Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm on Spring Break this week...

and so is the blog!  Be back next week recapping all the fun I had on break...even though I'm not going anywhere exotic, time away from work is always good for the soul!

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Have a great week!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Letters: Spring is Here!

A few weeks ago when I posted on The Blended Blog for TBB Loves, I mentioned that I had started reading Taz and Belly.  I love her little letters idea.  So today I'm joining in on the linky fun with a few little letters of my own!

This month my letters are taking on a theme: Spring!!

Dear Spring,
Thanks for finally getting here!!  I welcome your 60 degree temps and the opportunity to sit out on my postage stamp patio and in my rocking chair in the front, and get my tan on.
Also,here I feel like I should include a letter of thanks to my neighbors who know me doing this is just me being me!!

Dear April Showers,
For every sunny day, there's 5 rainy days! Thanks for helping me rock the rain boots every other day these past two weeks.  Last Little Letters post, I mentioned that I was over leggings and boots!  Well...I lied!!  When you HAVE TO get up and head to work in the pouring rain, there is no easier outfit to throw on than leggings and rain boots!  And also maybe did because of this...

Dear Skinny Pants and New Summer Bathing Suits,
Thanks for the reminder that this body is not yet "skinny pants" or bathing suit ready!!  That was a nice touch. I need to get me ass in gear!

Dear Spring Break, 
Finally!  This break will help to recharge me and get me into the home stretch of the school year as well as give me the opportunity to read...and work out!  (See above!!)

Dear Sarah Bareilles and the entire cast of Waitress: The Musical,
Thanks for helping me kick off my Spring Break with a bang!  Loved every second of the show and  have not stopping singing along since!  Definitely a new fave!  Any day spent on Broadway is a good day...

Dear Locale,
My new home!  LOL  My favorite new place in town!  Great food and wine and a place I see spending much of my spring break at!!

Dear Easter,
Can't wait to spend the day with family.  So glad mom and dad are home to spend the holiday with us!  Hope everybody has a Blessed Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Thrrowbback to Broadway!

I'm still on a high from seeing Sarah Barreilles in Waitress on Broadway yesterday!  And while recap  is quite not ready for publishing yet, I thought for today's throwback Thursday, I'd throw it ob  back to the last time I saw  a show on Broadway more then two year's on to hear all about the  fun that is Disney on Broadway's Aladdin!!


My weekend was so busy and so fun!!

After a snow-filled Friday night-in cooking up another Hello Fresh meal, I cleaned up the house and headed to be early, because Saturday was gonna be a big day!!

This Hello Fresh meal just might be my favorite so far , so I had to include it!  It was called Warm Grain Salad.  Barley, butter beans, shallots,  avocado, and grape tomatoes in a mustard, vinaigrette topped with basil.  So good, so easy..and perfect for a Friday during Lent!  I will definitely be getting these ingredients and making this again!

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be able to go see Aladdin on Broadway! (Score for me that my cousin broke up with his girlfriend...LOL!!) It was an awesome show! Highly recommend the show when it comes to your city.

It was the 8 o'clock show, so we ate dinner beforehand. The rest of my family, (who I went to the with) were already in the city for the day, so I met them all at the restaurant after my train got in and I cabbed it! (I actually walked 10 minutes looking around for the place!) It was a really nice, laid back restaurant and since we had plenty of time before the show, it was just nice to chat and eat and drink, and chat and eat some more. My aunt Uncle and two cousins live in Pennsylvania, so we don't see them nearly as frequently as we like. So that was great!

The drink menu was really cool.  Specialty cocktails and Mocktails were named after shows:

Drinks like the OZ-mopolitan was named for Wicked 

Stormin' Mormon for the Book of Mormon 

And the Rye 'n King for The Lion King

We were thinking that The Best Friggin' Margarita in the City, might've been just that but now I'm thinking it's named for the best Little Whore House in Texas which was on Broadway in the 70's and 80's.

The mocktails were cute too!

Sippin' like Pippin' and Mary Pompins.

After dinner, we headed out toward the show. Stopping in Times Square to “soak it all in” as my aunt said! 

 Little known fact.... the New Year's Eve Ball that they drop in Times Square is actually up there all year round. When it's time for the celebration each year, they go up and change the lights for the year!
The view of the ball as we were waiting to head into the show

Aladdin was really phenomenal! The guy who played the Genie was absolutely hilarious and stole the show. The magic carpet ride was my favorite part. Very cool. Someone at work today asked me if they changed it from the movie. The story is much the same but the show has some elements updated for today and a new song or two. The Genie had an extra song. It was just really, really cute! I was so happy to go!

