Saturday, April 30, 2016

Three Cheers for the Weekend and a Full Week of Blogging!

Woo hoo...this week I was back to blogging!  When I don't blog, I really miss it.  And it makes me smile so big when my blog friends tell me I've been missed.  I posted everyday this week, which is kind of a big deal!  Catch up on what you might have missed...

Monday I linked up for Monday Moments of Gratitude with Shaunacey!  These posts are quickly becoming a fave!

Tuesday was another round of it's ok....because sometimes I really just have to stop and tell myself that!

Wednesday was another edition of Style Perspectives.  Go check out my plaid look  and head over to The Blended Blog to check out Alison's look...plaid was her prompt this week!  And get ready to link up with us this Wednesday...I'm up with my prompt!  It's a leggings and scarf look.  Easy Peasy!

Thursdays I get nostalgic for a little #TBT!  This week I was reminiscing about my first link ups with my blog buddies!

Friday was the five faves from the week!  It was a good one as far as week's go!

Hope you all have a fabulous Spring Weekend!!

Friday, April 29, 2016


After a lil bit of a blogger fail...I mean break.... 
I'm back to it this week posting my faves!!
I feel like the week went so super slow!!  Anyone else with me on this!?!

Blog Photoshoot with my sister!!  HAHAHA!  I really wanted to not have to take selfies for my Style Perspectives feature on The Blended Blog this coming Wednesday, so I recruited my sister to come over and take some blog pics for me.  So at 9 o'clock on Tuesday night, that's what we did.  Meghan had no idea what she was getting into.  She was super critical honest, we laughed a lot, drank Starbucks and had fun!!  We knocked out pics for the last few weeks of Style Perspectives!  She can't wait to return in a few weeks to photograph me for Create 28.  LOL  And don't forget to link up with us next week.  My prompt is a leggings and scarf look.  I think they're pretty simple staples for times like these, when the weather can't make up it's mind!

When I did the blog reboot earlier this month, I added pages to the header!  One of those was a popular posts page.  Until now, it's remained empty, but this week I finally jazzed it up a bit with some of my most popular posts.  Head there now and take a looksie!  I'd love to know if you have a favorite post of mine!!  I'll add it to the list!!  After a heck of a week last week, I feel like I'm back on my blog game!  Now if only I could get to that Pinterest HW Mme assigned...LOL

Sushi just makes Mondays better!!

This story I saw online this week is definitely one of my faves!!  How sweet!  With so much awful out there it's good to know there are GREAT people in the world.  THAT makes my heart happy!!  And stories like this are a welcome change from all the politics out there!

I'm so happy I decided to take these tulips home from the Spring Fling last Saturday because they have just been my favorite thing to look at and come home to this week!  I've also received tons of compliments on them.I posted them to insta and they even made a cameo in this week's Style Perspectives post  I may  just have to start buying myself flowers!!

And now, thank the good Lord above, the weekend is just a few short hours away!!  
Here's to hoping your Friday is short and your five o'clock cocktail is a strong one!!  Cheers!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

On Thursdays, I throw it back!

Two weekends ago, a few of my bloggy buddies from The Blended Blog attended The B@M conference together in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go but spent the weekend living vicariously through their posts on FB and Insta, and then later on when they all recapped their experiences on their blogs!  This week has been spent finalizing a meet-up for more of us in Toronto in 2017 and looking even further ahead to more exciting times in 2018.  All of these plans have got me very excited, but have also made me a bit reflective.  It's been two years since we all met through a Style Challenge and I am so glad to see how we have grown over that time.  I thought today I would throw it back to that first year of challenges and our very first link-ups, because out of those link-ups, and further collaborations came our collective, The Blended Blog! If you haven't visited all the goodness that is the Blended Blog yet...go now...well, after you read this!! I recapped all my challenge faves from that first year in a New Year's Eve post, 2014! And even though it's a lot of me, it mentions the ladies, their blogs and our fun!
And P.S.- Everything I am wearing in these posts, I still have! HA!

A Few Challenge Faves

New Year's Eve!!  Whoop Whoop!

