Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's Talk: Fall Favorites

Am I ready for summer to end? NO, not at all!
Have I already had a fall favorite, Pumpkin Ale, YES!  Yes I have!!

While I am in not hurry for summer to come to an end, the impending school year is upon me and I know that the end is inevitable!!  So I'm taking a break from summer today and sharing some fall favorites with Erika and Andrea for their Let's Talk Series!!

There are so many things to look forward to in the Fall.  Here are a few of my faves!!

Riding Boots and Skinny Jeans!  By far my favorite part of fall!  I love wearing my riding boots are the time and love pairing them with great tops and accessories.
And wearing skinny jeans and riding boots means I don't have to shave my legs everyday!! Hallelujah!  (THAT'S definitely a favorite!!)

Crisp Air  As many of you know, summer is my absolute favorite season.  But I do love a good crisp, fall night.  The way it smells, the blardigan I can bundle up in!  Love, Love love!

Pumpkin Ale I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but give me a Pumpkin Ale everyday in the Fall and I'll be your best friend.  pumpkin Ale is by far the best thing about Fall....but don't forget the cinnamon rim!!

New TV  I'm a self-proclaimed TV Head!  Fall brings brand new episodes of my favorite series and new shows to try out.  This Fall I am looking forward to This is Us on NBC, and the Kevin James show on CBS.

Autumn Wreath Candle  Come September 1st, I'm busting this candle out.  It's my favorite fall scent from Yankee Candle!  I also have to get a new Young Living scent for Fall for my diffuser!!

Football!  Over the years I have to love football.  Often on Sundays, I have it on in the background while I'm planning, doing laundry and getting ready for the new week.  Somedays I'll head over to my sister's to watch the games too!And it's a great excuse to drink beer and eat guac!!  Who wouldn't love that?!?

What are you most looking forward to this fall?  Let me know in the comments below!  Enjoy your Tuesday!!

And head on over to The Blended Blog today!  It's Wrap-up Day!  We're sharing our favorite posts from August on our personal blogs!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Three years in my humble abode!

Today marks three years since I purchased my home.  I figured since I blogged about years one and two, why not blog one more time!  Three years ago today I moved into my little house!  It's been a fast three years actually.  Isn't there a quote by someone that goes something like "The years pass fast but the days go slow" ??  That is so true because when I think about this day three years ago, it kinda seems like just yesterday!!  But it really is a home!!

Someone told me not too long that my house was "goals"  I thought that was really funny but also very sweet!!  I've worked hard to make this place a fun, cozy house and I think I'm succeeding!  Here's a few facts about year three!

When I first moved in, this place that was under construction!  That's still the case right now, three years later, as I sit here typing this and listen to hammers, big trucks, and saws outside my window.  I can't say that it's been a bother, because it's something I've just gotten used to, but I am thankful that it's almost DONE!!

With the exception of this summer, I've cooked more.  Thanks to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and a few Crockpot Challenges!!

That being said, I've also set the smoke alarm off more times this year than I care to recall!!  :)

Looking back, I'd have to say, this was a more solitary year.  I had no long  term house guests like I did in year one and no one stayed for a week like in year two.  I did have lots more visitors though! Some who had never seen the place, so that was fun!

And traditions that were started, continued!  The 2nd Annual Friendsgiving was a success, as was Christmas Eve Dinner!

I also hosted book club here....once!!  hopefully I can get that up an running again!

I got a larger kitchen table, to accommodate more guests who I didn't actually have!!  HA! But still no chandelier!
Thanks to these guys for helping my pick it up and set it up!!

I didn't paint this year like I had planned!

On that note, I've walked to school more this year than I have in the past, and I've also walked around town more, as more and more new places popped up to eat!

I will also dare to say, in this third year, I've spent LESS time here.  I actually traveled a total of four times this year!!  Read more about my travels here, here, and here (a real recap of the DR is coming soon!!)

Oh and after three years, I've made more friends in my neighborhood!!  Woo Hoo!!

I've also become good friends with my mailman and UPS man...who discovered he delivers to both my house and my school, so he gives me updates on my packages while I'm at work.  I haven't decided if I should be worried about this!

Is it any wonder why the UPS guys and my mailman and I are besties?

