Friday, May 30, 2014

Well that was a quick week...

Already time for another Friday 5!

Gourmet Mac and Cheese
If you caught any of my posts this week, you know that on Monday I blogged my favorite things...Red, White, and Blue style.  One was fruit dip my sister made for a BBQ my family had this weekend.  My other sister (the host) commented that she spent 6 hours in her kitchen cooking for the party and I chose the fruit dip to feature! HA!  I explained to her that the fruit dip was WHITE!!  So now I'm gonna tell you about something awesome SHE DID MAKE...Mac and Cheese I have been thinking about all week!   My sister just LOVES Ina Garden.  Two of the four dishes she served were Ina's recipes and all were super yummy.  But the "adult" mac and cheese was to die for (I may have gone back for thirds)!  I was so mad when I left the Tupperware of leftovers my sister was going to send me home with, in her fridge.  (Because when you live this solitary life I do, my family worries that I don't eat and gives me leftovers!!)  
Get the recipe {here}

Summer Style Me Challenge 
I had so much fun during the Spring Style Me Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On I've joined the Summer one as well!  Registration is open now and the shopping list will be released on Friday, June 6th.  Won't you consider joining us?  It is SO much fun.  You'll be set with key pieces for summer. This time around there's also more work wear options which I'm excited about because the school year's not quite over yet! Find out more about the challenge and sign up {here}.  Don't forget to say that Katie Mitchell sent you!  ;)

Palazzo Pants
And speaking of style...I've took the plunge!  I bought a pair of palazzo pants for the summer!  After seeing my Challenge friend, Deena's blog on Wednesday and all the super cute pairs she had, I got some too!   {These} are from Hippie Chick Boutique.  Black and White, so a safe pair for now, but if I love them, I can see a paisley pair in my future!!  

Maya Angelou
Author Maya Angelou passed away on Wednesday.  She is that voice.  I remember having to read "Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now" in high school.  I went to an all-girl high school and it was a pretty perfect book choice for us.  I still have my report and assignments on it somewhere.  (Although I don't remember doing that great on the test!).  I tried reading "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" but don't remember getting through it...I think I'll add it to my summer reading list!  She left us with so many phenomenal quotes...this is one of my favorites:

Kicking off a Summer of Concerts
Tonight's my first concert of the summer and I am so excited!!  I'm going to see Rascal Flatts at the beach with my besties.  Fingers crossed for good weather!!

Linking up for Pinspired today too!  Go check out how I put my own spin on an outfit I pinned {here}
Would love to here what you think!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Pin-spired

June means the end of the school year and the start of Summer!  WOO HOO!! Bring it ON!!

And it's time for another Pin-spired with Sheaffer, Shay, and Mel!

I pinned this outfit in early Spring, when I knew coral would be my color of the summer!

I really liked my recreation...just wish I was a little bit tanner!!  HA!

Love this navy top from Loft and have had it forever, but truth be told this is the first time I wore it!  It kinda just got lost in my closet I guess!
{This} one is really similar to the tank in the pic I pinned but there's only xx-small left!
Another cute option {here}!
I have {these} JCrew Factory Shorts  in a few cute colors.

And just for fun, I took a pic in the fedora!!  This summer I'm gonna be rockin' all sorts of hats!  My face needs to stay out of the sun!!  :(

Love linking up!  Can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with this month!
Find all my Pin-spired outfits {here}

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIW...Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Not Much! HA!  A Memorial Day dress down at work Friday, and a  BBQ this weekend at my sister's was the extent of my celebrating!! Luckily it was gorgeous out so I was able to lay out in the sun and broke out my new swimsuits!  I'll spare you pics of me in them (you're welcome!!) but I have links!  Oh and on Monday, I shared my fave Red, White and Blue things under $10...check it out {here}!

I LOVE ME A DRESS DOWN FRIDAY!!  And Friday's theme was Red, White, and Blue so I wore this:
Loft Top- Similar
Infinity Scarf- Similar

My BBQ Attire:
Jane Maxi- Keep an eye out for this!  LOVE!!
Tank- Similar

Two new swimsuits for the summer:

My two-pieces I tend to get at Victoria's Secret.  I like their prices (for the most part) because they are always running some sort of promo! and I like that you can mix and match the pieces.
I also got a bandeau top that matches this bottom, so that's another suit!  Or I can wear either one of the tops with a black bottom....or that bottom with a black top. So many possibilities!
Mix and match your favorite pieces {here}

I never buy anything on Living Social but I saw a coupon for $40 for $80 worth at Swim Spot that when I clicked on it ended up being $35 so I took the plunge! ;)  I thought this was a super cute suit!  And who couldn't use a good one piece! 

