Friday, February 28, 2014

5 on Friday!

It's Friday!!  YAY!
Love this link-up!

I have been in a fog all week!  I don't know what has gotten into me...I'm so off my game.  It was the first week back at work after the winter break and I just can't get it together!  One parent told me yesterday that, between snow days, and vacations, this was the first full week of school since December 13th.'s no wonder we are going to be in school until July...On tap this weekend is sleep for me!

Grey's and Scandal are BACK!!
If you've been reading my Five on Fridays , then you know that I've loved the Olympics!  But let me tell you...I am so glad that regular T.V. is back!!  Don't you agree? Grey's night with girls has resumed!  And Scandal is just so Crazy, Twisty, Good!! 

The Pampered Chef
Last week I had a Pampered Chef party at my new place!  The perfect thing to have to help me fill up my new kitchen!  It was a lot of fun.  And as the host, I made out like a bandit.  Lots of free products, half-price items and discounts.  If you know anyone who is getting married or has a new home, they have great items that last.  It was the perfect night of food, fun, friends, and laughs.  

I received this framed print as a belated birthday present.  I read it knowing nothing about it.  It rings so true! I decided to hang it in my room, and have now read it every morning to start my day!
Read it here!

A Friday Funny

I'll leave you with a laugh today!
So there's this...
(And yes I realize I am posting this for all of blog world to see!! LOL)

Today we celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday, which is Sunday.  Students in grades Pre-K thru 3 dressed up as their favorite book character.  I was Arthur! 
And the Librarian in me wants to let you know there are celebrations happening for Dr. Suess' birthday and "Read Across America" Day at local libraries and in book stores around the country this weekend and into Monday.  If you have a chance to attend one, go... it's lots of fun!  Or just read a little bit more this weekend!

Have a great one!!

March Pin-spired

Linking up once again for Pin-spired with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel! lately I have been longing for Spring and pinning so many super cute outfits I kinda can't wait to wear! But as I type this, the wind is whipping, it's 9 degrees outside, and ANOTHER snow storm is being forecast for the weekend! Say it with me people....BBBBOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So chances of me doing a super cute, springy Pin-spired this time around was not in the cards. I went further down my outfit choices from the past and found a super easy one I pulled together in no time! 

I've had this pinned for forever it seems:

Here's Me in my recreation:

I really liked this!  I had all the pieces and was able to wear the boots I got on super sale with it so that's a plus!  And truth be told, I've had these red trouser pants in my closet for a year and a half...and only worn them a handful of times!
But...I think I would have rathered a more skinny, tighter, pant for the boots!

Chambray Shirt: JCrew
Red Trouser Pants: American Eagle (similar
Leopard Infinity Scarf: Nordstrom
Boots: This exact pair is still on sale but only in a 4... Enzo Angiolini Saevon Boot  Really any boot will do!

I tried it this way too: 
but think the buttoned up look is my favorite!

Fingers crossed Spring will be here soon!!

Have a great weekend.!  Whatever you do...have FUN and look FABULOUS!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feelin' a lil' bit pretty!

Joining the I Feel Pretty link-up with Alison from Get Your Pretty On.
This is my first time linking up because well, for the most part, it's rare that I actually feel pretty! 
I like that some bloggers have been telling me what to do lately, (thank you Sheaffer!) and still others, have the same outfits I already have too, so I guess I must be doing something right...but this is far from a fashion blog! 
Years ago, a sales woman ringing me up at LOFT told me I was really great at putting outfits together, and I should apply for a job there!! That was really nice to hear. I sometimes wish I did!!

But back to the topic at hand....Monday.........I FELT PRETTY!!

Monday was the first day back at school after the Winter Recess, and the last two days of the weekend, were fabulous weather-wise: sunny and warm, in the fifties.  I was happy.  If it would've been acceptable, I would've been laying out in my sweatshirt and leggings, just to get a little color on this pasty white face!!!
By Monday morning when I woke up though, the temperature was in the twenties yet again...the Polar Vortex had returned!!! UGH!!!  But I just didn't feel like wearing a big heavy sweater and my same, old winter clothes, I've been wearing for what feels like forever!  

