Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

When I was little, I was all about Halloween.  I rocked some super cute costumes too!  I was a clown (my first costume ever, I think!),  Rose Petal (a fave), a Care Bear, (clearly, any costume with a plastic mask worked for me!)a witch, and countless other things over the years.

These days I'm content just watching the kiddos have fun!  Today in school their are celebrations which the students are looking forward to, but I know they are counting down the hours until they can get home, get into their costumes, and go trick-or-treating!

And I'll just be handing out the candy and admiring the costumes...wishing this was acceptable!

If you are headed out with your kids, have a great day and be safe!  Or if you dressed up and partied this weekend, let me know in the comments below what you dressed up as!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites {The Back to School Edition!}

Friday is here!  Thank goodness!!  Now that I'm back to school, I live for Friday!  HA!!  I haven't shared a legit Friday Favorites post since I've been back at like FOREVER!! Actually it's been a pretty long while since I've blogged at all!  Sometimes life happens!!

SO  this week I'm back sharing my faves with a back to school theme!  These are my Back to School Faves!!

The Follett Destiny App!
This is by far my most favorite thing about this new school year!!  I have now been the librarian at my school for five years, and in all that time, the book scanner NEVER worked!!  This week I was saved!!  I downloaded the Follett Destiny App and can now quickly and easily check the students books out.  And the students love watching me do it! !Seriously...have not stopped talking about this app since I got it!  A Serious Life Saver!

Air Conditioning in the Library!!
This year, for the first time EVER, there's air conditioning in the library, and clearly I am loving it.  And have used it as an excuse to already wear a scarf, sweater and my riding boots!!  HA! It seems those these last few days, that my AC will be a thing of the past.  Summer temps last week...winter temps this week!! Ugh!!

Scholastic Book orders! 
This year I decided I really want to take the library to a whole new level.  Thanks to the Follett App, I've been reinvigorated, and I want the library to be, too.  I am weeding out super old books and making way for new ones.  I am ordering new books for the library from Scholastic Book Clubs and having the older students order books through me as well, so I can rack up the bonus points and get free books for the library!  I think I get more excited than the kids when the book box arrives!!

Happy Hours/Dinners with Teacher Friends
This year I've made steady plans to do monthly happy hours from school and dinners with teacher friends.  Being single, I can do both these things...HA!  Dinners with my mom teacher friends and Happy Hours once a month with my work friends.  For me it a win-win!

The routine of it ALL!
It's no secret that I love summer, but being back at school, I am really enjoying the routine of it all. I am getting up and getting to school earlier than I have in the past and I'm really ok with it.  I can get a lot don'e in the quiet early mornings.  I also actually enjoy having somewhere to be every day!  i am having a really good year so far and I'm grateful for that.  I might still be counting down to Christmas vacation it all the same!!

Woo!  Thanks for letting me share these last few weeks with you!!  Have a great weekend!  Fingers crossed I can get some fun posts up to share next week!!

Linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika today!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall's my favorite time for Vests!

The Blended Blog's fashion link up each week is so much fun!  This month we are doing something a little bit different and blog hoppin' to each other's pages with a favorite fall piece we like to wear.  So if your visiting from Deena's blog, you know how smashing she looked and I thank you for stopping by for a visit!!  When my TBB buddy came up with this idea, I immediately jumped on vests/jackets prompt.  Because, quite simply vests are my favorite.  I have about 10 of them!

Today I am showing you just a few of my faves!  Vests are so perfect for Fall.

This vest is my absolute fave.  I got it two Fall's ago on Erika's recommendation and I I wear it ALL THE TIME in the fall.  This combo is one of my favorite ways to wear it!

I have a number of vests form JCrew Factory.  They are light...which is perfect for Fall days when the night's turn chilly.  And they come in a bunch of fun colors!  I even have some in the kid's sizes!  HA!

I know this red vest is mostly covered with my blanket scarf but I just love it, so I wanted to include it!

Here's another fave JCrew Vest.  I've been trying my hand at Flat-Lays lately.  Clearly I need work!
I think this one is a CrewCuts!  LOL And I'm not gonna lie...I am liking this year's colors!!!

I also love this vest.  I have a similar one.  I just wore it on Saturday!  This isn't the best picture of the vest but it's a close up of the pattern!

One vest that is on my wish list is a military vest.  If any one wants to recommend one, I'd love hear it.  I've seen them all over the blogs and they are so fun, cute and scream FALL!  I NEEEEEED one!!

Head on over to Whitney's blog to see how fabulously she styles her fall vest!  And don't forget to link up your fashion posts with us!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...have fun and look fabulous!! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude {The Jury Duty Edition!}

How is it Monday already!  It's feeling like a two cup of coffee kinda day already!!  After a busy weekend, this always seems to hold true for me!

Today I am linking up with Shaunacey for her Monday Moments of Gratitude post.   And today my post is dedicated to the strangers who helped me out when I really needed it.

Here's the story...