I've continued to decorate the place and make it my own!! My theme for this year was "This is My Happy Place"....because it is!  I love my little house.  I love that it's all my own.  I worked hard to get it!  And I enjoy it, whether it's filled with family and friends, or just the nights that I'm on my own!  And I think that's all that one can hope for their home!!

I think the year three recap is my last!!  My home is always splashed throughout the blog, and I think for now that's enough!  Thanks for letting my recap the last three years here!  Cheers to many more!

Linking up with Shaunacey for Monday Moments of Gratitude...because I'm grateful for this roof over my head!!  And I know there are so many others out there who are struggling to make ends meet and find a home of their own!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Summer Edition!!

It's been forever since I've posted on a Friday this summer.  I took a bit of a summer vacation from it I suppose!!  So today, I'm back with a round-up of a few of my favorite things from this summer!!

I was obsessed with the Olympics.  Actually the Gymnastics and the Swimming most!  I saw this on social media during the games and I laughed so hard!!  This is so true of me...sadly, I do this all the time!!

I can say without a doubt this has been the summer of prosecco!!  It's been my go-to drink!  Back in the spring I did a post on prosecco on The Blended Blog, and ever since then I've been enjoying it more and more.  It's just perfect for summer... light refreshing and bubbly!  I love adding a little splash of pomegranate to it too.  And the single bottles are perfect for a single girl like me!!

I've followed Jenny Collier's blog and insta for a while.  And was excited when she started her clothing store, Gray Monroe but had never purchased anything...until now!  I purchased this awesome cold shoulder top for the fall and picked up a few more fun tops at the summer sale!!  How fun is this tank?!?  I like that she offers free shipping and no tax!!  Perfect.  And I enjoy supporting small businesses.  Check out gray Monroe here!!  New arrivals for Fall are out now!  You won't be disappointed!!

Here's a song to kick off your weekend!!  I've been loving this song...perfect for summer!!

And just because I'm headed back to school next week...
  How cute is this!! I posted this to my Facebook yesterday...so true!!

Linking up today for Friday Favorites!
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday's Making a Comeback!

This time next week, I'll be enduring a back-to-school professional development day!!  The summer days of sleeping in, laying out and enjoying the occasional day drinking, will be a distant memory in no time.  Right now, that I'm dreading going back and wishing for summer forever, I thought I'd bring back a little #TBT post, to remind myself why I do all this in the first place!

Originally posted in June of 2015, my I am a Teacher post is one of my all time favorites!


The school year is coming to an end. I'm not going to lie...I'm excited about this!! This year was was really rough for a variety of reasons, none of which I will go into! 
But that's teaching...some great years, some good years, and some not so good years! I won't say bad...because no year is ever truly bad. There are always those silver linings in a bad day! At least for me! I might be having THE WORST DAY EVER (usually those days are middle school related! HA!) and then all of a sudden, one student can turn it all around! Be it with a click of a mouse, getting on Google Chrome on their own! Or with a silly comment, kind word or just a compliment that that was the best story they've ever heard! Even those littles who show up at my door with a birthday cupcake will do the trick!! So everyday might not be a great one but at least I can smile about it.

And with the end of the school year, comes a whole new set of issues! End of year “business” needs to be attended to, and for me, report cards for the whole school have to be printed. And there is inevitably always something that goes wrong!

Last year around this time, I stumbled upon an awesome blog post at Scholastic.com by one of their top teacher bloggers, Brian Smith. He wrote a post, entitled I am a Teacher. It was so true and funny and talked about how sometimes teaching gets so crazy at this time of year, that it's really important to take the time to reflect on all the reasons we do this job! I commented on Brian's post (and have been following him ever since) and said I wanted to write a similar list on my own blog. Well a year later, Brian, here's my list!

Found this on Insta a few weeks ago!  

Before I was the Librarian and Tech teacher I was a classroom teacher for 10 years, so I'm combining the list to include all my 13 years in teaching!

I am a teacher...

I am a teacher because I love learning...and in teaching you learn something new everyday!

I love sharing my love of reading with the children...and according to one of my littles I "read books really good!"

Laminating things is my favorite.

New books in my library make me smile.

There is nothing like hearing a student say “Technology is my favorite class!”

And I love when they tell me that they went on my Library/Tech website AT HOME...ON THE WEEKEND!!

Three Words: School Supply Shopping!

I am a technology teacher...on any given Wednesday you might hear me say the words "mouse control" 87 times!

I am a teacher...

