, so I stayed in my pj's on the couch all day!!

Monday I went out with a friend and her husband to lunch, so I dressed pretty spot on in the day's outfit.  A tunic sweater, plaid scarf (went for a plaid infinity), dark skinnies, and wedge booties. Threw on my white puffer vest with this and headed out the door!
Monday night I went for a sleepover with my nieces at my sister's house!  I wanted to be more comfy, so I changed into another challenge outfit that I had skipped last week! Outfit eleven was the above, but instead of jeans and booties, it called for leggings with uggs! Cozy for a night in!

Take 2!

Today is cookies and cocktails at my sister's!  The outfit calls for a poncho, plaid button down, black leggings and riding boots  I''ll be wearing today's look- minus the poncho!! Check it out when I have my cookie day post up at the end of the week!

That's all for now!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by the love of family and friends!!  Whatever you do and where ever you are...HAVE FUN and LOOK FABULOUS !! 

You can find various links to some of the things I'm wearing above and previous challenge posts HERE! The final winter challenge post, will be on January 7th, but I'll be back a few times between now and then!

Check out how these pretties did during this week of the Challenge and link up with us below!!

An InLinkz Link-up

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Lazy Weekend

I am officially on vacation...WOO HOO!!!

12 p.m. Friday marked the start of vacation.  We all celebrated with a school luncheon at a local restaurant!  It's one of my faves in town...never a bad meal there.  I had a great time chatting with my teacher friends. But I was really excited to be on vacation!!  The Christnas lunch was my first stop of the day!

In the beginning of the week, my sister had texted everybody and mentioned that my uncle was coming to town and wanted everyone to go to dinner on Friday night!  I immediately said yes of course, because it was at another favorite place, a place my family has been gonig to since it opened.   Then I went lunch on Friday!  I got home and wanted to to nothing but veg out on the couch and do NOTHING!!!  I dont know what it is about eating a big meal for lunch that gets me, but I was so tired!!
But alas, I got changed went over to my parents and headed out to dinner!  At least when I eat out, I know it's a good meal and since I have yet to go food shopping since I got home from the OBX a month ago, I was at least looking forward to that!! LOL (Just Kidding, Mom!)  I was looking forward to it!  I didn't need to be worried about being stuffed because by the time we ate it was about 9 o'clock!! And it was the most fun I've had in a long time!!  So many laughs!!  I just love my family!  We basically overtook the place and closed it!  And everyone left with parting gifts!  HAHAHAHAHA

Saturday and Sunday I really didn't leave the house!  And I was totally ok with it!  It was sort of the calm before the storm that is this week, hits!  And also the reason this post is more words, not pics!  No one wants to see my in sweats with no make up's too scary!!

Much of Saturday I spent cleaning and organizing. The last week at school is always so busy and I had something after school every night so I was pretty tired by the time I got home, and really neglected the house!  I cleaned, organized the laundry that was still in the basket from last Sunday, did some more laundry and organized under the tree.  And believe it or not, I still did some shopping online!  It's awesome that stores are still offering delivery by Christmas!

Sunday was quite the lazy day also.  I actually slept late and woke up with a head cold and cough...BOOOOO!!   So I took some medicine and lounged on the couch watching cheesy Christmas movies on TV.  I did manage to get up and shower...then continued vegging on my couch watching the Sound of Music Sing-along.  Gotta say...I loved that!!  HA!!  Took some Nyquil and headed to bed after that!!

It was a quiet weekend, which you just sometimes need!  This week is going to be a crazy busy one, so I was glad to have it! Have a Happy Monday everyone!

*Since Wednesday Christmas Eve, I'll be back tomorrow with my What I Wore during the Winter Challenge post!!  See you then!!*


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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The last week before break...

Friday...the start of a glorious two weeks off!  I could not be more excited!  The last week of school is always SO crazy busy...and the kids are WILD!! And for some reason, I was up every night til past midnight...Thursday it was 2 a.m. Crazy I know!!  But it was a fun week!!  Here are a few of the highlights!!  It's the (mostly) Christmasy edition!

1.  Polar Express Day!  On Wednesday at my school was Polar Express Day! It's a day where the kids come dressed in their PJ's and watch The Polar Express and do some fun activities to go along with the book and movie!  Naturally, the teachers join in on the fun! Hey,  when I can wear PJ's to school I am all for it.  I wore my Christmas pj's from last year's first annual Christmas Day in PJs!   Being the library/tech teacher I do not have a homeroom class of my own, but one of the first grade teachers invited me into watch the movie with her class.  I went in on my prep and was able to stay a little while before my next class.  My favorite part was watching the kids yell at the screen... "GET ON THE TRAIN!!" I also enjoyed the hot chocolate.  One little girl, who's new to our school this year, exclaimed, "This is the best day at this school so far!"  It was really cute!
2.  My BFF bought an apartment!  My best friend recently bought an apartment and moves in on January 15th.  This week she asked me to write a character reference for her, for her co-op board.  While I was happy that she asked me, I was a little stressed too!  Don't get me wrong, I could totally do it, and I know her better than anyone, 32 years to be exact, so I wanted to get it perfect!  In all actuality, I probably stressed over it way more than I needed to.  In the end, I got it done and it made my heart happy to hear that she loved it!  WHEW!!

