Friday, April 19, 2013

Blogging for Boston

I haven't blogged in quite sometime! I have had a lot going on lately but nothing in my life compares to what has happened in this country this week.
People, the world really does!
I am worried. Not for myself, but for my nieces and nephews! They don't know a world other than this one. They only know a world filled with terror, crazies, nut jobs, gun violence, nuclear weapons, etc.

When is it going to END!?!?!?! Ya know when...NEVER!!! Unfortunately this is the new "normal" Forever we will live on edge, as we have been doing Post 9/11! Thank you Brian Williams for that term! (He's my new best friend and the only man I've been with this week!).

I will never understand why these kinds of people do what they do! I chose to focus on the good that was done in the face of such tragedy, remember the police and first responders and most importantly, the innocent victims. I will continue to read every story about the victims and the heroes. Much like I did after 9/11.

When 9/11 happened, I remembered the two weeks prior when I stood atop the World Trade Center for a photo with my sister and the fabulous day we spent in the city, doing touristy a city we had been to a hundred times before! But I was glad I had that memory.

This week I keep thinking about a road trip I took to Boston with my cousin in 2007. I had been there a few times before but I was a young kid and didn't really remember it well. I went again when I was in high school to visit my sister who lived there for a summer, but in all honesty, I think I was there 36 total hours! (If my parents are within driving distance of their home, they don't stay away from home too long!) We did however, have a "star" sighting...when a Patriot sat by us at

During the summer road trip of '07, I was there almost a week. My cousin and I did the touristy things in and around Boston but by day two, I gotta say...we were like locals! Because that is the way the city is...when you're there you feel like one of them!!! Don't get me wrong, New York is a great city and I love it...but it's too big! At least for someone like me!

I have been glued to my TV and Twitter all week for updates. And now as I type this, the nut that did this has been apprehended! There are cheers and tears for the police and first responders! Tonight there is no sports rivalries at play...everyone is a Bostonian!

I've read lots of quotes/tweets of inspiration this I'm going to leave you with one, now that this is all said and done!

Remember the dead and on your kids, your families, your friends...and hug a cop. to you and yours, #Boston. --Josh Elliot, ABC News (and one of my three sisters' faves :)

Love you all! Thanks for reading my rants! Until next won't be so long...big things coming up for me that I wanna share!!!

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