I've been called mom, dad, grandma and every other teacher's name...and am totally ok with it!

That Teacher Appreciation luncheon every year.

I enjoy days off as much as the kids do.

Completing a bulletin board is a huge accomplishment.

I am a teacher thanks to Mrs. Grosskurth, Miss Puileo, Miss McCartin...and the few who got it wrong, because thanks to them, I knew what NOT to do!!

I love dress down days (and PJ Day!), too!

I proudly rock my spirit wear beyond the four walls of the school building.  :)

I am a teacher because seeing a child's “A HA! Moment" is just awesome...and the fact that I might have had a little something to do with it, that's just icing on the cake!

Where else do you get to feel like a rockstar everyday?!?

I know Summer's Off are not totally Summer's Off...

I am a Catholic School teacher, I make very little money but I'm rich in other ways!

I am a teacher because I've never wanted to do anything else with my life!! 
When I was a little girl I used to play "school" for HOURS on the weekends and during the summer with my sisters and friends.  Thankfully these days though, I don't yell at my students and throw them across the room for their bad behavior like I allegedly did to my Cabbage Patch dolls!! Poor Humphrey Peter!! LOL

I realize that right now in our country, it's very difficult to be a teacher but every job has it's ups and downs!   I really can't see myself doing anything else.  Even though I joke about retiring, I'll be doing this and only this (if I'm lucky), for the next 30 years and beyond!!

But first....bring on SUMMER!!!!

Check out some of my plans for summer here and here!  What are yours?


I hope everyone has a fantastic school year and a relaxing and fun Fall ahead!!

I'm linking up today with Vanessa and Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey It's OKAY Tuesday!

It's been awhile since I linked up with Airing My Dirty Laundry for her fun It's OKAY Tuesday posts. It's a post where I can air just about anything I'm thinking about and am ok with!  And seeing this quote recently reminded me of these posts!

So here goes....


- to have not gone food shopping or gotten a Peapod order since June 24th

- to have Pop Tarts for breakfast and dinner (see above...)

- to be summer slacking...BIG TIME

- to admit, that after 10 years of shows, this wasn't Kenny's best!  {I'll keep going back...every.single.time!}

- to be super excited to meet new friends and see old ones

- to be in a big ol' pile of denial! #summerforever!!!!

- to procrastinate!

- to leave clean dishes in the dishwasher and laundry in the dryer for a few days if it means that instead you're out having fun!

-to cry over the closing ceremonies of the Olympics...actually it was just Bob Costas' re-cap at the end!  HA!

- and maybe have shed a tear during that damn McDonald's/Time After Time commercial!!

- to go to Meetball three nights in row

- to already be craving Pumpkin Ale!!!

I love getting these things off my chest...it's very freeing!!  Have a great Tuesday!!  Let me know what you're ok with this week and link up your own post here!

Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm gonna blog all summer.....and other lies I tell myself!!

How is it already August 22nd?  This has to be the fastest summer in the history of summers!!

I had big plans for the blog this summer...and then summer happened and I didn't blog as much as I would have liked.

I also didn't read as much as I wanted to either.

 And still have to recap my trip to the Dominican Republic!

Some more things I didn't get to...
  • Painting my bedroom
  • Getting that physical
  • Cleaning out the guest room
  • Preparing for the upcoming school year....


I guess I was busy doing life!  And maybe a little bit of nothing all all!  Does laying out in the sun count as doing something? HA!

I've been enjoying the sunshine and time with family.
I've been eating and drinking lots and spending nights out with friends, both old and new.  I just love good people!  So when I have the opportunity to do things and spend time with them, I don't pass it up!

I've also spent the  summer rockin' out to good tunes and having dance parties!
And no summer is complete without a trip to see Kenny Chesney!! Saturday was the day and it was so much fun!!  I'll get to recapping soon!!  Check out last summer's concert here!

And not a day goes by that I don't laugh...life is pretty damn good friends!!

I know so many are already back to school and work....my summer officially, officially ends on August 31st, so I am going to make the most of my final days!!  I hope your summer's been a blast too!  Have a great week!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What I Wore...on Vacation!

I have yet to recap my trip to the Dominican Republic...but it's coming SOON!!  Today being Wednesday I thought I'd link up with my The Blended Blog friends for our Pick, Pair, Showcase Summer Fashion Series!