So I  put on my  typical gray trouser pants, but spruced them up with my chambray button-down and my new necklace (which I knew was more springy but frankly, I didn't care! I liked it and that all that matters I suppose!)

Well wouldn't you know, I never got so many compliments in one day as I did Monday!!  I teach Library and Technology to my entire school, so the little ones are always very complimentary, but on this day, entire classes of kids were telling my they loved my necklace...even the boys too!  Some of my teacher friends mentioned they liked the whole ensemble, which I appreciated!  One even told me it was a different look for me, which I questioned for a hot second, but then realized she probably just meant because it wasn't one of my usual 5 sweaters I'd been wearing in rotation since December!  HA! 

All the compliments made me feel good and made going back to work after a vacation a little more I thought I'd share!  

Unfortunately, this is a little blurry form the cropping!  You can find it here!

Shirt on Super Sale!
This was the end of a long day...I so did not feel pretty!! (Note to self: take pics before you leave the house in the morning!)

Feel free to share what makes you feel pretty in the comments below!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bloggin' about my day!

Ordinarily, Tuesdays are pretty long and boring for me!  It's an easy day work-wise because I have a few preps, but sometimes when I have so much free time during the days, it drags!  Then after school, I have After Care until 6, which is not as fun as one may think!

Today was a not-so-ordinary Tuesday that made me laugh out loud and smile all day, so I thought I'd share...because I want to remember this!

Today I shared the Library with my school's littlest residents...the Pre-K-ers! There has been not electricity in the Pre-K building, so they were displaced another day!  It was quite the fun-filled, learning experience.

 I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything but sometimes, with the little kids, I'm a bit of a rock star!  They scream my name when I enter the room and yell to me down hallways!  They run and hug me....sometimes almost knocking me to the ground, and always compliment me on my pretty necklace, shirt or shoes.  I guess that's the kinda perk that comes with not having my own class and seeing all the students!

Ya know how they say kids say the darnedest things?  Well I certainly heard some of the darnedest things today!

One student came up to my desk and showed me his shiny was a penny he had found!  I asked him if it was lucky and he told me, it had landed on "this side" (heads)  but it was on this "other side" (tails) now TWO TIMES!!  I told him maybe his luck would change today and it would land again on heads.  He looked at me like I had ten heads, then turned and walked way!

Then I overheard, another child tell her teachers (randomly and right out of the blue, of course!) that she tried hot wings!  But when both of them asked her if they were spicy, she said no...she had them without the sauce!!  HILARIOUS!!

The next time I came into library after my Tech class, I did so as quietly as I could so I didn't interrupt but they all saw me and yelled my name.  I quickly said hi back but told them "I wasn't here"! To which one girl, matter-of factly said "YES YOU ARE!!!!!  I died!

One little one came up to my desk to ask me a question.  With a few ummm....a...and hmmm's thrown was really more of a staring contest!  Then after two minutes he said "oh never mind" and ran away!

A few more tid-bits I learned today with these super smart, super sweet kids...

  • Camels spit on boy rode a camel before...but luckily, it didn't spit on him! 
  • They know what camouflage is and what chameleons are
  • Iron Man died...Iron Man died....Iron Man died!!!!!!
  • They go to the bathroom... a lot 
  • They don't know who Arthur the Aardvark or Miss Frizzle are (THE HORROR!!!) 
  • I have a cool tissue box (because it has eyes one it!)
  • One little guy thinks its better if we all pray together (awwww!!)  Wasn't that so adorable??  I later found out what he really said "PLAY" together!  

And my personal favorite......

R is for book...because U REED IT!  Like...duh!  (A pretty great sentence for a four-year old!!)

Maybe this was more of a "ya had to be there" day, now that I'm reading it to myself but thanks for reading my ramblings anyway!

Hope you found a bright spot in your day that made you smile, too!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday!

