Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Faves from the Week!

Friday....WOO HOO!!  Thanks for stopping by!!
Let's get right to the good stuff...

How could I forget include this last week!  I was super excited to be the most clicked blog last week during the Create 28 Link up!  Create28 concluded this week and I had so much fun participating!  Find all my Create28 Summer Looks {HERE}

On another blog front, I was also really excited yesterday to be nominated by Shelly at The Queen In Between for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Shelly is a sweetheart and reading her blog is so much fun!! I loved getting to know more about Shelly and I can't wait to work on my answers to her questions.  Look for it next week!

Girls' Night Out!  Celebrating Jean's birthday! Love these nights with my family!  Always so much fun and a ton of laughs!!  It's funny though, because the other day my sister and I were talking about how we only do these nights out for Meghan and Jean's birthdays during the summer.  Guess no one wants to do dinners in November, December, January and February, when it's too friggin' cold!

I know I mentioned this yesterday, but it's a total fave!  I basically spent all day Tuesday reading and finishing the book Eight Hundred Grapes.  I really enjoyed it (obviously!).  I thought it was really different and like that it was set in California Wine country. I enjoyed a little wine while reading!  HA!  I know I mentioned this yesterday, but it really was one of my best days!! Sunny, Lazy and FABULOUS!!

I did more reading than watching TV but I do wanna say I am really looking forward to the Bachelor in Paradise starting on Sunday!  I know it just going to be a big ol' can of crazy that I won't be able to look away from!  Please tell me I'm not alone in this!!!

Have a great weekend!  I will be blogging on Sunday, for a super special post to celebrate Friendship Day here in the U.S. so come on back!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Randoms

Well it's Thursday!!  And I'm thinking about lots of crazy stuff, confessing...and owning it all!!  Posts like these are soooo Solitary Life.

I've had this post in draft for a while, so it's kinda of a mish-mosh of things but sometimes it's good to get it all out.  So here goes!

  • I'm just loving summer!  There's nothing better than lazy days and sunshine!!  But I'll be honest...there are days when I truly have absolutely no bloody idea what day it is, what time it is, or what the heck is even going on.  YAY SUMMER!!

  • Summer is my thing!  The bugs that come around during summer are definitely not!!  I don't live alone...I live with bugs!!  It's inevitable that every single day without fail, I let a fly in or find a teeny tiny ant...or 10!!  UGH!!  They get in my wine, take over my kitchen...iccckkkkk. I'm really not a dirty person!  HA!!
Thanks Dad for making this Ant Kill for really works!!!  LOL

  • I have been listening to music constantly!  And I sing along!!  I become the singer...even though I have an awful voice!!   And I dance around my kitchen and living room....because why not?!?  I live alone! LOL Sometimes though, my bestie will join me!

  • I read an entire book in one day this week...I did nothing else but read.  And I don't for one second feel bad about it!!  It was probably one of my best days this summer.

  • I talk to myself like a lot!  I have full on conversations with myself.  It becomes a problem though when I'm with other people.  Because even then, I still talk to myself.  I saw this around Facebook this week and it made me laugh...then I thought, OH SH%&!

  • I get kinda worried and embarrassed when I comment on blogs on Friday nights!  I forget that it's Friday night...when everyone else is out and about. 

I think six crazy confessions is good for now!!  It might be a lil' crazy...but it's all fun!!

Have a Happy Thursday!!

I've decided to join Christina @ The New Mrs. for her "Own It" Series today.  I discovered The New Mrs. blog earlier this spring/summer and am really enjoying reading about Christina!  Her and her husband are too cute!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up!?!

Decided to join Mel, Shay and Sheaffer today for What's up Wednesday!

What I'm eating this week:
I got a Hello Fresh Delivery!  So pork chops, pasta and black bean tacos are on the menu!  Also loving the way the food came packaged this week.  So cute...and keeps my fridge organized too!!

What I'm reminiscing about:
Last night was the annual luau that my mom's work put on at the beach.  And my family used to go every year but since mom retired, this is no longer a family tradition. LOL  Mom and Dad went as guests though and had a great time!!

What I'm loving:
Even though I in no way want to get back to school any time soon, I'm really excited about my new work new, FREE work bag!!  Thanks M+Co for the bag and all my other swag!!

What I've been up to:
Typical summer stuff...reading, sunning, eating, drinking...

What I'm dreading:
Back to School!!  I am deleting all Back to School emails and fast forwarding those dreaded back to School commercials!!  I'm not checking my school email as frantically as I did when school had just let out and avoiding thinking about it all!!