A dash of inspiration! 
I've been inspired by one of my besties!  She lost her grandfather last week.  This is someone who took charge and took care of her grandfather in so many ways!  I know it was unbelievably difficult for her but she handled it with the grace and poise of someone way beyond her years.  And boy did she look stylish doing it!!  I hope she finds peace knowing that Pop is in a way better place than the rest of us and is now a forever angel to her two little girls!  And 90 years...what a LIFE HE LIVED!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else wore this week!  And don't forget to check out what my Style Me Pretty Friends are wearing and how they've been inspired! 


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Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Red, White, and Blue Favorite Things Party

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone's enjoying some time with family and friends today...enjoying the beautiful weather.  But please let's take a moment to raise our glasses and remember what this day is REALLY about...those who fought so hard for the freedoms we love so much...and lost their lives in doing so! And may we pray for those who still fight each and every day! THANK YOU!

Linking up with two of my faves today Erika and Andrea for Favorite Things!  Today the Linky party's got a red, white, and blue theme in honor of Memorial Day!

First up, a  recipe for you! MY MOST FAVORITE EVER!!!  We had a BBQ at my sister's house this weekend to kick off summer!  My other sister brought a fruit platter with fruit dip...and just like that my summer had begun!  To make this fruit dip you need two ingredients, both of which together are under $10...Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Fluff! Mix them together and there you have it!  Serve with strawberries, blueberries and other assorted fruits and you're good to go!  There are lots of variations of this one around which I'm sure you've seen, but you really need nothing else!  It may not be the healthiest thing going...but who cares!

I LOVE {these}AE shelf camis.  I seriously wear camis under EVERYTHING!  It might be summer, but I'm still wearing one under my tops and tanks. And sometimes, after having them for so many years and wearing and washing them over and over and over again, the white's not so white anymore and the black's starting to look more like gray!  So when I can find them on sale for $10, I'll scoop some up!  This weekend they're $10 and it's free shipping on everything! (til tonight).  See all $10 deals {here}

And how do you not include the Old Navy Flag tee for $5.00 when talking about red, white, and blue favorite things under $10 dollars! They used to just have them out only for the 4th of July but have bumped it up for Memorial Day! This year the shirt marks the 20th anniversary.  I am not kidding when I tell you my family has probably had these shirts for at least 15 of those years!!  We are those people who get the shirts in every size and take family photos in them!!  (Which I am now wishing I could find and post, but I will spare my family!  HA!) And $ can't beat it!  :)

How fun was that?!? Have a great day everyone!!  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cheers to a three day weekend!!!

The One and Only by Emily Giffin
Emily Giffin is my favorite author.  I just LOVE all her novels!  This latest came out on Tuesday and I can't wait to spend the whole weekend reading it!!

I'm a CONS Convert!
If you follow me on Insta or read my WWIW post on Wednesday {here}, you know that I've purchased my first (and second...I really did have all intentions of returning one!!) pair of CONS.  I can't wait to style them all summer long!!


Sirius XM LOVE Station Channel 17
So the other night my mom, sister, and I were traveling in my mom's car for a while and Mom being the drivier, had her stations on.  Can I just tell you, she put this station on and it was AWESOME!!!  Fabulous 80's/ 90's cheese we were all singing along to!  Makes me wish I had XM!


Girl Meets World
 YES...I do realize that I am 34 years old!!!  But I will admit I watched this!!  I loved Boy Meets World when I was younger and I just HAD too.  The first episode is online now at Watch Disney Channel (if your cable provider is listed).  I thought it was cute.  Super cheesy, of course...but a cute little Disney Show.  Excited for my nieces and nephews to watch it!

It's a three day weekend!
Enough Said!  Have a great holiday weekend...the END of the school year is getting closer.  YAY! 
To those who are still fighting for our freedom everyday and to those we have lost in that fight...THANK YOU!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Life in Lists

Linking up for another My Life in Lists with Marci and Kelli!