I thought for today I'd take a look back and  recap some of my favorite looks from the Style Me Pretty Challenges with Alison at Get Your Pretty On,  that I spent much of 2014 participating in!  I had so much fun during each of the 4 challenges and loved linking up with fellow bloggers I met!

The Spring Challenge was the inaugural challenge and began in April and lasted through early May.

A few of my favorite looks:

Clearly I really loved my leopard flats and striped shirt!  Find out more about these looks {here}!

The Summer Challenge in June and July was a breeze!  I loved wearing colorful shorts and maxi skirts.

 My sister and my best friend both joined me in the summer challenge! So it was double the fun!

This outfit was probably my most favorite of the whole challenge!!

To find outfit details and to see more looks from the summer challenge {here}!

Before we knew it summer was a memory and Fall had arrived.  This challenge I vowed to shop my closet and found I had all of the pieces needed.  I think this challenge was the easiest.  Love how easy it was to put the looks together and style everything!  I have so many favorites!

Fall Favorites

Find more of my Fall looks {here}.

I slacked the most during the Winter Challenge, but being during the holidays pretty much lent itself to that!  I still came away with some favorites from the outfits I did manage to put together.  This challenge really built on the fall one.  For the winter challenge, I splurged and ordered the TOMS booties.  I loved wearing them!!  Super cute!!

See more of what I put together during the Winter Challenge {here}!

I love everything about the challenges...the great group of ladies in the FB group, linking up each week with fellow bloggers and challengers, our fun linky graphics (Thanks Deena!) and the ease of getting dressed each day!!  You can find out more about Style Me Challenges and see how they impacted me in my letter to Alison.

  And the fun's not over for me and my Style Me Blogger buddies!  We are continuing to link-up in the new year...talking fashion, home, life,  and everything in between!  I am super excited about it!!  Join us!!

Happy New Year!!!


This post originally appeared on the blog on December 31, 2014

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plaid, plaid and more plaid!

How quickly Wednesday rolls around!  Always look forward to Style Perspectives Wednesdays with my bloggy besties, the ladies of The Blended Blog!  Each week the Style Perspectives link-up is growing and we love that.  Ladies from all over the globe are linking up their posts with us, tagging their pics with our hashtag #theblendedblogstyle and giving our link up some shout-outs.  Last week's graphic tee looks were a hit and this week's plaid look, courtesy of Alison, is sure to be the same.

Not too long ago, I dedicated an entire post to my love of plaid! {here!} Some people think my love of plaid is a little overboard (we're not friends anymore...I don't need that kind of negativity in my life! HA!!)  Plaid is just so versatile and classic.  And it really is a look for all four seasons!!  Since it's Spring I thought I'd share one way I'm wearing plaid now!!

with white jeans!!

I bought this JCrew Factory plaid popover {similar} last summer on super sale and don't recall wearing it much.  I am making it a point to put it in heavy wardrobe rotation this spring and summer!  And I love these colors with the white jeans!!  Really make the plaid POP!  White isn't just for after Memorial Day and through Labor day anymore!!

We took this one just for fun because I thought it was pretty funny that the colors in my shirt were the same as the tulips!

Shout out to my sister Meghan for taking about 101 photos, just to get two that were suitable for the blog!  I told her she should think about how I feel when I take all the selfies!  HA!

Make sure you stop by The Blended Blog to see the featured lady.  And come on back next week!  It's my TBB feature...a leggings and scarf look! Basically my simple spring staples!

DAILY STYLE FINDS: The Personal Stylist
FOXY’S DOMESTIC SIDE: The Crafty Engineer
SIMPLY SHAUNACEY: Reformed Frumpy Mommy
TWO TEENS AND THEIR MAMA: Stylish Midlife Mama
RSQUARED: The Not So Nerdy Accountant
SHOES TO SHIRAZ: The Shoe Hoarding French Teacher
PUPPIES AND PRETTIES: Cube Dwelling Fashionista
MAKING THE MOST OF EVERYDAY Classic Yet Current Over Forty
NICKANDNIK: Mama with Curves
LIVING ON CLOUD NINE: Blissful Fashionista
WHITNEY À LA MODE: A book-loving French Teacher

Check out all my Style Perspectives {here}  

Can't wait to see everyone's plaid looks today!!!  Time to Link up...