What I'm working on:
Summer gives me lots of time to work on the blog...planning, thinking of posts, etc.  So that's what I've been doing!!

What I'm excited about/What I'm looking forward to next month:
KENNY CHESNEY in concert on August 15th.  He's my fave! And it's another summer tradish...The Kenny concert IS SUMMER for me!I just love KENNY!!
Excited for Jason Aldean too!!

What I'm Watching/Reading:
Just started watching the ABC New docuseries Save My Life...I really enjoy these types of shows.
And I've been reading a lot lately.  Just yesterday I read Eight Hundred Grapes.  Like, seriously, read the whole book!  On tap next...The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison #nojudgementpkease.
I got both books out of the library.

What I'm listening to:
I've actually been listening to music via the Google Play Music app lately.  They have fun playlists and like maybe one ad.  I'm enjoying it!!

What'm wearing:
I've been living in these swing tanks I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I loved the tank so much I got it in two colors.  Wish I had a picture of the back too, but you can check it out here!

What I'm doing this weekend:
Headed to a shower this weekend!!

What else is new:
Nothing too much...enjoying the summer!

Question of the month: What will you miss most about Summer?
That's easy...the long, lazy days...No time schedule!!  The warmth and sunshine!  And my tan!!  LOL  
Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Create 28: The last few days!

I feel like the last few days of the Create 28 have been all jumbled together!  But I made it!  I pretty much made it through most of thelooks this month, further than my previous tries, so I think it's a WIN!  And LOVED it!!  It was so fun putting together looks and following along with everyone else's too!

Here are my last few looks to share with you!! These are all not in the correct day order but they were all the last few prompts!

I didn't remix a summer piece, but after seeing Carrie's remix, I have an idea of what to do! I also skipped the Date Night look...for obvious reasons!  The blog ain't called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life for nothin'...the only date I had Friday night was with my blardigan, wine and book!!!  (Any brothers, cousins, single men out there??  Gimme a call!! LOL...totally kidding!!)  

I did do the summer skirt look with a maxi!  I've been wearing lots of maxi skirts and dresses lately.  Most from last year.  On a side note, I've found that my Instagram feed has been really good for when I need something to wear.  I like going back and looking at my looks and wearing them again. I'm wearing the same outfits I wore last summer...but who cares!!

I wore this out to a GNO with my teacher friends!  Ended up deciding to go with a tank before I walked out the door!

Patterned Shorts Looks:  I have a bunch of patterned shorts and have been wearing them alot!
Here's my favorite patterned shorts of  this summer!!

Styling Summer tanks!

These two tanks I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are great.  I liked the white one so much, I got the Burgundy color also!  I'm loving that I can wear them now.  The anniversary sale kinda bills itself as being a sale that you can shop Fall items for cheap.  I'll still wear there in the fall too...just with a cardi over them!!  And now that I'm typing this, I'm remembering that summer layers with a sweater was a prompt!!  I know it's summer, but if I'm out, I'll always throw a sweater in my bag!  Either a cardigan, or these days I like the thin, fun sweaters from JCrew factory with fun prints on them. Because you never know what the temperature is going to be like in a restaurant, the movies, the beach when the sun goes down, etc.  I don't have any pictures though!!  Sorry about that!!

A Pin It & Did It Look
This is a look I tried for Pinspired a while back.  But I wore it again this week, as my Pin it and Did it Look!!   More evidence of me recycling last summer's looks!  

The last day was a summer trend.  I thought about it and didn't think I had anything.  But then I remembered....DUHHHH!!!  My beloved denim vest is my summer trend for sure!!  Here are some of my vest looks!  (Most of which, you've probably seen)

It's hard to pick my favorite looks of the 28 days but my readers really loved me in the white-on-white and my Sporty look (above!).

Check out all the looks from Create 28 Summer Looks {here}.

So much fun!  Thanks for thinking this up Carrie, Whitney and Casey!!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Quote Challenge: I'm sure happy with what I got...

So excited to share my second favorite quote with you today!  Thanks again to Lana for tagging me in the Quote Challenge.  

Last week I shared a quote from my favorite book, Wonder.  Today I thought I'd share lyrics from one of my favorite songs (hope song lyrics count!) Kenny Chesney is my favorite country artist and he has so many great songs!!  

