Saturday, October 27, 2012

The blog before the storm!!

Batten down the hatches people....SANDY is coming!!!  Whatta bitch, huh?

As much as I love the prospect of no school at some point next week I could really do without the thought of being evacuated from the apartment sweet apartment (I do live close to the water now!) and the people out there who are acting like this is the apocalypse!!  I mean c'mon!! 

When my mother heard I was not really prepared for the storm the way I should be (see this morning's facebook status!) she suggested I go to the store and buy some candles!!  Big mistake!  Don't get me wrong...there were plenty of candles there.  People at this store were only looking for batteries and flashlights...and milk!  And I kinda wanted to tell that guy, "Sir, those four gallons of milk you are buying right now are all gonna stink up your fridge when the power goes out!!" but alas I kept my mouth shut.  The thing about this store, is that it only has one register (seriously!), so on a day like today, I waited on line awhile.  Because some old lady (who cut me by the way!) paid in all singles, then didn't have enough money!!  Just my luck!!  I did however, chat it up with a nice woman while I waited.  We discussed our hatred of Halloween and she said she really hoped we didn't get this storm!  Clearly, she has no television at home!!  I told her it was coming!  She also said I had a beautiful ring and wanted to know if it was my wedding ring.  I told her no, but I was available to meet her son, if she had one! HAHAHA...just kidding!! So now I am prepared for the storm with some very large candles and a flashlight!  And plenty of alcohol!  I figure if the electricity goes out, I can just drink a lot, pass out and sleep...not sit around in the dark all day!  And I think Gus has already started boarding up his windows!!  I mean, really he can't be serious!!  But I keep hearing a drilling sound and he keeps dropping shit!!  Construction is not his thing!

As I am writing this, I am eating ice cream.  Partly because I feel I have to eat it because if we lose power it will melt and partly because I woke up with a really bad sore throat and I can't really move my neck.  I thought the sore throat and the neck pain went hand in hand but now I have a different theory...I'll get back to this in a bit!!

Last night there was activity night for grades Pre-K to 2, so I rushed home and had to change into my costume, that was really not a costume...but more on that in a minute!  SO...I wore these new knee high boots to school yesterday, and I go to take them off...I get the left one off just fine but I could not for the life of me get the right one off!!  And I am not stupid...I did try to use the "left foot, on the right heel usual maneuver", multiple times and almost broke my toes!!   I started to panic and break into a sweat....what was going to do?  After about 20 minutes of this, I did the only thing I could think of!  I put my left boot back on, then tried the heel thing again...and it worked!!  I know as you are reading this I can tell you are thinking this all sounds a bit ridiculous....and I totally agree...but not as ridiculous as what happened later!!

Back to my costume that was not a costume... I was a cowgirl!  Dressed in something would typically wear to my country concerts!  I wore my cowboy hat, a dress, and my cowboy boots!! read right...I said BOOTS!!!! It happened again!!!  I could not get my cowboy boots off!!!  And this time it was worse!!  The using one boot to get off the other did not work this time due to the thin nature of my boots!!  I can always get off the left boot because that leg is more flexible!  But I can never get the right off!!  I shimmied, shaked, banged, etc!! I texted my sister and told her she might honestly have to come here and pull it off of me!  Because typically, she would!  (Another downside of this solitary life!!)  I can still hear her laughing!!
After about an hour of panicking and freaking out, it finally came off!!  Then it was a shower, glass of wine, and bed for me!!  That was just too stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lesson here is I should never again buy boots that are pull on, no matter how cute!!  I need zippers!!!!! 

So back to my sore throat and stiff neck...I thought they were related but now I am thinking that I can't move my neck at all because maybe I PULLED SOMETHING in it when I was trying to get my boot off last night !!!  I was quite the contortionist!!!  ONLY ME PEOPLE!!  ONLY ME!!!  My mom asked me this morning, why I didn't just go ask a neighbor to pull it off...and she was not kidding!!  Could you imagine???  LOL

Damn...I meant to get a heating pad while I was out!!!

Never a dull moment!

Until next safe in Sandy and thanks for reading!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

My worst nightmare...

My worst nightmare came true!!  Last Tuesday after the long weekend, I severely...I woke up and saw my clock said 7:20 and had a lil' heart attack!  So needless to say, I was late to school (even though I live so close!!)  It was 8:00 as I am waltzing down the road and as I go to cross the street a student and his mother (and their damn dog!!!) see me!!  This child is a wonderful boy who I had as a second grader last year.  He is a ball of energy and was so excited to see me, (because really...he couldn't believe his eyes!!), he was hootin' and hollering that he saw me and waving hello and screaming my name!!  Of course I said good morning to them...and their little dog too, as I ran passed them to get over to the building!!  Later I saw his mom when she came to volunteer for lunch and she so kindly asked if I needed a ride home that day!!  LOL  She also said she told her son to stop bugging me because she saw my determined look and my fast pace!!  I just have to laugh!!!

Wednesday I walked to school in the rain!  it wasn't bad at all...I went 23 days with no rain, so I can't complain, And a little rain never hurt anyone!! 