I had my friend Kerri take pictures of every outfit I wore every night because I knew I wanted to showcase them on the blog.  And I'm so glad she did, because it so helped me out when I had to put a claim in for my stolen belongings! HA!!

Of course being on vacation, I brought away some of my favorites with me!!  Some of these I've showcased on Insta since I've been home and playing along with TBB and #theblendedblogstyle!

So in no particular order...my vacation wardrobe!!

So sad I'll never see this outfit again!!  It was one of the things that was taken from my suitcase.  Surprisingly and luckily I suppose, I have the rest!!  Minus the belt above and any of the undergarmets I'm wearing....LOL

This was one of my pool day outfits!  I bought this fun tank for the trip (because where else am I gonna wear it!!)  and was so glad to see it was still in my suitcase!!

And a shout out to my photog Kerri, who may have laughed every time I wanted my picture taken for the blog, but then jumped on the bandwagon, obviously!!
  HA!  Thanks Ker!!

It was fun to get back into this fashion thing!!  Go link up your Wednesday Fashion Posts over at The Blended Blog too! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Over at The Blended Blog today!

Happy Tuesday!  I'm over at The Blended Blog today sharing my 10 Years Forward predictions based on the book What Alice Forgot.  Have you read it?  What do you hope will become of your life ten years from now?

Check out my post here!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude!!

Full disclosure here...I started writing this post last Monday!  But I took a  blog break!  I'm back at it today because it's something I love doing and it's something I'm grateful to have in my life!

It's been quite some time since I've linked up for a Monday Moments of Gratitude with my blogger buddy Shaunacey.  Quite simply, since I've been back from my vacation, I've been in a slump!  I had a great time on the trip, that was soured after I came home to find that half the contents of my suitcase had been stolen!

I realize the things that were taken are exactly that "THINGS"!  And that I am home safe and sound, I wasn't there the following day when I hurricane rolled through.  But I think I'm allowed to be a little angry and feel violated!  So after a week that found me hours on the telephone with the airlines, and sorting of the rest of my stuff, I'm back to blogging!!

Because even though some of my things are forever lost, there are so many things to be grateful for every single day!

A wonderful trip with my two very bests in the world. Will recap the trip soon!!

A family that I spend hours and hours laughing with...because I know not every family is as lucky as we are! Last Sunday my Mom and Dad celebrated their 45 wedding anniversary.  Their life together and the life they give all of us is certainly something to be grateful for!

Summer days and nights filled with good friends, good food, good music and tons of  fun!

And last but not least, changes and new things on the horizon as I get ready to begin a new school year!

And God Bless sisters with pools in this hideous heat!  Whew...when will it break!?!

I'm doing a lot of reflection today! Come on over to The Blended Blog tomorrow to read my 10 years forward post...eeeekkkk!!  Why is this so hard for me!!??

What does this week find you grateful for!? Let me know in the comments below!

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short!

Friday, August 5, 2016

July Book Shelf

My Summer Book Shelf

Good Friday Morning Ya'll

I'm a lil' late to this party with my bloggy buddies because my yesterday didn't quite go the way I had planned and it's only on the very rare occasion that I actually have my posts scheduled.  But when things don't go as we plan them, we need to know when to just give up...and have a margarita!  (I think I read that on a shirt somewhere!)  So that's just what I did!  Then I started the next round of my day...had some more fun, went to bed and woke up to this new, more relaxed day!

On to today's post...recapping my reads from July.  Man...I haven't read as much as I had hoped this summer!  BUT I was able to knock out two books this month, both of which I previewed in last month's post!  So half my top reads are done! HA!

I really enjoyed this one!  Wasn't my absolute favorite of hers (I've read and have every single one!) but it was very enjoyable.  I like that it was told in alternating chapters between the two sisters and that I was able to find bits and pieces of  myself in each sister.

In yesterday's sentences post, the first line from this book was my first sentence.  It was definitely a great hook...something to think about and kept me reading.  I don't know what I thought this book was going to be about, but it turned out to be not at all what I expected!  

{It's really hard to talk about books without giving anything away huh?!?  LOL}

The next book I read on my trip!

While this was an easy read, it was also an eye opener.  What this young girl fought for and went tghrough was both frightening and admirable.  So deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.  While I was reading I pictured the devestation in my head.  On the way home on the plane, I was able to watch the movie, Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot, which actually brought the pictures in my head to life.  Read this book and see that film!

