Monday, April 14, 2014

What's On...My DVR

Linking up today with Andrea @ Momfessionals for a brand new Link-up she's started...WHAT'S ON! Each Month, the rest of the year, will be dedicated to one specific prompt!  The first one is What's On...your DVR!  Living the solitary life I do, this is so very PERFECT for me!! Most nights it's just me, my wine, and my DVR!!!

These are the shows that are on my DVR's Season Pass:

General Hospital: Yes, I still watch this...and have been religiously since I've about the age of 10! (And when SoapNet was on, I may have spent a weekend watching an entire batch of old school Luke and Laura episodes!) I DVR it everyday and  won't watch every episode during the week, but sometimes feel like I can get through about a week's worth of shows in about an hour!  I'll scan through a lot...and some days are better than others!

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: If you have been following my blog for a while, you know my LOVE for Jimmy Fallon runs deep!  He just makes me smile!  I love the hashtag Wednesdays, Thank You Note Fridays, all the games he plays, and everything in between!  And really... he has Springsteen Weeks and Justin Timberweek...C'mon!!!!

Parenthood: One of the BEST shows ever!!!!  You need to watch this!  I laugh every week and I cry every week!  It's just so real and I love it!!

Grey's Anatomy/Scandal: I am clumping these two together because THEY ARE THURSDAY NIGHTS FOR ME!  I DVR them and start them a little late so I'm able to fast forward through the commercials and still end at 11!  Some weeks, I even invite my sisters and friends over for Grey's Nights, that extend into Scandal!  And yes, those nights I'm drinking my wine from my Crate and Barrel Olivia Pope glasses!  HA!!!

Blue Bloods: Another show I absolutely love!!  I'm not ashamed to admit that most Friday nights I'm in bed earlier than any other night of the week!  I guess by Friday, I'm just shot!!  Happiness to me on a Friday is: being wrapped up in my blardigan, with a glass of wine in hand and watching the Reagans!!

Chicago Fire: Love this show...and all the cute Firemen!

Chicago PD: I didn't like it at first but it very quickly grew on me...I still save it for the weekend to watch though!!

Law & Order SVU: (Or as my mom will forever call it- SUV!) This is a show I have seen every SINGLE episode of from the very beginning.  And I will admit, when Christopher Meloni left, I wasn't sure it was going to last much longer...but it has and only keeps getting better!  This season has been INSANE!!  It's actually another show I'll save for the weekend...because I'd rather watch in the daylight!

Suits: I really like USA originals, and this one is my fave!  Such a crazy concept...but totally works! And I love the dynamic of all the characters!  And again...the hot guys DO NOT HURT!!

Some shows on my DVR that I am super behind on:
I have three episodes of Pretty Little Liars that need to be finished.
I'm two episodes behind on Nashville.
And I have all the episodes of the new show Crisis that I have yet to watch!  But I've heard it's really good!  So one of these weekends I'll get a round to it!

I also have a Hallmark Channel Original Movie from Christmastime saved on my DVR.  It 's called Finding Christmas and was so super cute...I watched it about 87 times.  I think I love it so much because it was kind of like one of my absolute favorite movies, The Holiday!

Eeeekkkk...reading this back, it's fairly evident why I'm still living this single, solitary life, huh??  But this was fun...I can't wait until next month!

Have a great rest of the week!  Come back Wednesday for a Spring Style Me Challenge Link-Up I'm doing with some fellow bloggers in the group!  Today was the first day of the challenge and I gotta say...I am LOVING it!!


  1. I'm glad someone else is DVRing Crisis. We have it recording but haven't seen any of the episodes yet. I'm waiting to hear someone say it's good!

  2. Love PLL! Can't wait for it to come back in June :)


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