I was actually ahead of the game with my 5 on Friday last week, but as I was reading blog posts from the Link-up, I realized I missed the call to bloggers to include a  #TeamTeddy post.  So I want to include some love and prayers for Teddy this week!  After all, the more people who know Teddy's story and can send up prayers too, the better!  I am #TeamTeddy all the way! To learn more about this sweet boy, click here.  
You can also follow Teddy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

How cute is this!!!  My mom got it for me for my birthday and I totally love it!  I have a collection of cork cages lining the tops of my cabinets and was thrilled to get this one to add to my collection!

Another thing I received that I think is genius is the essie 2014 Spring Color Cube.  I once commented to my sister that I could never finish  a bottle of nail polish before it went bad, so she thought I could use these.  I had never seen something like this (though, apparently, they've been out for all seasons for awhile!).  The cube comes with 4 mini bottles in four different springy colors.  

The set includes these colors:
 Style hunter- a darker pink color
Romper Room- a soft, cotton candy-ish pink (I'll probably wear this one most often!)
Fashion Playground- a minty green (cuter on than I thought it would be!)
Hide and Go Chic- a brighter blue-aqua-y color (and the only one I am not 100% sure about)

I tried all of these out, but truth be told, only one on each finger! HA!!  It's still to cold and wintery for any of these yet!  So right now I'm wearing THIS COLOR to tide me over!

These colors really are good for both spring and summer!  But of course they'll have a summer cube! :)

Sunday my entire family (20 of us) went to see The Lion King on Broadway.  This was actually my second time seeing it.  I first saw it 16 years ago and I liked it better this time around.  I knew the story but I had forgotten that there were so many new songs in the stage show.  The one that's been stuck in my head all week is "He Lives in You". I'm loving it...and it's message!  Listen here

This week, while I've been off, I actually went BOWLING with my Aunt, cousin, and little nieces!  And I loved it!!!  I seriously have not been bowling in like 15 years because I am the WORST bowler known to man!!   It was the middle of the day but the bowling alley was dark, fun, and club-y. We bowled, we danced, and played Quick Draw...well my Aunt did, on numbers we told her to play!  I did not plan on being a fan of wearing the bowling shoes, but guess what....they were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!!!  I was really mad I forgot my camera to document the day!  LOL
So if you are looking for something to do this weekend....go bowling!!


Make it a great weekend...whatever you do!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Favorite Things Party

Joining Erika and Andrea , two of my favorite bloggers (and the geniuses behind the Instagram #eapicaday challenge), for the Favorite Things Party Link-up!  
Sharing my fave things under $10!?!  I can TOTALLY do that!

One of my favorite things right now is the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  Actually, it has been a favorite thing of mine since I first read it back in November. Since I'm reading it again (for the third time!) while I'm home this week on Winter Break, I thought I'd include it!  I first heard about this at a PD conference day when I attended the "BEST BOOKS" session.  And let me tell you...this is definitely one of the BEST books! It's considered a children's book, but, in my opinion, EVERYONE should read this! It's the story of a young boy named Auggie who was born with a facial deformity.  The book's about how he tries to navigate his life in a new school, with new kids, and a not so ordinary face.  Read more about the book and pick up a copy HERE!  It's even cheaper for the Kindle, but this is one you'll want to have a physical copy of!  I first took the book out of the library but loved it so much, I wanted one for my collection!   
 When you read it, or if you already have, I'd love to know what you think!

If you read my 5 on Friday post this past Friday, then you know, right now I'm loving singer/songwriter Marie Milller.  Her EP is on  iTunes for $4.95.  You may have heard her songs You're Not Alone and 6'2 but the other 3 songs are great too!!  Really catchy and fun!

Here's a taste! (Sorry for all the chit-chat in the beginning!  If you want to skip to the's at 1:10)

I'm throwing in a third thing for good measure...because I have been typing away at this post and just loving my nails!  HA!  My sister just gave me the essie "over the edge" polish for my birthday this weekend.  It's a good color for right now!  I plan to wear it until I can bust out the Spring colors!  Come back to the blog on Friday for more about them!

