Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tops!

So some other bloggers post a Tuesday's Top Three, but it's not a link-up.  I thought I'd try my own version today, and since I don't have a top three, I'm just gonna tell you what's tops in my book, right now!  The first Tuesday's Tops ever goes to BLACKJACK!  LOL

On Saturday night I went to a Casino Night Fundraiser event hosted by Matthew's Giving Tree, a foundation formed by family friends in honor of their sweet, sweet son, Matthew who, God had other plans for!  His young life was cut short in 2010 due to a congenital heart defect.  Since his passing, his parents have worked so hard creating this foundation that does amazing things.  Along with giving scholarships to students pursuing degrees in nursing, the foundation also provides children with disabilities, adaptive equipment and the like, so that these children can live as normal a life as is possible.  (Read more about the great things the foundation has done here!)  From the fun had by all at Saturday's Casino Night, their efforts in Matthew's name are an astounding success!  The place was packed...there were raffles, great found, drinks, music and of course, plenty of poker chips to go around!

It is amazing how quickly one can lose $100 bucks...thank goodness it was play money!  And YAY for winning an extra $100 as my scratch off prize!  (That by the way, was an awesome idea...homemade scratch-offs!!).  The first game I played was roulette, which I knew a little something about, due to the fact that I spent a few New Year's Eves as a child, at a family's house that made roulette and the ponies an annual part of the night.  But clearly, I was better at it when I was 7!  That is where I lost my first $100...in about 10 mins!  When I failed at that...I ate and drank awhile.

Then I found my "aunt" at the Blackjack table, with her favorite person of the evening...the dealer!!  There was an empty spot at the table, and everyone was very welcoming, so I joined in!  SO. MUCH. FUN.  And I was not that bad at it either! The dealer was pretty helpful too. I made a few calls that didn't work out in my favor, but you have to take chances, right?  I got super excited and giddy when I won and even got a few Blackjacks!  GO ME!!  I kept playing til I couldn't anymore...which was quite awhile!  HA!  Quote of the night goes to my mom, (she also eventually joined the game) who said, "I can see how people get addicted to this!"  We told her to stick to the wine!! :)  But I think she's right!  In the end, it was all in good fun for us...for a great cause, and we had a great time.  Can't wait for my next cruise...I'll be playing blackjack!  HA!

And I can't wait until next's year's Matthew Giving Tree Foundation Casino Night!  A huge THANK YOU to the Foundation for putting the evening together and for helping me find a new favorite!

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