Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Red, White, and Blue Favorite Things Party

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone's enjoying some time with family and friends today...enjoying the beautiful weather.  But please let's take a moment to raise our glasses and remember what this day is REALLY about...those who fought so hard for the freedoms we love so much...and lost their lives in doing so! And may we pray for those who still fight each and every day! THANK YOU!

Linking up with two of my faves today Erika and Andrea for Favorite Things!  Today the Linky party's got a red, white, and blue theme in honor of Memorial Day!

First up, a  recipe for you! MY MOST FAVORITE EVER!!!  We had a BBQ at my sister's house this weekend to kick off summer!  My other sister brought a fruit platter with fruit dip...and just like that my summer had begun!  To make this fruit dip you need two ingredients, both of which together are under $10...Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Fluff! Mix them together and there you have it!  Serve with strawberries, blueberries and other assorted fruits and you're good to go!  There are lots of variations of this one around which I'm sure you've seen, but you really need nothing else!  It may not be the healthiest thing going...but who cares!

I LOVE {these}AE shelf camis.  I seriously wear camis under EVERYTHING!  It might be summer, but I'm still wearing one under my tops and tanks. And sometimes, after having them for so many years and wearing and washing them over and over and over again, the white's not so white anymore and the black's starting to look more like gray!  So when I can find them on sale for $10, I'll scoop some up!  This weekend they're $10 and it's free shipping on everything! (til tonight).  See all $10 deals {here}

And how do you not include the Old Navy Flag tee for $5.00 when talking about red, white, and blue favorite things under $10 dollars! They used to just have them out only for the 4th of July but have bumped it up for Memorial Day! This year the shirt marks the 20th anniversary.  I am not kidding when I tell you my family has probably had these shirts for at least 15 of those years!!  We are those people who get the shirts in every size and take family photos in them!!  (Which I am now wishing I could find and post, but I will spare my family!  HA!) And $ can't beat it!  :)

How fun was that?!? Have a great day everyone!!  


  1. YUM!!! I need that fruit did NOW!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. I need to get one of those old navy tee's this year!

  3. Stopping by from the linkup! Cream cheese....I'm in! So glad to "meet you"! :-)

    - Elizabeth

  4. Spent 6 hours in the kitchen and you pick Meg's dip?!?! The next barbecue is take out! ;)

    1. The dip was WHITE!!!! Hahahahaha
      And as evidenced by the two helpings of everything I ate I loved it all!! I was so mad when I forgot my to-go Tupperware!!! Booooo!!! Next girls night instead of sushi bring Mac and Cheese!!!!! :)


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