Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currently: March

March is Here!  Time for another Currently care of Farley @ Oh Boy, it's Farley!
Because #ITeachToo :)

Here's what I'm up to Currently....

Listening: to the sound of the dryer
Laundry on a week night is rare but some times it has to be done! And truth be told, it's late, it might just stay in there unfolded!

Loving: Edgewater, the book I am reading!
I decided this year to start a book club and Edgewater was the first book I chose to kick it off!!  We have our first meeting Friday night, so I have been devouring it, so I finish in time!  I am really enjoying it.  It is considered a YA read, but it's definitely for adults too!

Thinking: about eating ice cream.  
Because sometimes when garlic is just need a lil something after dinner!!

Wanting: Spring to get here already...
We've had a few days of teasing temps, but for the most part, it's still chilly!  I just can't wait for more short sleeves and sunshine!  For now though, I'm layering!  Check out how, here!

Needing: to skip my subscriptions for March
I subscribe to a few monthly subscription clothing services.  Since I am Shop Free for 3, I have to remember to skip this month in both!  Skipping will give me a great deal of satisfaction!!  LOL

Polling Site- Nope!
Tuesday (March 1st) was Super Tuesday here.  Many schools were polling sites.  My school is never a polling site.  We are a small Catholic school, so our building is never utilized and we never have Election Day off, like they do in public school! :(

Oh Boy It's Farley

What are you up to Currently? Let me know is the comments below!!

Have a happy Thursday!!  One more day to the weekend!!  Is this week dragging for anyone other than me?  SLOWEST. WEEK.  EVER!!


  1. Replies
    1. YUP!! In public school because schools are used as voting places!! Crazy!

  2. The week is almost over and SPRING is almost here! Ice-cream is good anytime of the day or night!

  3. What a day off of school?! They don't do that here!

  4. My kids don't get off school for that day either. We were getting some lovely Spring weather here and then it turned all cold again! At least no snow, though! I need to check out that book!


  5. I bought 2 kinds of chocolate and a bag of skittles today. It's that time... Give me all the sugar.
    I have to go running tomorrow 😜

  6. Our county never used schools for polling places they put them in the church basements, volunteer fire department meeting halls, and library! Spring is coming my way next week with the 70's coming back, whoo hooooo!

  7. I want spring to get here already too! I'm over the below 0 temps! Hopefully it warms up for both of us soon!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  8. My school was a polling place but we had to go to school anyway. In fact, none of our schools were closed. We stood in line for over two hours after work to vote at a school near our home. I like this format of Currently. I have been doing something similar through Becky at Choose Happy but this is fun, too. I say go for a bowl of ice cream any chance you get!


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