Sorry this picture isn't clearer!!

Before I go...
If you want to join in the fun that is Erika and Andrea's #eapicaday Istagram challenge for the last few days of the month, here it is!
Take a picture that illustrates that the day's theme, hashtag it with #eapicaday and post.  It's really fun to see all the pics!  To see mine, follow me on IG- missmitch2

Read Erika's original post about the challenge here!
Fingers crossed they'll continue this in March!

Hope your week's fabulous!

Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm back again with another 5 on Friday...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day!  
Or as it's otherwise known to me: "Singles Awareness Day"!  Was there really any doubt I'd include this today?!?  Since I have no boyfriend to celebrate with, I thought I would show you what I will be celebrating with: 
This is my FAVE!
Hope everyone has a fabulous night...enjoy your loves!!

The Olympics

Image via NBC Olympics...great site!

I didn't include the Olympics in last week's 5, but since the Opening Ceremonies last Friday night, I have been watching and keeping up with them daily.  Figure skating used to be my top sport in the Winter Games (I love all things swimming in the Summer!), but this year I am enjoying the snow sports.  I can't believe how fast they go on those skis, snowboards, luges, bobsleds, etc. If they wipe out, hit walls, or crash, I find myself yelling at my TV! (Side note: Congrats to the American men for sweeping the Slope Style event!)  All the stories of the athletes and behind the scenes action is fun, too!  In yesterday's post , I talked about  one of the more heartwarming stories to come out of this year's games.
And can I just say, GET WELL SOON BOB COSTAS!

House of Cards
The second season is online TODAY!! So actually, not only will I be celebrating Valentine's Day with wine, I'll also be watching this! I originally saw this advertised on Netflix when I went to watch Orange is the New Black, which didn't end up being for me.  I tried House of Cards instead, and was hooked within the first 10 minutes.  I may or may not have binge-watched the first season for thirteen hours straight!  It's THAT good!  The show stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  Both of them, and the show itself, were nominated for Emmy Awards last year- the first ever for a web-only series! And in January, Robin Wright won the Golden Globe for Lead Actress.
 It's called a political drama, but it's so much more!

Embedded image permalink

Marie Miller
Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a hardcore country music fan.  99% of the music I listen to is country.  This week my sister introduced me to a new artist, Marie Miller. A singer/songwriter with more of folksy sound...a cousin of country! ;). I told my sister I had never heard of  her.  She told me I knew her song You're Not Alone, which after I heard, I did recognize (I think from a show)!  The song I'm really loving right now though is 6'2.

I'll leave you with this...
33 days 'til SPRING!!

Thank you!  Enough already with this snow!  I'm close to picking up and moving to Mexico!  HA!

I was going to write about the snow but I just can't anymore!

It's the weekend! Make it a great one...whatever you do!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback the last day we had SNOW! UGH!

Another SNOW DAY!  It's a pretty sure bet we'll be in school in July when it's 90 degrees and sweltering! Snow days are really rough...what to do? What to do? Nothing much really, because with ten inches of snow on the ground...on top of the 10 we already had, I'm inside all day!  (Although I am pretty damn tempted to walk down to That Meetball Place that's ALWAYS open (and my new fave) for some lobster risotto balls!!  But I probably won't do that!  And you can't even really watch TV either, because it's all news, all the time.  There's snow on the ground, we get it!  No need to be on the air for hours on end!  Give the newscasters and reporters a break!  So I'm blogging, and then, because I am resisting the urge to SHOP online, plan to catch up on some reading.  Right now I am in the middle of Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella (IMO, not the best of hers) and have Me Before You on tap next. I've heard lots of great things about it!  I can't wait to have next week off and spend some of that time reading. I am writing this a huge chunk of ice or whatever just fell off the roof! YIKES...that was loud and scary!