Linking up this week with:
The Blended Blog/The Pleated Poppy/Sydney Fashion Hunter/Lisa @Daily Style Finds/Thursday Fashion Files

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday...It's OK

Linking up for another edition of Hey, It's OK with Airing My Laundry! !  Because... it's just fun!!

It's OK...

  • to take blog breaks...even after a sort of reboot! 
  • to head to bed at 7 p.m.
  • to make the wrong choice sometimes...and blame the margaritas!
  • to get tipsy on a Tuesday!
  • smile and laugh at the most inappropriate times

    • to still have not finished the book club selection...even though the meeting is on Friday night!
    • to spend Saturday night with an 89 year old...who had more energy than all the ladies he was with ! HA!
    • to still be wishing you went to Vegas with your TBB friends but counting down the days till Toronto 2017.
    • to dance and drink with parents at a school function!
    • to be counting down to summer vacation!  33 days to go!!
    • to take lots of sick days in May
    • to already have a kick ass TAN!  Woo hoo...Spring has Sprung!!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Monday, April 25, 2016

    It's the little things....

    Last week blogging kind of got away from me!  I was super busy, worked a lot, went out a few nights after school and was dead tired.  I think I might have mono! JK  But little things in the week help me to realize how grateful I should be for it all!!

    Lately I have been working later and later and covering a lot of After Care.  In the beginning of April I picked up a third day til 6.  And on Friday, I unexpectedly had to work til 6. Making that 4 days. Ordinarily, I would be a little angry about this...but after calculating all the hours I spent doing it (and realizing it is almost equivalent to a whole nother week of work), I looked on the bright side.  How much bigger my paycheck would be!  With two trips coming up and a May that probably won't see me working after care much, I am grateful to have these extra hours now.  And it wasn't too bad....we were outside on the field most days after homework was done so I was able to get a little sun!

    This beautiful weather!
    Last week I was able to walk to work everyday because it has been so sunny and warm!!  Woohoo!!  I always woke up at the same time, but walking gives me an extra few minutes at home in the morning, so I don't have to rush.  By Thursday of me texting my friend, who usually swings by to pick me up, she texted back that they missed me!  LOL and that she was jealous of my walk everyday!  That made me smile!!

    Seeing my sister and her girls...again!  On last Monday's gratitude post, I spoke about going to lunch with my sister and her girls last Sunday.  I also saw them all on Thursday!  Two times in a week...that never happens!!  I babysat my nieces while my sister and brother-in-law went to Middle School Orientation.  I had a good time with the girls!  We baked, we played games...I thought it was fun!  But apparently, I'm a tough baby-sitter!  LOL  But again, the girls enjoyed being in my daily photo.  And the night ended with Starbucks for Meg and I, so that was a plus...because who doesn't get Starbucks at 10 p.m.?!?

    On Saturday my school had a function for teachers and parents called the Spring Fling. I was so glad to have the opportunity to go  again this year.  Last year it was on the same night as The Lion King.  It was a really fun night!  It's interesting to be out of school with parents!  But it's fun to see everyone in their dresses and in a different element.  I am grateful to the parents and Spring Fling organizers that they had  "Sponsor a Teacher" so we could go compliments of some generous families.  I didn't win any of the raffle prizes, but I came home with the centerpiece, pretty tulips, that I was hesitant to take, thinking I'd kill them...but luckily they are still alive!

    It's the little things...., isn't it!?

    Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday and can find a little something to be grateful for this week!!

    Linking up with Shaunacey once again!  Thanks for such a fun link-up friend....


    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Styling a Graphic Tee

    The graphic tee has certainly made a comeback, huh?  Or maybe I've just jumped on the bandwagon the past two years!  Graphic tees are one of my favorite things, to dress down or up!  I wear them pretty often and lately have even gotten away with wearing them to work! It's amazing what a cardi and statement necklace can do! I'm so excited Deena picked a graphic tee for this week's prompt!  Here are some ways I've worn my graphic tees!

