Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude: The Home Edition

Happy Monday!  Linking up with Shaunacey today for Monday Moments of Gratitude!  

Today's Monday Moments of Gratitude Post is dedicated to my brother-in-law Anthony and my neighbor GUS because they helped this solitary life-r out BIG TIME around the house this weekend!

My brother-in-law Anthony is the handiest of us all...and everyone is my family knows this!  He also has way more patience than my dad, who after helping me out a ton when I first moved in, told me to "get a boyfriend so he could help me out around the house instead".  So I knew Anthony was the guy to help me put on my new shower head, after I did attempt...and failed to get the old one off!!  I knew I was going to see my sister and  on Sunday because I was babysitting my niece for them.  So I texted my sister and asked if Anthony would mind replacing the showerhead.  She texted back and said yes and that he would also put on the keyless entry (I have been wanting forever!), if I just got it during the week.  I was super excited!

A number of my neighbors have the keyless entry in my complex and I wanted to get the same so it looked uniform!  I texted my neighbor, GUS to ask about it...whose name is not really GUS, but that's what I call him because he's the Guy UpStairs!  I had a GUS in my old apartment and in this new place, the name just stuck.  Don't worry though, I know his real name and call him that!  But for blog anonymity we'll go with GUS.

And GUS just about did the sweetest thing ever!  He texted me back and said he got the same as everyone else too!  He said he knew what one to get and would gladly pick it up for me!!!  And install it!!  GUS is the BEST people!!  So he went and purchased it on Wednesday and came over on Friday to install it....but guess what?!?!  Something was missing from the box!!!  So he couldn't do it. I felt awful!!  He said he could go return it to Home Depot on Saturday and would come back and install it again then.  When I paid him for the lock I threw in some extra cash for his four trips to and from Home Depot!  HA!!

So that changed my plans for Saturday (but besties never mind when you cancel plans last minute!) and I stayed home and waited for him to come back and install the new one.  At around 5 p.m. a new keyless entry was installed and in good working order!  I was so excited!  So was GUS, seeing as every time I left my keys in the door, he'd be the one to text me they were there!  Now I am super secure in my little house!

And since Anthony didn't have to do my keyless entry, I didn't think he's mind if I added a few more smaller tasks around the house to his list for Sunday!  And he didn't!!  He was awesome!  He put up my Long Island sign that's just been propped up against the window since October, moved my Mishaps and Mayhem sign, fixed my loose toilet paper roll and changed a few light bulbs in my bedroom!  (Those I haven't had for almost a year!! LOL)  Oh and he helped me figure out how to get the drill bits in my drill!  Woo hoo!!  And he did it all with a smile!  But right about now I'm thinking he might think I need a boyfriend too....

So grateful for a loving (and handy!) brother-in-law and sweet, sweet neighbor friend!!

Have a great week!  And don't forget to head on over to The Blended Blog today...I'm sharing Spring Cocktails!!


  1. Yay for GUS! LOL, and handy people! That's amazing that he did all that for you. I love kind people:)

  2. YAY GUS and Anthony!! How nice is it to have awesome people like that around? Brent is SUPER handy and I literally think our house would have fallen apart without him a number of times!!
    thanks for linking up today!!
    Simply Shaunacey

  3. Oh how nice to have family and neighbors that are handy! Love how you came up with name GUS! :)


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