After the show, I stayed in the city with my sister and her family, who had been in there since Friday! Then I got up bright and early and headed home to my town's St. Patrick's Day parade.

Three seconds after I walked in the door, the rest of my family showed up at my door, ready to go to the parade. It was chilly out but a bright, beautiful day! It was a lot of fun. And we had a prime spot in front of my favorite place in town. It wasn't too crowded, so the kids were able to stand right out in front and had a great view of the whole parade.

Some fun pics from the day
The bagpipe bands were my fave!

And pretty cool that a beer Company has their on Pipes and Drums Band

There's players on the float and Mom screams for the duck! 

The old time cars, trucks,fire trucks and even an old time ambulance were fun too!

My niece actually got in the parade for a hot second with...this guy

My sister and BIL's niece was in the parade with her twirling group!

Photo Shoot at my house after the parade...

Following the parade, everything was so crowded, so we headed back home. My dad and I stopped in the liquor store to pick up some Bailey's (being the awful hostess I am, I had nothing IRISHY to serve).  We hung out a little. My sister and her family had to head home, as they were going to a birthday party later on in the day. My other sister and I convinced my mom and I to go back out to the bar and listen to the Irish band that was playing. Because it was still only 2:30 and we had the whole afternoon ahead of us.

When we walked in, it was still crowded, way more crowded than the first time (and I thought mom was going to kill us!) but my sister was able to wind her way to the front of the bar and after about 20 minutes of standing, by some miracle, 3 people left! So we hopped in their seats and settled in for an afternoon of fun and music. We love our Irish music!! Mom only had a diet coke but before we left my sister thought it would be funny if mom and I did a shot together! I picked an easy one: Baby Guinness! This is how mom does shots....
Because according to her it's to good not to sip and it's a waste of money!!

All in all it was a great weekend!!!! I have so much fun with all my fam. I wish though that Monday didn't arrive so quickly, so I could've stayed in bed today! But already, it's here! THANK GOD for COFFEE!!


This post originally appeared on the  blog on Monday, March 23, 2015.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm over at The Blended Blog today!

Good Morning all!

I'm over at The Blended Blog today for our Tasty Tuesday linkup!   Salmon's the star of the show today!  Check it out here!

And don't forget to link up your favorite foodie post with us!!

Hope your Tuesday's a tasty one!!

Friday, April 7, 2017


Geez Louise!!  Was this not the longest week or what!!  I thought Friday would never get here!  I think that's what happens when you have a half day and teacher conferences smack dab in the middle of the week!!  And rain almost every single day did not help matters!!

Ahhhh...but at last Friday is here and in just a few more hours I'll be peacin' out for the weekend! Even a slow week is not without some favorites!

ACM Sunday Night
Sunday nights are tough but since we all love country music, I invited my sisters over for an Academy of Country Music Awards viewing part on Sunday night.  It was fun.  We missed Meg, who was home sick but 3 outta four of us on a Sunday night's not bad!  We drank wine, ate snacks, painted nails and sang along to every song.   Not a bad way to kick off a new week!

I headed out to a new place in town, Locale, a Gastro Bar and Pizzete,  this week for a friend's birthday and I have to say, it might be my new favorite place.  So cool and chic!  The service was great, the wine was good, and the pizza I had was freaking awesome!  So glad I have leftovers.  Can't wait to go back!  to try more of the menu options, all of which sounded amazing!!  If you're a local, I highly recommend giving Locale a try!!

Being on the ball...
This was the first month is forever that I actually was on the ball and had all the After Care billing out on like, the 3rd day of the month.  And for March being such a long month I was pretty proud of myself!  Three days in After Care til 6 is clearly paying off for something!  HA!  I am sure the parents were shocked too!!

Prison Break: Resurrection
I haven't watched it yet because I was not feeling well on Tuesday night so I ended up in bed early, but this is definitely a fave this week.  I loved the original Prison Break and am so glad that Fox brought it back.  Can't wait to watch it this weekend!
Prison Break on FOX

The Blended Blog March Madness
A few Fridays ago I talked about The Blended Blog's March Madness Bracket being a fave.  It gave me some stock in the game and was a lot of fun, for almost the whole time I was #2, but after last weekend I inched up to #1 and with UNC winning,  I ended up winning!  So that was super exciting!  It was fun to watch the game and have a team to root for!!  Can't wait til next year!!  LOL

Hope your week was also filled with some favorites to look back on and an even more eventful weekend ahead!  Have a great one!!

Linking up with Erika and the girls today for Friday Favorites and Tif and the girls for H54F!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The first Thursday of the month, I like to get together with my blog friends and recap my sentence at a time.  March was such a LONG month wasn't it. Here's what a can recall of it!!