What did you read in July!  Let me know...always looking for recommendations! 

And don't forget to go get a peek at more great reads here:

Hope you have a great weekend!  Can't believe it August!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July in a Sentence-a-Day!

Ok...I'll admit....this month kinda got away from me!  I missed three days!  It's summer ya'll!! But I had some really funny sentences and I didn't wanna miss linking up with my bloggy buddies, so I hope it's not against the rules that I play along anyway!!

July in a Sentence-a-Day!

1.  Time is a tricky thing.
(I cheated with this one!  But this is the first line in the book First Comes Lovethat I started reading today.  I was taken aback and got choked up by that line...saying it over and over!  What a great hook for a book and reader!)

2. What the Fourth?!?

3. You're either in or you're out!  (My parents are super serious Mexican Train Players!)

4.  Good Luck Meg!  (Me realizing my sister's gonna have her handful with Reagan while Tara's away!)

5. Thank you Jesus!

6. I like being with me....

7.  I might listen to Lionel Richie way more than is socially acceptable in this day and age! (Lionel's Tuskeegee album has been my go-to album while I'm out in the sun!

8.  GO NAKED!!

9.  We can't leave Garth!!

10.  So worth the wait!!!

11.  Stew Leonard's and Free Slurpies?!? This is like the BEST DAY EVER!!

12. Second Annual IHOP DAY!!

13.  Are you Kidding?!?  This is so much freakin' fun! (My response to Jenny when she asked if she was putting me out, having to travel to see her!)

14.  Good Lordy Nordy!

15.  Well this is not how I expected to start my morning!!

16, 17, 18


20.  You're the best John (Expressing my love to my mailman!  He tells me I keep him in business!!)

21.  You might live a solitary life if...

22.  Why not?!?

23. I win!

24.  I will...I will!!

25.  We made it!!
Cheers to spending the next few days in the DR!

26.  Somewhere on a beach, sippin' something strong...

27.  You're the light meat and I'm the dark meat! (Me comparing my tan to my bestie's tan)

28. I f-in hate rocks!

29. Aerobico! Aerobico! Aerobico?!?
This just might be the funniest and most fun thing I saw on the beach! He asked me to do it!  I said no...I should have said yes!

30.  I love my job....WOW!  (We heard this all day by the pool MC, so we started saying it too!)

I know this is not the most pleasant way to end the month, but this is what I said, when I found out that half the contents of my luggage was stolen at some point in the Punta Cana Airport!!

Going back over my sentences each month always makes me smile!  How was your July?  Let me know in the comments below and better yet, link up with us!!

Our August Sentence Wrap up will be on Thursday, September 1st!  Make it a great last month of the summer!

Until then...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Christmas in July!

Blogger Gift Exchange 

I'm back from my vacation and and revealing what I received in the Blogger Gift Exchange! The ladies from The Blended Blog thought it would be fun to have a Christmas is July gift exchange and today's the day we all post about what we received from our Secret Santa!

I was so excited to come home from vacation and find my surprise waiting in my mail box!  It came all the way from Saskatchewan, Canada care of the sassy, super momma Abbie!!  I ripped it right open!

 I love everything inside...all from Canadian stores.

Abbie wrote me the sweetest card too!  

These gifts sure did brighten my day,  considering I woke up to the dismal news that my luggage was ransacked in Punta Cana and I am missing hundreds of dollars in clothes!  SO
these lovely gifts sure did put a big smile on my face, after I was all cried out...HA!

Love this cocktail wristlet!!  Perfect for me!!  LOL And will be the perfect thing to bring with me when I go to Toronto to see the girls!!  Woot! Woot!

These cocktail napkins are so funny!! Abbie and I could definitely be drinking buddies for sure!  

This pad and journal are fun too!  Going to use the journal to jot down blog ideas!

Can never have too many socks...and guess what?  A few pairs were stolen out of my suitcase, so I was on the market for new and so happy Abbie chose to include them!!

Can't wait to wear this super cute necklace this week too!

Thank you so much Abbie for all these fun gifts!  I love them and so appreciate the time you took to make them ME!
I was so excited to have my fellow librarian lady Leslie as my pick!  Check out her reveal of what I sent her here!  And don't forget to click to see who had who and who got what!!  And to see the reveal posts from our past exchanges click here!

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