Thursday, April 6, 2017


The first Thursday of the month, I like to get together with my blog friends and recap my sentence at a time.  March was such a LONG month wasn't it. Here's what a can recall of it!!

1-Woo hoo!  March is here! (One of my favorite months, but also by the time we hit the end of it I couldn't wait to turn the page on April!)

2- My last Thursday of Freedom!!

3- Oops!

4- That wasn't embarrassing at all!!

5- Taco Chicken for Days!

6- Monday....Blah!!

7- Seriously Kid!

8- International Women's Day....CHEERS TO THAT!!

9- I didn't mean to make you cry.  (I said this to my friend after she shed some tears upon receiving her birthday gift from me!)

10- It's a Friday in Lent...we shoulda had pizza!

11- Yea- no thanks!  (that Saturday I had the chance to go out and chose not to...  It was below zero

12- It's tradition now! ( Spending SCMA Sunday with my Amy Girl)

13- SNOW Day tomorrow!  What?!?!

14- What a dud!  (The Snow Day that saw very little snow!!)

15- Happy Leftover Pi Day!

16- I don't mess around with a dress down!

17- My high holy day has arrived!

18- Tale as old as time....

19-This is a socially acceptable place to be by myself...and I'm among friends here!

20- Spring my ass...

21- Of course it never works out for me!

22-I'd rather have students than be doing this!

23- I am beyond exhausted...

24- Pictures of the cake alone??????

25-It's ridiculous that I'm crying this much!  (I cried way more than a normal adult should have at Pete's Dragon!! LOL)

26- Well this was a super-productive day!

27- Lash Dash ends this week?!?

28- Come on in friends!  (Opt outs for state testing always hang with me in the library during testing)

29- Where are your parents?  Just kidding!  I love you all! (A filled-to-capacity day in After Care!)

30- I will not have wine tonight...I will not have wine tonight...I will not have wine tonight!

31- Game Night!  Whoop! Whoop!!

This is always so much fun!!  Have a great Thursday!  Is it just me or is it the longest week ever!!!????


  1. How fun that you joined in this month too, Katie!!
    I think wine every night is a good idea--ha ha!

  2. So fun! My SIL just gave me a sentence-a-day journal. I should start that up and then post!

  3. I LOL at the "spring my ass" so funny, and did you like Beauty and the Beast? I have yet to see it and I'm dying!

  4. Tale as old as time... YES!!!!
    I laughed at the "should of had pizza" ;)

  5. Your post's made me laugh! I love your sense of humor @ life. :-)

  6. Fun sentences. I am going to make April my month of short sentences. Wish I could be half as witty as you are.


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