His song,  Never Wanted Nothing More is one of my favorites and the chorus really speaks to who I am.  This is me.  I have great family, awesome friends, a house I own and a job I love.  I'm happy being me.  I kinda love this little solitary life I have here. Sure my CP makes me a little bit different from everyone else, but I'm the only me I can be.   And I laugh... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!  Mostly at myself!!  What's the alternative? 

Take a listen to the full song!  It's super cute!!

Kenny Chesney sings the song, but the writer is an man named Chris Stapleton.  He's written a ton of songs for country artists and now is coming out into the spotlight as an artist himself.  My sister and I saw him at an acoustic show and he was awesome!  Check him out!!

Hope Kenny and I were able to get your Monday started on the right note!! (Yes...I'm a comedian..)

Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Saturday Six...or 7!

When I link up with the Style Me Bloggers on Fridays, it gives me an opportunity to put together my own Six on Saturday.  Here's six things from the week.  Not all of them are favorites...a few of them stink a lil bit too!!

Like this.....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  First Ben and Jen and now this.  I just can't!! I'm no longer rooting for any more celebrity couples!!  I wish this was BS...but it's not!  hahaha

My Roomies!  
My cousin and her husband were here this week and stayed with me.  They came to visit for an unexpected (and sad) reason but I was so happy to see them.  They live in North Carolina so I don't get to see them often at all!! So this visit and the short time I was able to spend with them, was so welcome and a lot of fun!!

Don't Worry, Be Happy
While she was here my cousin brought this article by Pope Francis to my attention. It's his ten tips for living a happy life. It was making it's way around Facebook this week.  When I was looking for the link to post here I found this was actually published a year ago! But I guess any day is a great day to start living a happier.  No matter what your religion, these are pretty great tips!  I've pretty much got the healthy sense of leisure down!!

A Pretty Epic Toast
This video has also been making the rounds this week online too!!  It is pretty dang funny!!  I laughed a lot and thought it was sweet that their sister and brother-in-law had tears of joy and laughter on their faces during it.

Farewell Luke!
I'm really upset about this too!!  Tony Geary is leaving General Hospital.  Monday is his final show.  This week's episodes have been all about him saying goodbye to his family on the show.  I have not been handling it well!  HAHA!  I feel like I've been watching GH my entire life.  And I still DVR it everyday.  This is a huge loss!!  But these farewell scenes are great!  And I've been enjoying the farewell videos online as well!

Once Again...
And since not all of these this week are happy, I thought I'd add this.  Because I can't believe this has happened AGAIN!!!!  The third mass shooting in 6 weeks.  That's just CRAZY!!!  Something needs to be done about this.  It is just so sad!! And I get so mad that nine times out of 10...they kill themselves!!  Just please kill yourself!!  What is the point of killing a bunch of innocents before you kill yourself?  The news is never happy...but I feel like this week has been even riddled with the worse news.  That's why things like viral videos, funny Fallon Clips, and good music make me happy!

That's why, rather than end on the downside, I thought I'd leave you with my favorite new song of the week!  I've been listening to the Google Play Music lately...and am really enjoying it.  I heard a song this week by a guy named Corey Smith that I had never heard before called Feet Wet.  I'm lovin' it.  Great summer song!  Take a's pretty catchy!!

Have a great weekend!!  Hope it's filled with sunshine and good times!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fave Summer Eats and Treats!

 The Style Me Bloggers are back again!!  This time talking about favorite Summer Eats...and treats!!

This one is fairly easy for me.  If we're talking about this summer...all that's been on my menu are my Hello Fresh Meals and Tortellini.  And I'm not kidding!  My cousin and her husband stayed with me this week and I was constantly offering them tortellini!  She thought it was hilarious.  I've been eating it all sorts of ways since my sister showed me a recipe on Memorial Day.  And luckily for me it's been on sale.  Seriously people, it cooks in 8 minutes.  It's an easy summer meal you can cook up in minutes and dress up any way you want....and have for multiple meals during the week.

I've also made a few Hello Fresh meals this summer!  I loved the Carolina Sliders and Shrimp Tacos best!!   And this past week I got the tortellini...ha!!  Tortellini au gratin with easy and so yummy!  They are tayloring the meals for summer, obviously, which is great!

And when I'm not cooking for myself, I'm eating out with friends! And I always  try to go for a healthier alternative! I've had lots of tuna this summer and on an occasion or two I'll do a burger because, to me, burgers are summer!  And burgers at family BBQ's are a thing of the past!

As far as the treats go, you should know that Ralph is my man!!! I just love Ralph's and since there's only a seasonal stand in my town, I try to get it as much as I can!!!  But I don't over indulge!  Peanut butter Cookie Dough Creme Ice is my absolute fave.

