Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never a dull moment....

Well it's only Tuesday and there's already been so many blog-worthy happenings this week, I just had to share!! After a quiet weekend in my humble abode, things really kicked up a notch on Sunday night when at about 11 p.m. I heard a police helicopter hovering over my apartment with the spotlight shining brightly. Wondered what it was all about but went to sleep anyway!! Found out yesterday, the cops were looking for a suspect in my area!!! GREAT!!! Lol....luckily he was found! (Not in my apartment complex!!!) :)

As if that was not enough excitement for one night, I was awoken at about 3:30 a.m. by the sound of sirens and flashing lights lighting up my bedroom!! Naturally, being half asleep I did nothing for a hot second, just laid frozen! I wasn't sure...maybe I was dreaming!! Then I got my wits about me and sprung into action. I looked out the window and it was a kind of quiet chaos but I still couldn't see anything too clearly with all the flashes...and perhaps my sleepy eyes! Then I heard someone say "over there on the right!!!" I freaked a little because I live over there...on the right!! I jumped out of bed and threw on a pair of pj's fearing that they would come knock on my door and tell me I needed to leave my apartment. (I didn't think it appropriate to answer the door in a tank and boy shorts that said "sure thing" across the ass!!) I sat up for a while and waited...no one came to my door, so clearly, I wasn't in any danger! But I looked out the window again and noticed that every door I was looking at was closed! People were sleeping!! After a while, all the police, ambulance and fire vehicles left! I am thinking that perhaps one of the old folks in the place had an episode and had to go to the hospital but I don't really know at this point...and as I have already established in previous blog posts, I am not too social with the neighbors!! When I do find anything out, I'll be sure to share!!
Now that I think about it, maybe I should reconsider my purchase of a house in this area! Hahaha

So after a not so great sleep, I wake up to, chirp...low battery! Chirp....low battery!! And let me just preface this by saying I have four devices on my ceiling within inches from one another and out of those four I have had to change 3!! On to the carbon monoxide detector. At six in the morning I didn't want to deal with it so, I thought, let me just take the battery out and deal with this later! So I untwist the thing and I see no batteries, only wires!! So I didn't know what to do. All of a sudden the detector started GOING OFF...yelling...Carbon Monoxide warning! Something to that effect! Again I panicked!!! Thinking that the thing was connected to the alarm and the fire department was on the way! After chirping low battery 100 times before I left for work (during which my tourettes was back in full effect...only this time I added YOU after my usual tick word!!! ), I figured it would die totally while I was at work. I believed my thoughts were correct because I hadn't heard it all night. But NO...6 am today...I hear chirp...low battery! FML

What else happened last night...well I got another Peapod order! Note to self...never get a delivery on a Monday Again!! I knew when I ordered for a Monday it would be a problem as I had never had a delivery on this day. I do the texts updates, so I got one saying, "your delivery is next" ...fabulous!! So I get my clicker, coups and tip ready and position myself at the window! Well, I see the truck fly by my gate! I thought, ok...he'll turn around! 15 minutes later...he flies by again! And again! I am not kidding when I say he passed me by 7 times. And stopped only after I ran out flailing my arms. So when he finally arrived, he didn't pull in! He parked his truck in the middle of the road! A MAIN ROAD!!! Then he comes in drops my bags and tells me he has to go get my iced tea mix because it fell out of the bag...like into the main road!!! And he was not friendly!! I am gonna stick with my usual Wednesday/Thursday guy! He's friendly, knows where my apt is and waits around while I cut coupons off the items he just brought me!! :)

To relieve my stress of the day...I sat down watched The Voice and ate Ben & Jerry's FroYo that came in my PeaPod order!! I highly recommend it by the way!!!

It's safe to say this day has been much better!! I'll even go so far as to say one if the best that I've had since moving here! While I was taking out the garbage tonight, a high school boy who lives here, stopped me and asked if I would like him to take my garbage!!!!!! At first I declined, because he had stuff in his hand. But he said it was ok, and that he would totally do it!! If you know me and have read my blog before you know what a big deal this is and how much I hate going to the big, gross, dirty ass dumpster!!!!!!!!!! I resisted the urge to ask him if he'd like to take out my garbage every other day for a small fee! LOL

Thanks again for reading my rants! If your having a week like mine, hopefully this was able to make you laugh a bit! Until next time...

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