Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Life in Lists

Linking up for another My Life in Lists with Marci and Kelli!

This one I just HAD to do....

List things you should stop spending money on.

HA!  This is pretty easy but hard too, to put down in words!!  Because I feel like me putting out there in the world, I'll really need to go do it!  But here goes nothing!

CLOTHES!!!  This I will admit is my BIGGEST downfall!  There is just too much super cute clothing out there!  I have always said, that I don't just frivolously buy clothes!  If I buy it I know where I'm going to wear it!!  I tried the Spring Style Me Challenge that was centered around 18 key pieces of clothing, so I know you don't need a lot of clothes to be stylish, but clearly I'm not on board with that yet!  LOL.  I mean, I have a lot of closet space in the new place and I still have clothes all over!  YIKES!!  But I should also say that I never buy anything unless it on sale...or just already pretty cheap!  :)

ACCESSORIES!  I've definitely jumped on the accessory bandwagon.  From scarves to statement necklaces, hats to purses, I've bought 'em!  Does a girls need 27 infinity scarves? I know the answer is indeed NO...BUT in all honesty, an accessory CAN TOTAL change an entire outfit!!!

EATING OUT!  Living alone, I eat out a lot.  I love eating out actually, because I HATE cooking but it can get rather pricey.  The only plus to eating out, is the fact that I always have leftovers, so even though I'm spending more that I should, I'm getting 2 meals out of it!

See I'm always looking on he bright side of things!! LOL
What are some things you should stop spending money on? Tell me in the comments below and if you're a blogger, link up {here}.

Have a great Thursday!  Come back tomorrow for a fresh 5 on Friday!!


  1. I shouldn't even comment because I'm loving accessories too and want to buy sooo many! I thought the style challenge would limit how much clothes I buy but then I buy multiples of each because I like my options!

  2. I'm with you on every single one of these! I have way too many clothes but I'm not that good at only buying stuff I'll wear! Sometimes I buy things and then end up hating them two weeks later ... it's annoying. I wish my husband would agree to eat out more but you better believe when he's gone we go out a LOT ha! Thanks for linking up!


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