Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Life in Lists

I always love reading the comments other bloggers leave on my page and checking out their blogs.  Marci over at if These Walls Could Speak, visited from the Friday Link-up last week and commented, so I checked out her blog and found out that she just started hosting a Weekly Linky Party with her sister @ Team Gilbert called My Life in Lists.  You guys know me and link-ups!  I've decided to join this week!

5 Things I'd Do with a Million Dollars
What wouldn't I do!?!

1/ TRAVEL!!!  EVERYWHERE!  To places I've never been and places I've been to a thousand times before!
Some of the places I've never been: Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, St. Barth's, was once so close and yet so far away! And so many more...

2/ Redesign my closet!  I'd pay to have my closet customized and reorganized.  Because I always see awesome, huge closets on these home shows and get closet envy!

3/ Hire a chauffeur...for reals!!  A HOTT ONE!

4/ Invest some, donate some, and share some with family! (Should that be 3? HA!)

5/ SHOP!  Of course!  At all my favorite stores...Nordy's Loft, Target, Victoria, Amazon, AE!  And because I'd have the money...Pottery Barn! LOL

What would you do with a million bucks? Let me know in the comments below and  go link up here! New prompts every Monday!

Have a Happy Saturday and a Blessed Easter!


  1. So tricky! I'd pay off debt, and go on a HUGE trip AND shopping spree!!!!

  2. Katie I love your list! SERIOUSLY I should have added redesign my closet to my list! I have a walk-in to myself but I feel like it's just a mess! I need built-ins galore! Thanks for linking up!


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