Last Wednesday I had Jury Duty!  YUCK!  Maybe I should go back a ways.

A few weeks ago I got the Jury Summons in the mail...and never really did anything with it.  I couldn't quite believe that seven years had past since I got my last one. I never had to go  that time because I had a high number and the jury was picked I guess before my number was up.

This time I probably could have postponed it too, but I just kind of forgot about it, as is the case with a lot of my mail.  HA!  So last Friday I went on line to see if I had to report for Tuesday.  Luckily, I didn't.  Based on what i saw on Friday I calculated that if I had to go it would be on Friday!  So when I had to look online again, I was kinda nonchalant about it and looked at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.  (Because of the Columbus Day Holiday, you were not required to call or go online on Monday to check).

Well clearly my calculations were grossly underestimated!!  On Friday when I looked, they had 200 jurors going to one court.  Tuesday night I saw about a thousand jurors going to three different courts on Wednesday, which meant I was going!!!


Why Kate...Why had you been so stupid in thinking you weren't going to be called?!? I checked it at 7 on Tuesday, and was on a train to the courthouse by 8 the next day.  If I had checked it at 5 p.m. that night, like they recommend, I could have had sub plans and everything ready at school the next day!  I was there for after care until 6.  I could have spent all the time getting ready!! Instead, I was a nervous wreck and woke up in a panic at 1:40 a.m., never to get back to sleep!!

So how does one without a license get to court? 

All along I had planned to Uber it to the courthouse in the morning.  But then I saw it was $70 bucks (yikes!), so my sister graciously agreed to pick me up and drive me to the train.  I live in walking distance to a train, but it is not on the same line as the courthouse, so I needed a pick-up!  But I'll be honest, the ride out east on the train was so pleasant.  It was like me and four other people,  (no one really heads east in the morning, most people are heading into the city!).  I saw horses, water, the changes colors of the leaves on the trees!  it was a nice ride.

After getting dumped at the station, I had to figure out a way to get to the courthouse, four minutes away.  I had planned to take a taxi, which there were a ton of, but they ALL seemed to be being worked on a fixed...which was a little sketchy.  And I for sure didn't want to get in a cab that someone was just dumping gas in...what if it blew up!?!

I was walking back and forth and decided to stop by the least sketchy looking man at the station to use my phone nad call for a legit taxi.  He asked me if I was waiting for someone.  I told him I was calling for a cab.  He said I should try would be cheaper.  I told him I knew that but didn't have far to go.  He asked me where is was going, and looked it up on his phone.  It was three minutes away.  I said I was going to try and walk.  He offered to take me.  Ordinarily, I don't get into white vans with no windows with strangers, but this was a legit work van, this guy looked really familiar to me and was super nice , so I thought...why not?  I had my guard up the whole time, but we chatted on the ride and he even gave me his number in case I needed a ride back.  Because in his words, when he was at Jury duty not too long ago, he was excused within the hour.

That was not to be my luck.  My luck was me sitting doing nothing from 9:30 to 3 p.m.!!!!!!!!!!  AWFUL!  We were warned though, by a court officer, that the judge we were assigned to was not one who was on the quick side.  She said not to expect to be out before 2.  So when we were called up to the courtroom at 12:15 we were pretty pumped.

They called us up at 12:15, but getting 150 up in two very small elevators takes a while!  (I was wondering where the other 200 people that were called to this courthouse were.  I thought if you didn't go, it was a fine and jail time.  I guess that's a lie!! )  After standing outside the courtroom for another 15 minutes, they finally let us in.  Just to have us sit down and then say, "Go have lunch....See you back here at 2"  WHAT THE WHAT?!?  So I had another hour and half to wait.  I ate something, read a little and ran into me sister's friend, who was there for Grand Jury Duty, which there is no getting out of, for 30 days!!

Finally at 20 after two we were called back to the courtroom, stood, outside the doors until 3 o'clock, when we were let in and sworn in.  It was very interesting to hear the facts of the case.  I could have raised my hand and pleaded my case to be let go a few times, but I wanted to hear more.  HA!  Finally when the judge said" Do you have  hearing problems, seeing problems, or is English your second language", I raised me hand!  He called on my and I told him my story.

"I don't have any of those issues but I have CP and I don't drive, so the likelihood of me getting to the trail everyday is slim to none!  Then he said, you'll be relying on rides, I said, yes, and when he asked how I got there today I answered planes, trains, automobiles, everything you can imagine, the court house laughed. I was excused!!  Woo Hoo!!  At 3:45 I was let go!

That's the funny thing, when you tell a courtroom of people you don't drive, the kindness of strangers abound.  Another woman who was let go shortly after,  was driving around to try and find me and offered me a ride to the train.  I had already called a cab, but I was able to cancel it.  And, since  I knew I was going to miss the train home I came on, so I asked her if there was any way she could get me to a  station on my line!!  She said that was no problem as she was going further out east, so It totally worked. We had a great chat on the way to the train.  I learned about her, her family and where she lived.  She was a sweetheart of a woman!