1-Woo hoo!  March is here! (One of my favorite months, but also by the time we hit the end of it I couldn't wait to turn the page on April!)

2- My last Thursday of Freedom!!

3- Oops!

4- That wasn't embarrassing at all!!

5- Taco Chicken for Days!

6- Monday....Blah!!

7- Seriously Kid!

8- International Women's Day....CHEERS TO THAT!!

9- I didn't mean to make you cry.  (I said this to my friend after she shed some tears upon receiving her birthday gift from me!)

10- It's a Friday in Lent...we shoulda had pizza!

11- Yea- no thanks!  (that Saturday I had the chance to go out and chose not to...  It was below zero

12- It's tradition now! ( Spending SCMA Sunday with my Amy Girl)

13- SNOW Day tomorrow!  What?!?!

14- What a dud!  (The Snow Day that saw very little snow!!)

15- Happy Leftover Pi Day!

16- I don't mess around with a dress down!

17- My high holy day has arrived!

18- Tale as old as time....

19-This is a socially acceptable place to be by myself...and I'm among friends here!

20- Spring my ass...

21- Of course it never works out for me!

22-I'd rather have students than be doing this!

23- I am beyond exhausted...

24- Pictures of the cake alone??????

25-It's ridiculous that I'm crying this much!  (I cried way more than a normal adult should have at Pete's Dragon!! LOL)

26- Well this was a super-productive day!

27- Lash Dash ends this week?!?

28- Come on in friends!  (Opt outs for state testing always hang with me in the library during testing)

29- Where are your parents?  Just kidding!  I love you all! (A filled-to-capacity day in After Care!)

30- I will not have wine tonight...I will not have wine tonight...I will not have wine tonight!

31- Game Night!  Whoop! Whoop!!

This is always so much fun!!  Have a great Thursday!  Is it just me or is it the longest week ever!!!????

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Who'd write your life story?

With April being School Library Month, I thought since I’m a school librarian, this month I’d post some more bookish posts!

Last week, as I was perusing the blogs, I came across this one from Run Wright, who’s blog and Instagram I follow.  She is a super avid reader and a talented author, too!  I even have her book and it’s really great!! I really enjoy reading her stories.

The 10 authors she would want to meet was really thought provoking and got me to thinking about who I’d want to meet and perhaps write my life story, too!  Her list was a top ten, mine’s just five! After finding authors I enjoy, I tend to read many of their books.

Being a teacher, I’ve actually had the privilege of hearing a few talented children’s authors speak!  Lester Laminack and Mo Willems were two of my favorites.  Mo even taught us how to draw that famous pigeon! I wish I still had my drawing! I didn't do half bad!

And as an adult, my best friend and I had the chance to meet (super briefly!) and have our photo taken with Emily Giffin when  she came to a local book store. (Wish I knew where that pic was it possible that we took it with like, an actual camera?!? LOL)

And when I think about it, Emily Giffin would be one I’d love to have write my story.  She writes woman well and could maybe make my ordinary life seem a little less so! Perhaps when I was younger I would have wanted Judy Blume or Beverly Clearly to write my story but now, in this season of my life, I'd gladly give it over to Ms. Giffin!

Nicholas Sparks is a romance man through and through.  So maybe he couldn’t write my life story, but I’m sure he’d write the story of some hot, rich guy who is just certain to fall in love with me and whisk me away to a lavish life on the beaches of North Carolina!

I’d really love to meet and have children’s author, Andrew Clements, spin my life as a teacher- librarian and tech teacher into a fun school story.  My students and I love his writing, his ability to relate to children and the smart teachers and other adults who support them along the way.

Someone I would have loved to meet was Irish author Frank McCourt.  I love his storytelling! His book, Teacher Man is an all time favorite of mine.  I read the book and then listened to the audio version, which he himself recorded.  I could listen to that man’s stories for hours and hours and never tire of them.

And just because I think this woman is a genius and has the best imagination, I’d love to meet and have a spot of English tea with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling!  Any author who writes children’s books but also had adults reading them as well, is a woman whose hand I’d like to shake. With her introduction of Harry Potter reluctant readers picked up books, parents read to and with their children more, and everybody felt a sense of magic again.  Her own real-life story is one for the books and is quite inspiring as well.

That was a lot of fun!

What authors would you like to meet?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

March in Numbers

Kicking today of with a number...2!
It's the number of posts I'm busting out today!

The first Monday of the month is always a number post with Deena and the second is an April Showers post, with my girls at The Blended Blog!  I just couldn't pass up posting with them, so two posts is what you get today!