Has anyone been watching the Olympics?  I am!  I will admit, I didn't think having the Games in Russia was such a good idea...with all the terrorist concerns, the poor living conditions for the athletes, the killing of stray dogs, and all the other sketchy issues surrounding Sochi.  But when I'm watching I kind of forget those things. Figure skating has always been my favorite, but this time around, I'm really into the snow sports!  I can't believe Shaun White missed a shot at Gold and am really amazed by the speed of the skiers in both moguls and jumping.  And of course, I love luge and bobsled!  Thank you Cool Runnings!  HA!  And I bet you didn't know, I met a real live Jamaican Bobsleder!!  Here he is...we donated to his trip to Vancouver (this was 2008)...or as Tracy put it, maybe just his next Red Stripe!   Hahahaahaha
My cousin Tracy and I in Jamaica, at the Cool Runnings- inspired restaurant!
I am also cheering on our neighbor to the North this Olympics!  I am really into the Canadians! I thought the pairs figure skaters were fabulous in their pre-medal round (The Russians won gold in the medal round) and I saw a story about Canadian skier, Alex Bilodeau and his brother, Frederic who has cerebral palsy (which my regular readers know, I do too...visable in my gait) on my NBC station's Olympic Zone Show and was touched by it.  This is not what I originally saw but it's an article about the brothers, if you want to read more!
Then I saw this, this morning on, under the Great Ideas Section!  Great Idea, indeed!
Canadian Olympics Beer Fridge
This beer fridge is in the Canadian Olympic Village!
Full Story Here
Truth be told I have always had a thing for Canada...great TV comes from there.  Like Flashpoint, Rookie Blue and the little known show, that I kinda loved, Being Erica (it was on SOAPnet).  :)

That's all for now!  If you're stuck inside on this snow day and looking for something to do, pick up a book too, or watch one of my favorite movies, Miracle!  Keeping with that Olympics Theme!!  Awesome, awesome movie about the 1980 Lake Placid Games.

Don't forget to stop back on the blog tomorrow for another 5 on Friday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

An Exciting day!

Awhile ago, the art teacher at my school approached me and told me that she had heard about the iConnect Challenge, a contest in which students were asked to create a PSA for an app.  I was totally on board with it!  Many of our 8th grade students were interested in doing it, but as time wore on, only one team of three girls really committed to the project.  The videos were submitted on January 31st and today was the celebration to view the video submissions in the IMAX theater and find out who won!  And guess what?!?!  The girls from school won second place!!  Woo was so exciting!!  Which brings me to the main reason I decided to write this post...

The celebration was at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, a museum, you guessed it...centered around aviation and flight!  BUT....during intermission I ran to the ladies room (which I might have got stuck in for a hot second, but that's a story for another day!) and as I was coming out, I saw large posters advertising the exciting things coming up at the museum.  None of which where school field trips, IMAX movies, and the like!  Instead, I saw information about a Craft Beer Expo (which sadly, I missed), a Chocolate Lovers Expo in March and the Wine Expo in April!  WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!  WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE!!!  How much fun would all these events be??  Who coming with me???  I am the first one to say that I think this is the most over-populated place in the entire world, but it really is an amazing Island with tons of fun stuff to do...I just have to get out there and do them!

Have a great week!

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday!

I am loving link-ups these days!  So I'm gonna try this one!  It seems fun!  And it will not only expose you guys to some of my favorite things but to some of my fave blogs and maybe help others find me too! :)

Go check out these ladies blogs!

Five things I am really psyched about right now:

Piper Street Shop

I first heard about Piper Street, through Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To. A dress from the store was part of a giveaway.  I liked them on Facebook and Instagram and got more entries in the Rafflecopter.  I didn't win the giveaway (I'm very unlucky when it comes to these things!), but I did fall in love with the eclectic mix of clothes!  And I couldn't believe how affordable they were!  Really inexpensive, but still great quality.  And super fast shipping! What makes me like them even more  though is that they communicate with their customers on FB and IG, answering questions and commenting on pics!  The personal note I received in my package, was a really nice touch too.  I like that I am supporting this store and their owners who generally like and appreciate their customers! 
Thought I'd just throw this Piper Street finds!