     Jesus Loves this Hot Mess

     Loft Love tee
    Kindness is Always Stylish

    Another Jesus tee...

    Come As You Are

    I don't know why I don't have a picture of me in this but I wanted to include it because basically it's me....
    my mantra!

    Before I go, here's a lil recap of last week's looks!!  Loved them all!!

    Make sure you stop by The Blended Blog to see the featured lady.  

    DAILY STYLE FINDS: The Personal Stylist
    FOXY’S DOMESTIC SIDE: The Crafty Engineer
    SIMPLY SHAUNACEY: Reformed Frumpy Mommy
    TWO TEENS AND THEIR MAMA: Stylish Midlife Mama
    RSQUARED: The Not So Nerdy Accountant
    SHOES TO SHIRAZ: The Shoe Hoarding French Teacher
    PUPPIES AND PRETTIES: Cube Dwelling Fashionista
    MAKING THE MOST OF EVERYDAY Classic Yet Current Over Forty
    NICKANDNIK: Mama with Curves
    LIVING ON CLOUD NINE: Blissful Fashionista
    WHITNEY À LA MODE: A book-loving French Teacher

    Check out all my Style Perspectives {here}

    Now it's time to link up!!  Show us your graphic tees!!

    Monday, April 18, 2016


    You can complain because roses have thorns or
    you can be grateful because thorn bushes have roses.


    I came across this quote on my Daily Wonder app this morning and it inspired me to link up with my bloggy buddy Shaunacey, and write  another gratitude post!  It was a relaxing and fun weekend and one that I am grateful for. I should also mention that I'm so happy that I get to pick the daily quotes that are read over the loudspeaker each day!  Such  a fun way to start the day!

    If I couldn't be in Vegas partying it up with The Bended Blog ladies, at least there was good weather here at home!!  It was in the 60's this weekend!!  Woo hoo!  I got a lot of sun this weekend!  Like A LOT...and I've been complaining about it because, it's red and hurting and itchy.  But before I got this sun, all I was complaining about was how ugly and white I was!!  lol   So now I'm not complaining.  I'm just thinking that this pain will pass and soaking in all the compliments I got today about my tan!!  Because everyone looks better with a tan!  And now I have a base for my Florida trip in May. And am grateful now that I won't be spending a good part of the trip too sunburned to enjoy it.   And I'll be bringing lots of sunscreen! 

    A Weekend full of laughs, people watching, and fro yo, YO!
    Friday night I went out for drinks with  two of my teacher friends (really they're just friend, friends!) We were celebrating that the state tests were over and done with!  (I just go for the drinks!  HA!  Actually I was celebrating that I don't have to house anymore opt-out outs in the library and get my preps back!!  Woo Hoo!!) It was a night of Peach Bellins, gossip chit-chat, and laughs! I'm so grateful for these girls!

    Saturday night I had no plans but texted a friend from town and asked her if she wanted to hang! She was actually going to dinner with her dad and other friends and asked me to come along so I did.  I've known them both  basically my whole life...actually they've known me my whole life...they are more like family! We went to a really nice place for dinner and stayed into the night to listen to the band play.  Us girls also did a lot of people of my most favorite pastimes!  When the sun goes down and a band is playing, the crazies come out!!  And while my friend's dad, who's in his 80's was on the dance floor dancing circles around the people half his age, the  girls might've been at the bar...yawning! LOL I'm thankful for spur-of-the-moment nights!!