More numbers fun!

March is one of my favorite months of the year!  The High Holy Day that is St. Patrick's Day is in March but as I've gotten older I've realized something...that, well....I'm old. St. Patrick's Day to me is not what it used to be.  Which was indeed a big old party.  This year it was more of a low key event. And when I say low key, what I really mean is...a solitary event!  Ha!  I was home eating Ruben panninis, drinking Guinness, (2 to be exact!) and listening to Irish texting with the people I used to do St. Patty's day with in our younger years!  20-something texts exchanged.

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day twice...thanks to my town parade and celebration on the 19th.

This March was not only the longest month but also the coldest. 18 days of below average temperatures. Lots of rain and snow to deal with too!  We had one day of early release in school due to snow and one snow day...that ended up being more of a snow, slush, sleet, rain event.

Thankfully those days are now behind us.  Spring finally seems to be in the air!

Some other fun random numbers this month....

4 Dress Down Days at school (my fave)!  In one month that is HUGE!!  But there was Pi Day, St. Patty's Day, a Professional day and a field trip!  So I was happy, happy happy! And I got to rock my kelly green Adidas kicks!

3 New movies seen
-the New Beauty and the Beast in the theater...LOVED and have plans to go see it again next week.
-Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (my snow day viewing!)...meh!
-Pete's Dragon (the new live action version) I really liked this and probably cried way more then any adult should have watching this.  But the original, Puff the Magic Dragon, was one of my absolute favorites growing up so I really wanted to see this.

54 cups of coffee consumed

24 bottles of wine PURCHASED...not consumed!  Gotta love a good sale!!

2 Peapod orders It was a lot for one month, but with St. Patrick's Day and 1 Game Night hosted, I needed to be well stocked!  Game night was so much fun!  Can't wait to do it again.

In such a long month, only 4 nights eating out is really good for me!!  So I saved some money there!

I did shop though....11 days of packages at my door. Or as I like to call them....PRIZES!!

5 books started...2 Completed!  Read my reviews here!

That's about it...on to the blog!

Mishaps and Mayhem in March...

17 posts in the month of March!  The most posts so far this year!
Most viewed post: Little Letters (my first ever post to this link up, so that's exciting!)
Most viewed post on FB: Monday Musings
New likes on the Facebook page...YAY!  you can "like" the blog too, HERE!
Number of pics posted on Insta: 43  I missed some #katiedaily's!  Follow me @solitarylife101

Hope you had a fabulous March!  Link up with Deena for Number every first Monday of the month!!

Now that I've gotten through with 2 posts for the day, I am off to watch the Final Four...because I am currently #1 in my bracket with The Blended Blog, after being #2 the whole time!  WOO HOO!!  But goodness gracious does it start LATE!!

April Showers....

Happy Monday!  Today I'm blog hoppin' with my pals from The Blended Blog for our new Spring Series. If you've landed here from Leslie's blog, thanks for stopping by today to get a peek into my world!

 The first prompt, April Showers can be a post about anything we like.  Today I thought I'd share my favorite rainy day activities.  And since it feels like it's been raining forever, this is just the perfect prompt for these days!  Now if I HAVE TO go out on rainy days I don't mind rocking my leggings and super cute rain boots...

but rainy days are just better when they are spent indoors!

Rainy days and no plans mean...pjs all day!!  If rainy days land on a Saturday or Sunday...this is a must!  And these are my top three favorite things to do...solitary life style!  And for a girl that doesn't drive I love using rainy days as an excuse to stay home and stay in.

Binge watch my favorite shows!
Isn't this just the best??  I love binging on episodes of my favorite shows or clearing out the DVR on rainy days!  I've watched full seasons of shows on rainy days. I am not ashamed to admit I spent a day re-watching the entire Sex and the City series one rainy weekend not too long ago!

Shop online!
I shop online all the time!  But I feel like rainy days give me the perfect excuse to to shop and purchase some of my favorite things online....and not feel guilty about it.  I mean...what else is there to do on rainy days!??!

This may have been the result of  a weekend of rainy day online shopping last Spring!!  

As a teacher-librarian, how could I not say reading is one of my favorite things to do.  There is NOTHING better than sitting on my couch with a hot chocolate,  all cozy under a blanket, spending hours reading a great book while the spring rain falls outside!  It's pretty much what I did this past Saturday!!

What are some of your favorite things to do on rainy days??  Let me know in the comments below!  And don't forget to hop on over to Sarah's blog at Foxy's Domestic Side to see what April fun she has in store for you!!  Check it out here!!  

Link up your April posts with us too!!