This one I just HAD to do....

List things you should stop spending money on.

HA!  This is pretty easy but hard too, to put down in words!!  Because I feel like me putting out there in the world, I'll really need to go do it!  But here goes nothing!

CLOTHES!!!  This I will admit is my BIGGEST downfall!  There is just too much super cute clothing out there!  I have always said, that I don't just frivolously buy clothes!  If I buy it I know where I'm going to wear it!!  I tried the Spring Style Me Challenge that was centered around 18 key pieces of clothing, so I know you don't need a lot of clothes to be stylish, but clearly I'm not on board with that yet!  LOL.  I mean, I have a lot of closet space in the new place and I still have clothes all over!  YIKES!!  But I should also say that I never buy anything unless it on sale...or just already pretty cheap!  :)

ACCESSORIES!  I've definitely jumped on the accessory bandwagon.  From scarves to statement necklaces, hats to purses, I've bought 'em!  Does a girls need 27 infinity scarves? I know the answer is indeed NO...BUT in all honesty, an accessory CAN TOTAL change an entire outfit!!!

EATING OUT!  Living alone, I eat out a lot.  I love eating out actually, because I HATE cooking but it can get rather pricey.  The only plus to eating out, is the fact that I always have leftovers, so even though I'm spending more that I should, I'm getting 2 meals out of it!

See I'm always looking on he bright side of things!! LOL
What are some things you should stop spending money on? Tell me in the comments below and if you're a blogger, link up {here}.

Have a great Thursday!  Come back tomorrow for a fresh 5 on Friday!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIWW and a little inspiration!

Well after missing last week's link up you'd think I'd have more outfits to share...but I don't!  Not feeling well last week, and then getting a headache that lasted a good four days....I'm not gonna lie...I spent a good amount of time in my blardigan this past week!  HA! When I did get dressed, for work or otherwise (and remembered to take photos!) this is what I wore!  Lots of Piper Street Looks again!  I just love them!  New styles just arrived too...go check 'em out!!

I wasn't sure about this Piper Street shirt (sold out) with this necklace...but I received many compliments on both, so I guess that's a plus!!  I have to figure out what else I can wear with the necklace! {Bauble Bar}

Another Piper Street top /Vera/...that I may have worn like a million times in the few short weeks since I got it!  And I can't wait to wear it with my yellow denim skinnies that I got YESTERDAY, so you'll see this again!

I posted this on the Challenge page the other day when I decided to wear this shirt to work after it literally fell off a hanger in my closet and on to the floor!  To be honest, I had forgotten it even existed!  But I love it. It was one of my first purchases from Dorothy Perkins.

I look about ten shades of exhausted here but I am posting this anyway because this is my absolute fave new shirt.  Actually, it's not new but it's the first day I wore it.  It's a Loft find that I first saw on Pinterest Told Me To, and ended up getting for 50% off...woo hoo!!

And just for fun I'm including this pic!  I've joined the Cons club!!  
I know it was a lil excessive to get two pair right outta the gate, but I had all intentions of returning a pair (Thank you Nordstrom for FREE RETURNS!!) but now I have all intentions of keeping both!!!  HA!  And who knew the people of instagram loved Cons so much! I don't think I've ever had more likes on a photo.

And this week I'm also linking up with my Spring Style Me Challenge friends again...this time to find a little inspiration in the everyday!  I wanted to share that I've been inspired by my eighth graders this week!  A tech assignment I gave them over the weekend was to find a song to play for the class that they felt defined their life at this moment. They are going to be graduating in a few short weeks and are going off in different directions, I wanted them to put their feelings to music.  My school is a Pre-K through Eighth grades, so many have spent the majority of their lives with us!
I love, loved, loved the feedback I received from this assignment and all of the interesting songs the students came up with.  And boy did they run the gamut....between the sad, the happy (literally Happy!), the brave, and the confused!  I also secretly, LOVED that so many of them chose country absolute fave!!  HA! It is also very funny to see just how much the song choices fit them. I am in awe of these kids and how ready they are to face what lies ahead of them with grace and maturity!

Hope everyone's having a great week!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday Celebrating Children's Book Week!