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon is my absolute fave! He's hilarious, and even though I don't know him personally, I just know he's a truly genuine guy! I've DVR'd Late Night every night now for more than three years. And tonight is his last show as host!  Thank goodness he is continuing on to The Tonight Show!  (Which I know, will be a little different, but I'll love it nonetheless)  I've loved Jimmy Fallon since before he was JIMMY FALLON!  I've loved him since SNL and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fever Pitch!  It's one of my all time favorite movies!  Jimmy Fallon and the Red Sox...there is no better combination!  Jimmy Fallon just makes me happy...THAT. IS. ALL!

The Public Library
Being a school librarian myself, I might be a lil partial about this one!  Early in the school year I began tutoring a child at the library on Saturday mornings.  Before this I probably hadn't stepped foot in the Public Library in over ten years...seriously!  Now, not only do I love tutoring the little boy but I love going to the library an hour before or staying an hour after to explore!  I come home with books, CDs DVDs...everything!!  If they don't have something I'm looking for, I just have to request it, and they'll get it!!  And it's all for FREE!!  What could be better than that!?!  I love the library so much, I even joined the Adult Winter Reading Club...and I'm not ashamed to admit it! HA!

#Facebookis10 Videos.  
I've found that since these came out Monday on Facebook to celebrate their 10 years in exsistence, people have either loved this or hated it!  I for one LOVE it!  I enjoyed looking back at my time on Facebook (although, to be honest, if I did it myself, I would've changed some things!) and watching everyone else's also made me smile!   *I tried posting mine here...but it didn't work!  Boo!!

Happy Hour
Because, let's face it...a Friday is not complete without it!  Out with friends, or home alone...Happy Hour happens!  Actually, happy hour happens pretty much daily!  Wine's good for the heart!  :)

Thanks for joining me for my very first 5 on Friday!  Make it a great weekend....whatever you do!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is there an end in sight??

So tonight is my first night without my house guests. I'm kinda bored! HA!  I am doing some cleaning, doing some planning, and doing a lot of online reading of my favorite blogs and Pinterest and such. So I thought I'd blog a bit too!!  2014 is gonna be the YEAR my blogs BLOWS up!! (Thanks, Mel for the vote of confidence!)

I had such a great response to my first Pin-spired post, (over 350 hits!!) I can't wait to do it again next month! If you missed it, you can find it here...
Let me know what you think!

Today was the first day back at school after a surprise snow day yesterday.  If I knew we were having off, I would've stayed out later and celebrated my winning of the third quarter pool a 'lil longer!  And can we talk about what a terribly boring Super Bowl that was?  WOW!  With the exception of a select few, even the commercials were boring.  Good thing there was food and drink to keep me company!!

But anyway...back to this weather!  It's the pits...even the weathermen think so!  There is no sugar-coating this!  They're like "Yes, Ladies and was go again...your morning commutes gonna suck the big one!!" WELL THANKS FOR THAT!!!!  GEEEZZZZZ  More people in the US are under a weather advisory tonight then all last winter combined!  YIKES!!

We had a two hour delay today and already have a two hour delay tomorrow!  And not even one flake has fallen.  I am so over this!  As much as I am going to enjoy sleeping in a whole two hours longer tomorrow, I am ready for SPRING!!!  I can't wait to get tan, be wearing short, shorts and cute sandals and enjoying the SUNSHINE.  Because let's face it folks...everyone looks better with a tan!!  I look like death in winter.  Actually, my whole family does...we are NOT a winter family!!  We all look terrible pasty white!  We need to be brown to be happy! :)

I do have to say, though, even though the weatherman are wrong half the time (In my next life I want to be a weather woman!!), they seem to be dead on with this.  They said February was gonna produce three big storms and they were right!  #2 is on the way tonight and another is headed to us on Sunday!  UGH!!!

Until next time...
Dream of your toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in your hand!!

It'll be here before we know it!!  I promise...