Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Challengers Unite!

It's a Special Edition of What I Wore Wednesday!!

A few of my fellow challengers and I are linking up for the next few weeks to show you all the outfits we've put together while participating in the Spring Style Me Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On! Read more about my joining the challenge here!

The challenge has been so, so much fun!  The challenge only officially started on Monday, but the members of the group have been "meeting" up and sharing outfit inspirations and ideas with one another for about a week and a half!  I have to say, that has been the MOST FUN of it all!

This being Wednesday, we've only had three outfits so far.  I'm sharing my take on the first two with you this week.  Today's outfit, I'm saving for another day, so you'll see it in a future post!  The best thing about the challenge is that all the pieces were already in my closet!  But that doesn't mean I didn't spend a lil' bit getting new pieces to help me get my pretty on!

Day One:
 This was my take on the first outfit!  

My bright gingham button down came from JCP...probably the first thing I've bought there ever...thanks to my new challenge friends for pointing me in that direction!  Total score and loving the affordability!!

The cropped denim jacket is from AE....YEARS ago! (similar)

I've had to swap out jeans for trouser/dress pants for work.  These are from LOFT, again....years ago! I could stand another, more well , fitting pair I suppose!  And these ones are lined!  Proof that white is not just for after Memorial Day until Labor Day anymore!  HA!!  (similar)  Leopard flats completed the look!

Day Two:
I did a little remixing of the outfit today and really liked how it turned out! We have the freedom to switch things up and make the outfit all our own.  

Rather than the bright cardigan (which I do have!) I opted for a pullover (here) over a  minty button down (here). Truth be told that may have had something to do with the fact that the button down was a wrinkled mess AND pretty sheer!  And my Stella and Dot pendant with it was a plus!

Paired with black Loft Trouser Pants (older than dirt...but very comfy!) and these nude flats, and I was out the door!!
I really need a full length mirror!!  

I'll be back again next week to show you some more great outfits! I am so excited to be on Spring Break and be able to wear JEANS all week!  WOO HOO!  
Until then, go check out the outfits my fellow challengers have put'll love the looks!  And a big thanks to Deena  for creating the super cute logo for us and working so hard on the links!

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Linking up for I feel pretty with Alison at Get Your Pretty On
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  1. Jealous of spring break and your casual outfits for a week! Love that S&D pendant!

  2. great outfits! Love the bright colors on you!

  3. OH I love how you paired it for work. I'm trying to do the same too. And I realized that I own no black pants, not black jeans or guess what I'm buying next?! Love that bright colored pull over too!

  4. Swap out the shirt color on day 1 and we basically have the same work outfit on :) lol! You look great in both outfits! And I love how you subbed the sweater for the cardigan!

  5. The Spring Style Challenge is so much fun! I haven't been able to participate in the facebook group as much as I'd like, but when I get on there, it's such a great group of ladies. That sweater is a great color on you. I'd love to link up with you all in the future :)

  6. Love your bright smile! It makes your stylin' outfits that much cuter!

  7. You did great! The sweater on day 2 is an awesome color for you. Very pretty!

  8. I love the spring style challenge! Such amazing outfits by such a beautfiul bunch of ladies. You did the color of the orange sweater, looks fab on you..


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