Well, It's been a whole week since I've blogged...and it's been pretty uneventful.  Missed my usual WWIW and Link -up with my fellow challengers because I was sick and not up to it.  I've done much of nothing this week but rest.  So I thought for my Friday Five, I'd share with you five of my favorite books for kids in celebration of Children's Book Week, this week!  I have so many favorites, it's hard to narrow it down, but I'll try!!  Most of these books I've used in my teaching!

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen- I love, love, love this book!  I've been my school's Librarian and Technology teacher for the past two years, and when I first started doing so, I was also a Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys.  This book was one that we offered through Discovery Toys.  I read it and immediately knew it'd be perfect to teach Library Rules (and rules of good behavior in general)!  It is quite a long book, but it holds the students attention from beginning to end!  The kids love it...and ask me to read it over and over!  Read more about Library Lion {here}

The View from Saturday by E.L Konigsburg- This one is a chapter book for older children that I read as an adult and loved!  It all centers around a challenge bowl, it's team and how the teacher picks the students and how they came to "make the team"!  I also mentioned it {here}!  Read more about the book {here}.

The Wall by Eve Bunting- Another story I've used in my teaching.  Such a sweet and sentimental story to share with your family...about family!  I cry every time! Read more about The Wall {here}.  I also love the fairly new children's book Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops by Jill Biden.  I read both to my students around Memorial Day/Veteran's Day!

Frindle by Andrew Clements- I'm a big fan of Andrew Clements and this is one of my faves.  I love that it gives the power to the kids and makes them feel invincible!  So fun!! Read more about Frindle {here}.

And how could I not include Wonder on my list!  My all time favorite book.  A must read for every...human being!  I've blogged about it {here} and {here}. Choose Kind!!

I could go on and on...Feel free to share your faves with me in the comments below!!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday....It's about time you arrived!!!

A Special Request
I wanted to ask you all for a special request first thing today!  Back in {February}, 5 on Friday Bloggers got together to show our support for #TEAMTEDDY, a sweet baby boy battling Menkes Syndrome. Sadly, on Monday, Teddy lost his battle.  I ask you to please pray for his family and all who knew and loved him!  As Sunday is Mother's Day, please keep Teddy's mom, Mary in your hearts and prayers.  They called him, Super Teddy...he is certainly flying high in Heaven now! 

The End of the Spring Style Me Challenge
Sunday marked the end of the Spring Style Me Challenge I was participating in with Alison at Get Your Pretty On.  I am so sad it's over but I could not be more happy that I decided to participate.  I learned a lot, made new friends and got to wear some pretty cute outfits!!  I can't wait for the Summer Challenge to begin!  See how I styled all three weeks of outfits {here}, {here}, {here}, and {here}.  Find out how the challenge worked so you can join us this summer {here}!

Finding Inspiration in the Everyday
If you've been following my outfit posts during the challenge, you know that I linked up with some awesome ladies (and fellow challengers) to showcase our outfits each week!  Well, we had such a great time and loved linking up so much that we've decided to continue it each week!  Because we all blog about such different things, this time around we're finding inspiration in the everyday...spread the word and please join us on Wednesdays!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
Clearly my luck is changing! Last week in my five I included my Piper Street Gift card win.  And this week, I'm a winner once again!  I went to my school's Spring Auction and came home with an awesome Lia Sophia basket!  Woo Hoo!  They say things happen in threes...LOL

My Life in Lists
I've recently jumped on the bandwagon of a brand new link-up called My Life in Lists hosted by Marci @ If These Walls could Speak and her sister Kelli @ K.gilby.  Every Monday they post a new list topic.  Some weeks, might pertain to you, others might pressure!  I've linked up three times so far!  This week's list I LOVED!  It was books you think your followers should totally read!  Right up my alley, right!?!  Perfect for adding some summer reads to your own list.  See what's on mine {here}!  And go link-up...It's a small but mighty group each week!

Linking up with the 5 on Friday ladies today!

Have a great weekend!  And to all the moms out there, have a fabulous day with your kiddos!!  Hope you can find the time to relax and enjoy!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIWW: The Final Challenge Post!

