Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bucket List Checkup!

Giving my usual Throwback Thursday posts a break today and instead am joining some fabulous ladies for our Spring Bucket List Checkup!  Last Month we posted our Spring Bucket List and today we're getting together to see how we've done so so far.

Here's a little reminder of my Bucket List!

Get My Feet Spring and Summer Ready!!  (KINDA!) 
I gave myself my own pedicure to save a little money for now.  In a few weeks when I go on my trips, I'll head to the professionals.  It's amazing though what some coconut oil, essential oils and Epsom salts can do!
I am embarrassed to admit how long it's been since these feet have gotten a pedicure...but it is WAY OVER DUE...I'm pretty sure when I go and get it done, I'll be THAT Girl that they talk about!

A New 'do! 
So excited to have checked this one off the list!  Was able to get my hair done over Spring Break last week.  I realized why I don't go so often...because it's bloody expensive, but after it's done it's always totally worth it. 
Another thing I seem to be overdue for is a cut and color of my hair.  Part of me has not been because a- it's expensive and b- I've been trying to hold out and wait for some big things I have going on this spring that I want good hair for!  I will probably go on my Spring Break in three weeks!

Spending Spring in town!
Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated with all of this.  This Spring has been sooooo rainy!  Tables and chairs are not even out on Main Street yet.  I am confident that this will be checked off by the next checkup! And me and YOGA have yet to meet again!  #thumbsdown!
For four years now, I've passed the community garden and never actually went in.  I've always wanted to but never had.  And it's so cute.  There's benches, a gazebo, even chess!  In the Spring when the flowers are blooming it's beautiful!  I am making it a goal to get there this Spring.  With a book...two stone!

I go out to eat a lot in town, but in the Spring and Summer lots of the restaurants on Main Street have outdoor seating.  It's always fun to enjoy a meal in the bright sunshine and people watch. I'd also like to head down there for more Sundays Fundays when it's nice too!

I like just getting out and walking more when the winter melts away.  Winter is a time I feel so cooped up!!  I'm also going to do more yoga! A while ago when my foot was in THE BOOT my doctor suggested I try yoga...because there's even a beginners course called "Yoga for inflexible people!"  For ten bucks I picked it up and did it faithfully for a while, then it kinda got lost in the shuffle.  I didn't make it a lifestyle!  LOL  But I did enjoy it, so I want to do it more regularly!

Most of the money I've spent has been on food but I have been able to save a bit of money so far for my trips.  I work After Care during the week after school, so I get paid for that separately.  I've saved the money from my after care checks in my savings account to use for my upcoming trips!  By the time I go, I should have a fairly good amount to use during them!
I know I'm talking about spending money on my hair and pedicure, but I really hope to save some money!  I have two super fun trips to look forward to this Spring!  So I really, really need to SAVE!! So I can spend on the trips!!  LOL

Rainy Days and Sun Daze 
As far as the rain goes...CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!  So I've been rockin' the rain boot hardcore.  But between the raindrops I've been able to enjoy a day or two in my rocking chair on my front porch.  So I'm happy about that!  Is my tan on point?  NOT YET!  But it is only April! LOL
The saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers, so I fully intend to be rocking my rain boots this spring.  But I also look forward to sunny days rocking on my rocking chair on my front porch, getting a tan!!  My motto is :Everybody looks better with a tan!!

The Dreaded Guest Room  (KINDA!)
I started this!!  It is definitely not where it needs to be, but I was lucky enough to have my neighbors take away some of my Christmas decorations to keep in their shed, so that freed up a lot of the space in there and got me to start cleaning.  I've thrown some things away, started a "donate" pile and finally put things in their place. 
Isn't a little Spring Cleaning on everybody's bucket list?  My biggest job has bot to be my guest room.  Right now it is beyond disastrous!  I have bar stools and lounge chairs in there!  Boxes and bins galore!  I dread doing it but I know it has got to get done!  So then maybe I can have guest over this Spring!

What have you checked off your Bucket List this Spring? Let me know in the comments below!  And hop on over to check out these fabulous ladies' blogs to see how they did on checking off items so far!!


  1. Katie, I love the positive energy of your blog - it just bounces up at me as I read through your posts!

    Congratulations on the progress of your room! Do you have a vision for how you wish to use it? Would love to hear more, as I love me a good redecorating project!

  2. Good job on making headway on the guest room! And for saving money! I know how hard that is to do! A good cut always feels good!

  3. haha, that you will be THAT person they talk're funny.

  4. Katie, congrats on saving for your trips and the progress of your guest room. The weather is still cool in Toronto where I am. I haven't seen anyone with open-toed shoes yet LOL.

  5. Good for you for saving money (something I need to get better at) - and yes, why does hair care cost so much! It has been crazy rainy where I live, too. Enough rain - ready for sun.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. I guess you guys are getting all the rain that we aren't getting. My rain boots have dry rotted. Love how you responded to each activity update in blue. Great idea. Would your neighbors have room for a few of my Christmas decorations??

  7. I got a pedicure gift certificate for my birthday and I'm saving it for before we go to the beach at the end of May. My foot do not look good. I'm going to have to give myself an at home pedicure for the shoes I'm planning to wear this weekend.

  8. What a fun post! We NEED rain here in Coastal Georgia. Our tans are looking great! Our grass? Not so much! My guest room needs some love too. I think one good afternoon up there would do the trick, but there are many more FUNNER things to do!

  9. Which essential oils did you use in your pedicure??


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