Monday, August 17, 2015

My Summer Love...KENNY CHESNEY

The day I've waited all summer for has come and gone!! The Kenny Chesney concert was on Saturday!!  If you read the blog at all last knew!  LOL

Kenny is a LONG day but the most fun day of the summer!!  KENNY IS SUMMER!!!

Headed to my sister's house Friday night to stay over so we could get right up on Saturday and get ready to hour later than usual, but that's ok!  We met my other two sisters and brother-in-law's at the park and ride and after loading everything of theirs up in Meg's truck, headed out about 11:30.   This show is an all-day affair.  And when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY and into the next day!  The Stadium is in Jersey and us being from New York-it's a ride.

Getting to the show we hit a bunch of traffic.  But we knew was going to happen!  It ended up being ok though, because it was the hottest day of the year.  Like 95° and 120 in the sun HOTT!!  SO our shorter than usual tail gate was welcomed!!

By about 1:30 we made it into the parking lot and met up with my bestie Mel and her Dad who were also going to the show!!  Tailgated in the blistering heat til about 4:15 and headed inside.  Mel, Meghan and I do not like to miss an act.  We support them all!!  And when you have club seats with an air conditioned area, why not go inside when it's 110 out!!  Mel commented that she hadn't been this hot since our 4 days of concerts at CMA fest in 2009 when there was record-breaking, stay inside for your own health heat!! When even at 11 p.m. it was legitly 100°!!
Our crew!  
(not really sure why I'm holding a football!!)

The show kicked off at 4:30 with Old Dominion, who was actually added to the bill!!  I really like them and couldn't wait to see them.  I love, love, love their song Break Up with Him. I actually blogged about it here! We were sad though that they didn't play their newest song, Nowhere Fast!
The Early Birds...Country's Biggest Supporters!  We love everybody!!

After Old Dominion was Cole Swindell. I like him a lot too.  And Mel, Meg and I have already seen him.  He opened for Luke Bryan Last September.  I love when the artist comes on and I can sing along to every song!  And he's GREAT LIVE!!!  We said when he had his own headlining show we are so there!!

After Cole Swindell was Brantley Gilbert.  I'm not gonna lie...I like him on the radio.  In concert, notsomuch!  A little too loud and hard rock for me!!  So during his set Meghan and I went to scope out the merchandise.  Which in all honesty we should have bought first thing when we went in and no one was around.  Because by that time almost everything was sold out!!   After walking across the whole place, back outside, and three booths later, I got a shirt and a koozie!!

By seven I was back in my seat for the rest of the night!  The show was a co-headlining tour for Jason Aldean and Kenny.  Mel and I have seen Jason Aldean before too.  She got us tickets for my birthday a few years ago!  (Clearly, the money that other people our age are spending on their kids, Mel and I spend on concert tickets!!)  He puts on a great show and played a good hour and a half.  Full show, complete with pyrotechnics and everything!

This one's for Leslie!!  :)

A little after nine KENNY hit the stage!!  And for two hours we were up dancing and singing along!  Just such a fun night!!  Kenny has a lot of new songs...he didn't play many of those.  But I feel like everyone at a Kenny show is there to hear the old songs!!

He's entered on this zipline chair thingy a few times!!  They leave the lights on for his safety!  HA!!

The show ended around 11:30.  We always stick around in the parking lot after the show to not have to be in the mad traffic that is getting 60,000 people out of the stadium.  So we ate snacks and listened to some more music!  By the time we headed out of the stadium is was a quarter to one!  And by the time we got home it was 3!  YIKES!!  Needless to say, we were all tired yesterday!  But another Sunday Funday was in store!!

But I think Happy Heart Day will have to wait for it's own post!!  So please come back tomorrow!!

I calculated that this is my ninth Kenny Show!!  YIKES!!  I love them all!!  Can't wait 'til next year!!  Fingers Crossed he tours!!

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  1. I don't know where to start! How FUN! I'm sad to hear about Brantley Gilbert. I really like him but I've never heard him live. So thank you for the heads up! I like Jason Aldean {note: I used to love but that cheating scandel changed that} BUT I DO LOVE Kenny! Thank you for sharing this fun day!!

    1. Thanks so much for coming by and reading!! :) I totally agree 100% with you about the scandal!

  2. Replies
    1. Btw girl, my post will be up Friday...the Sisterhood challenge! Thanks for tagging me again.

  3. Yay for good concerts! I have only seen KC one time and he did a great job. I have only seen JA in bars (when his first CD came out) and he did a great job there. I'm so glad you had a blast!!!! xo Amanda

  4. How fun, I've actually only been to two concerts...I think. Besides going to the Hollywood bowl for symphony type things...


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