After I got to the train I was home in 15 minutes!  That was a total score.  And on the way home, I found out that a spot opened up at a library event in town that I had put my name on.  After my busy day, I wasn't at all going to go, but since I got home sooner that I expected and they called and said there was space available, I went.  I mean how could I miss a free beer and cheese tasting event sponsored by two of my favorite places...the library and my local cheese shop!?!  HA!!

So the day ended on a high note. And even though I expressed my thanks to them, those kind strangers who helped me out last week will never quite understand what that meant to me!!

 After hearing the horrific crimes of a really, really bad man that day, I was reminded that good people....great people...are still out there in this world, and that GOOD will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, outweigh the bad!!

Have a happy Monday!  I'll be spending this week paying it forward.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Blooger Scarf Exchange

Summer is my season but Fall is right up there too!  The sun going down earlier is a bit of a bummer but I don't mind the cooler evening temps and I love Fall for the fashion aspect of it.  Especially the opportunity to finally wear all my fun scarves again.  Last Christmas I participated in the holiday gift  exchange that Vanessa at Xtremely-V hosted so I was super excited to see that she was hosting a scarf exchange for Fall.  I jumped on it.

When my package arrived I ripped it right open and was greeted by the smell of Fall and falling leaves.  Penny from Penny's Passion was my gift giver and I was immediately taken with the care she gave to my package.  Inside was more than just a beautiful scarf.  My favorite fall scent Autumn Wreath, from Yankee Candle also filled the air in the form of a mini candle and car freshener.  Penny had read how much I loved the scent!  And a fun notepad, too!

And the scarf!!  It's absolutely SCREAMS FALL!!   I so love the colors in this cozy scarf and can't wait to wear it when the days and nights get cooler.  There is so many ways I can wear it and so many outfits I can put together with it.  It's beautiful!

 Thank you so much Penny for my scarf!  I love it and so appreciate you kindness!

I really should have done something with myself before taking this pic, but I was just excited!!  

Head on over to Penny's blog to see who sent her a scarf and then stop on by The Queen in Between to see the scarf I gifted Shelly!  After I got the beautiful package Penny Sent me I felt a little bit awful that I had only sent Shelly a scarf gift-wrapped by Nordy's!!  Sorry Shelly!!  And thanks Vanessa for such a fun exchange!  Count me IN every year !  :)

Monday, October 10, 2016


Happy Monday!  And it is a happy Monday for me, thanks to Columbus and a day off!

I think though that my "Fall FUNK" is in full effect.  Ugh...the days are getting shorter, the weather is turning colder, and am just not interested in doing much. The funk officially hit me on Saturday morning.  I just woke up to a super dreary day and feeling blah.  That is not to say I didn't have a fun weekend, because I did...but I'm just off I guess.  

I wasn't last Monday though, when I met my bloggy buddy Deena...IN REAL LIFE!!  You see, she was visiting New York City for the weekend with her husband and knew I didn't live too far from there, so she wanted to come visit me on Monday!  I was so excited.  

But actually I do live pretty far from the city.  HA!  I offered to meet Deena somewhere but she was very gracious and offered to travel my way, as she wanted to see where I lived.  I was super excited because I just love my town and couldn't wait to show it off.

Deena and I had a short visit, but it was a fun visit. I picked her up at the train and we came back to my place to have a glass of wine before we headed into town for sushi.  I was surprised when Deena mentioned that my house was nothing like she thought it would be!  And I loved that I was there when she had her first EVER pumpkin ale!  LOL Even though pumpkin ale and sushi don't really go! Actually that's a lie...pumpkin ale is just always good.

After yummy sushi and girl talk, Deena was back on the train and headed into the city.  Our time together was short, but I am so glad that Deena took some time out of her trip to visit  lil ol' me!  I felt like we had been friends forever and made me even more excited for Toronto in May, when I meet all my blended blog buddies!!

I don't have any pictures of my time with Deena....I think I was too nervous... except this one, which she actually texted me to use as my daily photo on Insta!  I'm @solitarylife101

But on Friday Deena recapped her trip!  Head on over to Shoes to Shiraz to read all about Deena's adventures in NYC and beyond! {Here}

Thanks Deena for coming to visit me!  I can't wait to see you again, in your neck of the woods! #Toronto2017


Monday, October 3, 2016

That week I neglected the blogs....

I'm back ya'll!  Last week I was MIA!! I'm just tired...I think everything has caught up with me!!  And I really wasn't myself last week...I think I have officially entered my FALL FUNK!!  The weather was terrible, I was running here and there, the week was slow, the month was ending, and all I wanted to do when I got home was veg...and drink wine!!  But today I am back on my game!!  Linking up with my girl Deena for her Month is numbers!  And I am super excited today, because in just a few hours I get to meet Deena IN THE FLESH!!  Woo hoo!!

On to today's post...September was fairly uneventful.  Getting back into the swing of things with School meant that most days were filled with that...SCHOOL!!  But I do have a few more tidbits to share.