Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Who'd write your life story?

With April being School Library Month, I thought since I’m a school librarian, this month I’d post some more bookish posts!

Last week, as I was perusing the blogs, I came across this one from Run Wright, who’s blog and Instagram I follow.  She is a super avid reader and a talented author, too!  I even have her book and it’s really great!! I really enjoy reading her stories.

The 10 authors she would want to meet was really thought provoking and got me to thinking about who I’d want to meet and perhaps write my life story, too!  Her list was a top ten, mine’s just five! After finding authors I enjoy, I tend to read many of their books.

Being a teacher, I’ve actually had the privilege of hearing a few talented children’s authors speak!  Lester Laminack and Mo Willems were two of my favorites.  Mo even taught us how to draw that famous pigeon! I wish I still had my drawing! I didn't do half bad!

And as an adult, my best friend and I had the chance to meet (super briefly!) and have our photo taken with Emily Giffin when  she came to a local book store. (Wish I knew where that pic was though...is it possible that we took it with like, an actual camera?!? LOL)

And when I think about it, Emily Giffin would be one I’d love to have write my story.  She writes woman well and could maybe make my ordinary life seem a little less so! Perhaps when I was younger I would have wanted Judy Blume or Beverly Clearly to write my story but now, in this season of my life, I'd gladly give it over to Ms. Giffin!

Nicholas Sparks is a romance man through and through.  So maybe he couldn’t write my life story, but I’m sure he’d write the story of some hot, rich guy who is just certain to fall in love with me and whisk me away to a lavish life on the beaches of North Carolina!

I’d really love to meet and have children’s author, Andrew Clements, spin my life as a teacher- librarian and tech teacher into a fun school story.  My students and I love his writing, his ability to relate to children and the smart teachers and other adults who support them along the way.

Someone I would have loved to meet was Irish author Frank McCourt.  I love his storytelling! His book, Teacher Man is an all time favorite of mine.  I read the book and then listened to the audio version, which he himself recorded.  I could listen to that man’s stories for hours and hours and never tire of them.

And just because I think this woman is a genius and has the best imagination, I’d love to meet and have a spot of English tea with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling!  Any author who writes children’s books but also had adults reading them as well, is a woman whose hand I’d like to shake. With her introduction of Harry Potter reluctant readers picked up books, parents read to and with their children more, and everybody felt a sense of magic again.  Her own real-life story is one for the books and is quite inspiring as well.

That was a lot of fun!

What authors would you like to meet?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!


  1. I love reading and hope to pass that love onto my little guy. I can't imagine not losing myself in a book at least once a day. It's just so fun discovering new people, places and stories.

  2. Emily Giffin is good. I really like Amy Hatvany, Karma Brown, and Jodi Picoult too!

  3. Ha- interesting thing to think about! Gonna ponder this one. Elizabeth Berg and Judy Blume would be high up on my list.

  4. Awesome! Thanks so much for the blogger love. I just woke up a little blah and this post has already made my day. Much love to you today and always, Katie.

  5. I enjoy reading but am definitely not a deep reader. I have zero clue who I would want to write my story!

  6. I love Emily Giffin, she has some of the best reads. I don't think I read enough to pick an author to write my story...although I do also like Jodi Picoult too...hmmm...???

  7. Great post! I am reviewing my favorite authors in my mind. Had forgotten about Frank McCourt's books. Have enjoyed the ones I've read. Always feel cold and hungry, and a bit dreary when I read them. One of my favorite books and movies is The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I think maybe Mitch Albom could do a good job writing my life story. Or Erma Bombeck!


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