Well, it's a sad day...the fourth and final post of the Spring Style Me Challenge for my fellow bloggers and I!  I'm so totally signed up for this again come summer!  As part of this final entry, we thought we'd also reflect on some of the lessons we learned while participating!  (Thanks Deena for the idea!!) I can't wait to share mine with you!

But first things first...the outfits I was able to put together this week!

Wednesday in the challenge called for a chambray shirt, black and white striped tee, and white jeans with a statement necklace and the neutral wedges.  I'll be honest, I put this on, and didn't end up wearing it!  But I took a selfie...HA!  This was so super easy, but there was something I just didn't love about it!

Wednesday- Day 17
JCrew Chambray Shirt {here}
Target T {here}
Articles of Society Jeans {here}
Stella and Dot Kimberly Neck;lace {here}
My Nude flats got cut off but the link to them is {here}

Thursday was a white on white day. Working, I couldn't do it!  But on Saturday I experimented with this to go out with friends that night!  Didn't end up wearing it, because as you can see that shirt is a WRINKLED MESS!!  No time for ironing just then!
Thursday- Day 18

Piper Street Top {here}
Loft Modern Skinny Jeans {here}
Target Metallic Sandals {here}

Friday called for a bright cardigan, white shirt, boyfriend jeans, scarf and metallic sandals.  For work, I swapped out the metallic sandals for leopard flats, went with a pair of trusty black pants, and a statement necklace rather than the scarf!  Here's how it turned out:
Friday- Day 19
Piper Street Cardigan {here}
Bauble Bar Necklace {here} ON SALE NOW!
Leopard Flats {here}

Saturday: I put this on to go tutor (but then didn't have to! So I might have just laid out in my backyard in leggings and a tank top!)  Ended up liking this one a lot!  Will wear this again for sure!  Liked the sloppy tuck!
Saturday- Day 20
Loft Lime button down...LOVE {THIS}!!  So soft and stretchy!  ON SALE super sale!
Marissa Modern Skinnies...again!  
Target Metallic Sandals...again!

Sunday was the final day of the challenge and it was a maxi skirt day, so I rocked it....Finally!  This is the maxi I mentioned in last week's post! {here} I went to an early Mother's Day brunch at my sister's and this was PERFECT!! 
Sunday- Day 21 THE LAST DAY
The fedora was just for fun!
 Before I left I threw on my cropped denim jacket and shoes, of course...the metallic sandals above!

To see how I styled all three weeks of outfits click {here}, {here} and {here}!

Now a  few lessons I've learned while participating in the Spring Style Me Challenge with Alison @ Get Your Pretty On:
  • You don't need 1000 articles of clothing to have a "style". (If that makes ANY sense at all!)   This was a big take-away for me!  I will admittedly tell you that I have way too many clothes, some of which I don't even wear.  With the 18 pieces we were given on the shopping list (all of which I had), we were able to mix and match 21 days worth of outfits!  Now that is not to say there wasn't a lot of repetition, because there was, but we were encouraged to make the outfits our own and use items from our own closets.  Now that the challenge is over, and I no longer have a guide dressing me in the morning, I'm looking at my closet in a whole new way and loving it!
  • With that said, I also wanna mention, that I've learned that the  way you wear your outfit, is only the half of it!  Confidence, presence, and a smile, can MAKE the outfit!
  • The Facebook Group was my favorite thing about the challenge!  I loved "meeting" all the women involved!  Seeing their outfits, watching their and my own confidence grow as the weeks went on, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the encouragement, compliments and laughs shared on a daily basis! There was no cattiness or bitterness within the group, which these days is extremely rare! I felt pretty everyday during the challenge and that was all thanks to this group of women.  Also, the outfit envy and inspiration I received from each of these women, all of varying ages, was great.  Anyone, at any age, can rock these looks...and we ALL DID!

I hope you'll consider joining us for the Summer Style Me Challenge...coming soon!

Now go check out how the rest of these lovely ladies did in the final week of the Challenge! And, GOOD NEWS...the FUN continues!!  I am so excited to keep the link-ups going with these fabulous ladies for the foreseeable future! I am so glad to have found them and their blogs! 

Linking up today with my Challenge Lovlies below, as well as Alison, Lindsey, ShannaSarah!

Lana @ Two Teens and their Mama 

Happy Wednesday!