Other than that, I'd have to say my love affair with Reese's Peanut Cup Oreos, is still going strong.  They've been on sale and are another thing that's only a limited time thing, so I 've stocked up!!!
I've also been treating myself to some refreshing spiked lemonades this summer!!  Check out one I am currently enjoying here!!  Can't wait to check out what the girls are enjoying this summer!  What are your fave summer eats?  Let me know in the comments and link up with us below!!

An InLinkz Link-up

Have a fabulous weekend!  Hope it includes some of your favorite summer eats and treats!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Create 28 looks I've been sporting....

Today I'm sharing the Create 28 Summer looks I've been wearing!  This past week's prompts were very sporty and casual which I loved.  It was a quiet week for me for the most part so, I was able to partake. Here's what I been sporting!!

A Batter Up Baseball Look
Tried this one with the selfie stick when the light over my closet went out!  It's super bright but I didn't like that you could see it, so I have to perfect my selfie stick skills!!  Even though I am a New Yorker and enjoy watching the NY teams play, the Red Sox are my team.  I just love the city of Boston!!  I had another Sox shirt and I couldn't for the life of me find it!  :(

A Sporty Look
I's sad this is so dark because I really did like this look a lot.  I felt that the striped dress need something, and the denim vest was perfect!  I had never worn my Cons with this dress before, but I kinda love it!  I've been wearing my cons constantly this summer!!  This probably my most fave look of this I'm also calling it my "favorite sneaker look"

A Summer Blues Look
This cobalt blue dress is soooooo old!!  I got it from American Eagle years and years ago but I've kept it because it's a plain, easy dress.  How outta style is it gonna get!?!  I've been throwing it on a lot lately!  It's good for a night out or a day at the pool.  And because it's strapless, I like adding the denim vest to it!

Summer Shoes
Like I mentioned before, I've been wearing my Cons a lot this summer.  When I'm not in sneaks, I'm wearing my Target Sandals.  These are last year's version.
Here's at the shoes in heavy rotation this summer!

I'm having a great time with Create28 this summer with Carrie, Casey and Whitney!  Are you participating too? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Quote Challenge Mondays

I was so excited when last Monday I was tagged by one of my blog buddies Lana from Two Teens and their Mama, for the Blogging Quote challenge!  The challenge asks bloggers to share three favorite quotes.  Either all three at once or in three separate posts.  Lana has been sharing her quotes over three separate Mondays, so I am going to be doing the same.  And also, maybe because I have lots of favorite quotes and weeding through them is taking some time!  HA!

There are so many quotes that I love!  From the funny, to the serious....quotes from books, movies, song lyrics and others that I've just seen online!!

The first quote I'm sharing today is from one of my most favorite books!  It comes from Wonder by R.J Palacio. Wonder is a beautiful story of a young boy who was born with facial deformity.  The book chronicles his fifth grade school year...his first in a mainstream school.  Here, he learns to navigate this place,  meet new friends, which is sometimes hard and show everyone that he really is just an ordinary kid.   It's billed as a book for kids and young adults, but in all honesty, it's a book everyone can enjoy.

In the book Auggie's  English teacher, Mr. Browne begins each month of the school year with a precept.  According to Mr. Browne, "Basically, a precept is anything that helps guide us when making decisions about really important things."   It can be a quote, motto, a line from fortune cookie...anything that's a motivator, guiding you to live the best life.

The book begins in September, and his first precept is this:

This is the first of many precepts throughout the book but the book is centered around this concept to #choosekind in all you do. I try to teach my students this and do this in my own life.  Is this always easy?  No!  Even as an adult it's not!  But I try my best to remember this in so many situations. 

 There's another quote I like to keep in mind that kind of goes along with this.  I don't know it exactly, but it's something about smiling at strangers...because this might be the only smile they see all day!  So I do this too.  Sometimes people are taken aback by it (which is sad!) but other times, I get the feeling it makes their day!

So Choose Kind today...and if you haven't read Wonder yet, add it to your summer reading list.  It's a book for EVERYONE!  And read more of my thoughts on the book here!  Mr. Browne's Precepts have also been made into a book of their own!  So many great little tidbits about life!!

Thanks Lana for tagging me in this challenge!!

Over the last two Mondays I've also been recapping the Create 28 Summer Looks.  I'm pushing that until Wednesday, so come on back for those! And I'll be back tomorrow with my weekend recap!

Have a happy Monday!!