Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bloggin' about my day!

Ordinarily, Tuesdays are pretty long and boring for me!  It's an easy day work-wise because I have a few preps, but sometimes when I have so much free time during the days, it drags!  Then after school, I have After Care until 6, which is not as fun as one may think!

Today was a not-so-ordinary Tuesday that made me laugh out loud and smile all day, so I thought I'd share...because I want to remember this!

Today I shared the Library with my school's littlest residents...the Pre-K-ers! There has been not electricity in the Pre-K building, so they were displaced another day!  It was quite the fun-filled, learning experience.

 I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything but sometimes, with the little kids, I'm a bit of a rock star!  They scream my name when I enter the room and yell to me down hallways!  They run and hug me....sometimes almost knocking me to the ground, and always compliment me on my pretty necklace, shirt or shoes.  I guess that's the kinda perk that comes with not having my own class and seeing all the students!

Ya know how they say kids say the darnedest things?  Well I certainly heard some of the darnedest things today!

One student came up to my desk and showed me his shiny treasure....it was a penny he had found!  I asked him if it was lucky and he told me, it had landed on "this side" (heads)  but it was on this "other side" (tails) now TWO TIMES!!  I told him maybe his luck would change today and it would land again on heads.  He looked at me like I had ten heads, then turned and walked way!

Then I overheard, another child tell her teachers (randomly and right out of the blue, of course!) that she tried hot wings!  But when both of them asked her if they were spicy, she said no...she had them without the sauce!!  HILARIOUS!!

The next time I came into library after my Tech class, I did so as quietly as I could so I didn't interrupt but they all saw me and yelled my name.  I quickly said hi back but told them "I wasn't here"! To which one girl, matter-of factly said "YES YOU ARE!!!!!  I died!

One little one came up to my desk to ask me a question.  With a few ummm....a...and hmmm's thrown in...it was really more of a staring contest!  Then after two minutes he said "oh never mind" and ran away!

A few more tid-bits I learned today with these super smart, super sweet kids...

  • Camels spit on you....one boy rode a camel before...but luckily, it didn't spit on him! 
  • They know what camouflage is and what chameleons are
  • Iron Man died...Iron Man died....Iron Man died!!!!!!
  • They go to the bathroom... a lot 
  • They don't know who Arthur the Aardvark or Miss Frizzle are (THE HORROR!!!) 
  • I have a cool tissue box (because it has eyes one it!)
  • One little guy thinks its better if we all pray together (awwww!!)  Wasn't that so adorable??  I later found out what he really said "PLAY" together!  

And my personal favorite......

R is for book...because U REED IT!  Like...duh!  (A pretty great sentence for a four-year old!!)

Maybe this was more of a "ya had to be there" day, now that I'm reading it to myself but thanks for reading my ramblings anyway!

Hope you found a bright spot in your day that made you smile, too!!

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  1. Glad you had a day that kept you smiling! Thanks for making me smile with this blog post!!!!


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