Friday, April 4, 2014

High Five for Friday!

On Instagram I've stumbled upon a few fellow teachers and one of them was @lovebellissima. Then I found out she had an online boutique, which as you may remember, are my new favorite things!  I scoped it out a bit, and found a dress on there that I really loved, but was unfortunately, not available in my size!  Instead, I got two necklaces.  One of which I showed off on IG the other day!  A little while later, I found this on the Love Bellissima IG page!  Pretty hilarious...but also very cool!!  To find more great stuff like this, shop Love Bellissima.  They have an anniversary sale going on right now thru April 5th...25% off select items!

I have finally found them!!  The perfect white skinnies for Spring!!  And they arrived yesterday!  This was my third attempt at trying to find a pair I really love!  And these are them! Meet Zoey!  They are cropped with a little cuff, and since I'm on the short side, I'm able to pull them off as either cropped or long! (if that makes any sense at all!) So super soft, just enough stretch, and not TOO see thru!

I will also be wearing these all Spring and Summer as well!!  
I was so super excited when they came in the mail
on Saturday, I texted my bestie this photo!
Another thing I've searched high and low for ever since I saw them on Erika a few months back!  She linked a similar pair to her own from Old Navy and luckily, I was able to grab them.  They also have this pair with zip pockets, that my bestie picked up!

Just like I was a little late to the Frozen party (watched this weekend and LOVED!!) I'm also a little late jumping on the "Happy" bandwagon!  My tune has changed now though (ha...) I am totally on board.  I love it so much, I planned a lesson around it this week for all my classes! Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought using the song as a springboard for the students to write their own list poems (the easiest to write and learn with!). They wrote lists about what happiness was to the song says.  We also talked about how music itself is a form of poetry!

Clap Along!

THIS happened Monday!!!  GRRRR...
An early April Fool's joke it was not!  5 inches!!  WHAT!?!? 
And this is the LAST time I will post about SNOW!!
It was 55 and beautiful yesterday...not so much today though, but I'm optimistic Spring IS in the air!!

Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend!  Whatever you do, I hope it's FABULOUS!!  


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  1. Ok! This is TOO FUNNY!! I was literally dancing in my computer chair to "Happy" while reading this ...and then got to #4!! lol! I can't get enough of it! (: ... Hooray for your cute new clothing finds too!! Hope Spring like weather hits your area asap!! Have yourself a lovely weekend, Katie! So glad you stopped by Chatting Over Chocolate today!! I was tickled pink to receive your super sweet comment, and to come check out your blog! xo


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