Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feelin' a lil' bit pretty!

Joining the I Feel Pretty link-up with Alison from Get Your Pretty On.
This is my first time linking up because well, for the most part, it's rare that I actually feel pretty! 
I like that some bloggers have been telling me what to do lately, (thank you Sheaffer!) and still others, have the same outfits I already have too, so I guess I must be doing something right...but this is far from a fashion blog! 
Years ago, a sales woman ringing me up at LOFT told me I was really great at putting outfits together, and I should apply for a job there!! That was really nice to hear. I sometimes wish I did!!

But back to the topic at hand....Monday.........I FELT PRETTY!!

Monday was the first day back at school after the Winter Recess, and the last two days of the weekend, were fabulous weather-wise: sunny and warm, in the fifties.  I was happy.  If it would've been acceptable, I would've been laying out in my sweatshirt and leggings, just to get a little color on this pasty white face!!!
By Monday morning when I woke up though, the temperature was in the twenties yet again...the Polar Vortex had returned!!! UGH!!!  But I just didn't feel like wearing a big heavy sweater and my same, old winter clothes, I've been wearing for what feels like forever!  

So I  put on my  typical gray trouser pants, but spruced them up with my chambray button-down and my new necklace (which I knew was more springy but frankly, I didn't care! I liked it and that all that matters I suppose!)

Well wouldn't you know, I never got so many compliments in one day as I did Monday!!  I teach Library and Technology to my entire school, so the little ones are always very complimentary, but on this day, entire classes of kids were telling my they loved my necklace...even the boys too!  Some of my teacher friends mentioned they liked the whole ensemble, which I appreciated!  One even told me it was a different look for me, which I questioned for a hot second, but then realized she probably just meant because it wasn't one of my usual 5 sweaters I'd been wearing in rotation since December!  HA! 

All the compliments made me feel good and made going back to work after a vacation a little more I thought I'd share!  

Unfortunately, this is a little blurry form the cropping!  You can find it here!

Shirt on Super Sale!
This was the end of a long day...I so did not feel pretty!! (Note to self: take pics before you leave the house in the morning!)

Feel free to share what makes you feel pretty in the comments below!! 


  1. Mascara, lipstick and tight pants work for me! Ha! You still look beautiful even at the end of the day! ~ Tammy

  2. I'm glad you felt pretty because you looked pretty too! Love your statement necklace with the chambray shirt. I can see why you got all of those compliments. Thanks for linking up!


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