3.  Christmas Gifts  I am always so flattered when I get gifts from students!  I think it is so kind of parents to think of the "specials" teachers in addition to the classroom teachers!  I got great gifts this year!  And so many were Pinterest inspired!  Gotta love it!  One of my faves though, is my Peapod gift card!!  If you have been following my blog, you know my love for Peapod!!

4.  Ugly Sweater Day Not only did I get to wear my pajamas to work this week, I also got to dress down on Friday and wear my Ugly Christmas Sweater!  I got this video game inspired one!  The tech teacher in me thought it appropriate.  I received lots of compliments on it!
I really need to start taking pictures first thing in the morning!!

5.  Christmas on the Blog!  This week on the blog I linked up with my girls from the Style Me Challenges to reveal my gifts from the Secret Santa Exchange and give a little tour of my house all decked out for the holidays!  Come on in!!  More fun to come on the blog now that I'm on vacation!!  Woo Hoo!!

Happy Weekend!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

My Home at Christmastime!

I am just having the best time linking up with my Style Me Blogger Friends this week!!
Today we are back with our final link up of the year. A tour of our homes at Christmas.  This makes me so happy!  I just love my little house and decorating it for my favorite holiday is so fun!! I'll be honest...this is the only holiday the house gets decked out! On other holidays I only have a few small things here and there! (The exception being Friendsgiving this year) But I love decorating for Christmas.  I always decorate on Thanksgiving weekend and leave everything up until Little Christmas on January 6th.

Welcome to my home at Christmas
Being a lower unit, I don't have any balcony or columns on which to put Christmas this wreath on my front door is the extent of my outside decorations (next year I'll have to get a Christmasy cushion for my rocking chair out front).  The wreath was made by my teacher friend, Jamie.  Every year she has a fundraiser called Crochet for a Cure in memory of her mom.  I purchased this at the sale in 2012, the year I moved into my apartment and actually had a front door to put it on!!  You can check out Jamie's blog here!

Come on in!

My tree is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.  It's in the corner but still somewhat visible in the front window.  It's an artificial and pretty small (I have taller ceilings now). When I first put it up this year, it looked so terrible, I was THIS CLOSE to chucking it and going to get a new one.  But all it needed was a bit of TLC, a night to sretch and a bunch of ornaments!  The more I look at it, the more I love my little guy!!  I think I'll keep him!!

This tree skirt my mom made for me when I moved into my aprtment and had a tree of my own.  Last year, she gave me the matching stocking, after moving into the house.  I love them and keep the stocking under the tree with the skirt.  My mom worked really hard on it and I am so appreciatative.  I know I will have them forever!  Just like my mom has her tree skirt from the year she was married- 1971.

Under my front window, right next to the tree I have my Advent Calendar.   I received it as a gift from my Aunt Jean.  For a number of years, I kept it in my classroom. Now that I don't have a homeroom class of my own, it's home with me.
In each draw is a tiny little ornament.  I decided to put the ornaments on this little tree me mom gave me.  I went on a Christmas Cruise with my mom's sister, my Aunt Laurie,  and her family, in 2008 and was away on Christmas for the first time ever.  My mom hid a few gifts in my suitcase before I left, one of which was this tree.  She wanted me to put it in my room on the ship.  Because according to mom, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a tree!  It's kind of a perfect match!  Also on there is the Christmas card I sent out this year!!

This was the tree on the cruise!

My home has an open floor up is the Living room!
The first side...ha!
Love this Canvas above my couch! I scored it with a gift card from Home Goods I got as a housewarming present after I first moved into my apartment!

This tall shelf in the corner of the living room gets Christmafied ever year with Cherished Teddies I collected as a kid and other fun nick-nacks!  The Christmas Box Sign I just got this year.
The Christmas stocking was a gift from my sister last year.  Funny Story Actually!  She is divorced and spent much of last year here with me.  I was storing some of her Christmas boxes here and we found her Christmas stocking in one so she promptly put it up...HA!  As a joke, she got me a simlar one so we'd have matching!

Decorations on top of the TV stand.  The TV is on the wall...YAY!!  I really like having this as a display place now .

My nativity is very special to me!  
It is an original Hummel set that was my Nana's. 

My original Christmas stocking, circa 1980.

The kitchen has a few touches as well!


I display any picture cards I receive on ribbon on the pantry door.

Lastly, this is the door to my guest room!  This is a little idea I got from my Nana.  I remember her having this sign outside her guestroom when we were kids...because all our gifts were in there. So now that I have a guest room, I am doing the same.
I think I should laminate this!!  This is year number two with it...and it looks it!  
Oh I'm not done yet!  I'm including my bathroom because yesterday I didn't have anything Christmas in the bathroom!  Now I do though, thanks to some sweet students!  Love when kids think of their Librarian/Tech teacher at Christmas!!  My tree also has a few new ornaments on it thanks to them!
WHEW!!  There you have it... Thanks for sticking with me!!    
Merry Christmas! Happy Hoidays!

This year's card is a little bit different than last year's (LOL)...but along the same lines.

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!
And Happy Holidays!