Thursday was such a fun day.  I was dreading the day beforehand but I had a fabulous day at AdventureLand with the 7th graders.  And I went on a ride...yes, singular, 1...the one ride there that is a roller coaster and not so spiny!!  It was a split second, rash decision, but I did it!!  Friday my back and neck began to hurt though and I thought to're not as young as you once were!!  :(

I do have to say I had a great day and not to be bias, but I think the kids from my school are the BEST!!  They enjoyed it, were kind and respectful to all their teachers and they actually wanted to hang out with one another!!  They did not run around, yell and scream or run away from the chaperones ike so many other students I saw there.  All and all a good day, but FREEZING!!!

You might notice that this is my first post, where I did not mention my beloved Bravo.  That's because as I write this I am waiting for my first PeaPod delivery!!  I hope it is all it's cracked up to be!  My sister, who uses it regularly said to make sure I had all my coupons and a tip ready!  What is she crazy??...of course I know I have to tip the guy!!! 
Well of course I know this, but this guy is not getting my $20 for a tip!!  I searched through every purse to find random dollars but to no avail!!  I needed change of a $20!!!!  SO I thought to myself...just go to Bravo and pick up the things you left off your Stop and Shop list!!  Nah...didn't wanna do that!  Than I thought, lemme head to Roast for a cup of coffee, it is windy and chilly and I could use the warm-up!  So off I went, with just my $20 in hand (thank god I wasn't abducted!).  On the way to Roast I passed a little shop called YoChi!!  For a split second I thought I couldn't possibly get fro yo at 5:15 before dinner, but then I thought...this place is much closer and will have me home much sooner, to wait for my delivery!!  So in I went!! 
Ahhh....the joys of living alone.....Yo Chi for dinner!!  I had intended on saving it, but frozen yogurt is never the same from the freezer!!  :)

I chose the late delivery because I got $2.00 off my order, but I,m  not so sure I'll do this again because it is getting dark and I can't really see and I have to buzz him in!!  My email said I can track my delivery but I can't seem to find it!  Oh well!!

Nothing more to report...Mondays are always my worst days...writing this and recalling all my laughs helped to lessen the blow...hope reading this did the same for you!!

Until next time!!

7:30 Blog Update!

My PeaPod order has arrived!  That could not have been easier!  However I am now drowning in plastic bags!!  And as I was happily putting the groceries away, I realized something!!  I got the big boxes of PopTarts because the 12 pack was on sale this week (same price as the 8...can't beat it!!) and I thought to myself, since I had YoChi before I'll have a PopTart in a bit!  Only problem is.........................I DON'T HAVE A TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an idiot I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm back!

I missed a week and now can't remember much of what happened!!  Ugh....

Maybe I should talk about that!!  It is like really old lady style, my mind is going!!

Ooohhh...I do remember something!!!

Last Saturday was the Feast of St. Liberata.  A big festival for the people of Patchogue and this year the Italian American of the Year was someone from my Landlord's family so the parade (really just like 5 people) came into our complex!  And I got to pin my dollar on the statue of St. Liberata. (Some crazies pinned 5, 10, 20's on there!!  I could barely afford that damn dollar!!)  Supposedly that's to bring good luck!  That I have yet to see!!  It was pretty funny!!  Too bad it wasn't a nicer day!!

Oh and on Friday, I got to be the crossing guard!!  hahahaahahaaha!!
It was an early dismissal at school, so at 11:30 when my students were walking home, the crossing guard was not there!!  So I was her!!  I laughed the whole time....and found out that those students have a much longer walk then I have!!

This weekend was a Huntington Fall Festival!  To which I went both Friday and Saturday nights!  I heart cover bands!!  LOL  And I only went on Saturday to get my Gavin DeGraw tickets for the Paramount!!  WooHoo!!  After the festival, I slept at my mom and dad's... Sadly I slept better and longer on a pull out couch in their basement, then I do in my own bed.  I am looking into this!!

I am happy to be home today for  my first day off since September!!  What to do? What to do?  You probably guessed!!  I went to Bravo!!!!  ;)
Still quite a crowded little place at noon on a random Monday!!  I just got the staples of what I needed!  I really need to do a big shopping, but I am so against  I can't get to much because it is always going bad or moldy!!

And I should be planning and checking emails but I'm not!!  Instead I have begun a little obsession know as Hulu!!!  I have watched all these advanced premieres!!  And I know, all the crap I like is sure to be cancelled!  But if anyone is interested Nashville and Chicago Fire are both on there!  I'll give them both a second watch!!

And can we talk about how bloody damn cold it is!!  I thought I would welcome Fall but I lied!!  I am looking forward to my skinny jeans, sweaters and boots, but it's chilly and I refused to put the heat on in my apartment!!  SO I don't look cute....I am bundled in my sweatshirt and blanket!!  And I will continue to be while I sit and enjoy the rest of my day being a sloth and watching Hulu!  Hopefully your holiday has been more productive than mine!!