Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Style Perspectives...the White Jeans Edition

Style Perspectives is back!  Last week's pink looks were so fun and fabulous!  I just loved everyone's interpretations and pink hues.
Here's the recap of our pink looks...awesome right??
Check out Lisa's looks at The Blended Blog here and mine from last week here!

Sarah's pick this week features White Pants, jeans and even shorts! #sojealous. So head on over to The Blended Blog and check out her feature!!

 I'll be honest's still winter for five more days!  And I've never really gotten up the courage to wear the white pants (out of the house) in winter.  Even though I know it can totally be done!  And looks awesome!!  I've seen it done and done well on probably every single one of my Blended Blog Buddies.  Just last week, Andrea rocked the white jeans with her pink sweater!

So today, for this post, I've decided to give it a try, with wear now looks that I can take into Spring!

Caution ahead: Still no photographer so selfies it is!

This first look is a definite wear now look.  40's and 50's still warrant the riding boots!!  Love these ones with the white pants.  This sweater is super light and pairing it with the chambray just works.  If I were to get hot, the chambray with the white jeans would totally look ok on it's own.

This next look is more springy, with the pink gingham under a super similar sweater!  I paired it with booties in the first look and nude patents in the second.

I really like these looks a lot actually and can't wait to wear them often this Spring!
Can't wait to check out everyone's looks today!!  Link up with us and join the fun!!

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  1. I adore white jeans with Argyle! You look pretty as can be and I don't blame you it's still chilly here and I'm keeping my riding boots out for a while plus they look so wonderful with white! Gorgeous!

  2. Okay- hold up, do you have 3 different version of that sweater??! I totally would too because holy cow, it's cute. And I love it paired with the boots!

  3. You are adorable! All 3 looks a great but the bottom one is my fave, mostly cause is screams spring and I want it to get here fast!

  4. White jeans can be so cute! Love the way you styled them! Have a great Hump Day!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. I love the white jeans with your argyle, so, so cute! Love the hint of pink showing in your 2nd and 3rd looks :) You are definitely ready for Spring!

  6. LOVE your jeans with those two sweaters!! and those peep toe boots?! Need some like that in my closet!!!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  7. Cute looks. By the way, I tried to follow you via the rafflecopter on the Blended Blog giveaway, and the link to your instagram doesn't work. Im following you other ways though :)

  8. All cute looks! I can't decide on my favorite.

    Daily Style Finds

  9. I love both looks. Great teachery sweaters!! :-)

  10. I like the argyle w/white pants. The pop of pink is perfection!

  11. Your white pants look so good with these sweaters! Definitely copying this look. And I need to find a pink gingham shirt - so cute!

  12. Great way to utilize your transition pieces and put three great looks together. I really like the pink, the sweater and flats, they say "hello spring" to me and I am itching for it to come already.

  13. I love the look of white jeans and riding boots! I just got my white jeans so I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet, but need to while it is still wintery!

  14. Love both ways you've styled white jeans!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



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