    Not having any plans on Sunday either, I texted my sister to see if she could get away and do lunch with me!  She said she'd let me know.  I told her if she wanted to bring the whole fam, I was ok with that too!  A few Sundays back we all had dinner together, walked around in town for a while and it was lots of fun!  I am sure she was hoping it'd be just the two of us though!  She doesn't often get the chance for much alone time!  Sunday morning texts went back and forth as to who was coming, who wasn't, etc.  The last text said it's just be her and I.  With that, I decided we'd go someplace different for a nice lunch outside.  However, that didn't end up being the final text!  She texted before she left that both my nieces were coming along and that the day was planned for us!!  We'd be going to Meetball for big pretzels and fro-yo for dessert!  Well ok then girls!!  So that what we did!!  And it was a great time!! Meg and I wouldn't have gotten Fro-yo for dessert (we would've gotten Ralph's! LOL)  and it was so yummy!!  I'm so glad the girls wanted to come spend part of their Sunday with me!  But in all actuality, they just came to be in the daily photo! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
    Look girls!  Now you made the blog too!

    After lunch I sat out a little more, not to get any color, but just to enjoy the warmth! And actually was in bed at 7! Laundry and lessons might have taken a backseat, but I was up at 10 to 5, so there was nothing more I wanted to do that day! I probably got to sleep a little after 8.  So I got a good night sleep, something I have't been able to do in awhile, so that certainly something to be grateful for!

    Here's to hoping this weather sticks around!  I'm just a happier person when the sun is shining and the weather is warm!!

    Hope you've had a marvelous Monday!!

    Come on back to the blog Wednesday for Style Perspectives!  The Ladies of The Blended Blog and I are styling a graphic tee!!  Show us your graphic tees!!

    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Throwback Thursday: Solitary Life Style

    Today's Throwback Thursday is my very first You Might Live a Solitary Life!!  These are some of my favorite posts!!  I am surprised I haven't had this as a #TBT post yet!


     Recently I caught a snip-it of one of those "You might be a Redneck if...." shows which I have always hated!!!!!  But it gave me an idea! I present to you.....

    You Might Live a Solitary Life If....
    • It's taken 20 minutes to get out of a dress with a zipper in the back
    • You've had a co-worker tie and button the back of your shirt. 
    • Cereal is in heavy rotation for dinner
    •  It's 8:30 p.m. and you just realized you haven't even eaten dinner!
    • You enter your bedroom and  think for a sec, "I've been ROBBED!!"
    • You go to bed earlier on Fridays then any other night of the week!
    • You go out to get the Sunday paper from the front door at noon
    • You only empty the dishwasher when it's ready to be filled again or 
    • only fold the towels in the dryer when there's a new load to be done
    • You mute the TV to hear what going on outside
    • You wake up at 3 a.m. and frantically rush to the front door to make sure it's locked
    • Tutoring on a Saturday counts as "plans" 
    • You only get the mail twice a week
    • You've spent a Saturday binge watching entire seasons of Downton Abbey (ignoring all calls and texts).
    • You've finished that bottle of wine because it's just silly to leave "that little" left for tomorrow or
    • You've made a pitcher of margs...just because!!
    • The only person who knows your house number is MOM
    • You're pretty sure the neighbors think you don't actually live alone because you talk to A LOT!!
    • You yell at the ceiling...because GUS is loud.
    • There was that one weekend you came home from work on Friday and didn't leave again until work on Monday!
    • You're still wearing your Mismatch Day outfit when the PeaPod guy delivers your groceries.
    • You care what the PeaPod guy thinks...
    • You've had the bar
    • It's taken you so long to try and get your cowboy boots off, that you've texted your sister to come and help (her answer was
    • Sometimes you look in the mirror and think, Yikes. its a good thing I live alone!
    • The same thing happens after watching a sad movie (or YouTube video) and the ugly cry has come out!
    • You Facebook message or text back people you probably shouldn't 
    • You come out in the morning to make coffee, realize you left the blinds open all night, look at what you're wearing, and think "OH WELL!"
    • You get a little too dressed up to go to that BBQ
    • You've wasted more time on YouTube then you've ever thought possible
    • People worry that you don't eat so they make you plates and send you home with leftovers
    • This is you...
    • You might have a key to your house hidden at work, in case you ran out the door in the morning without it!
    • You've thought about getting a pet for company (which you'd never really do otherwise!) But then rationalize, "that's expensive... I'd rather spend the money on clothes!
    And last but not least....
    You might live a solitary life if....



    This post first appeared on the blog on Monday, June 16, 2014.