Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Mixed Tape: The Soundtrack of My Life

Today's Show and Tell Tuesday is a super fun topic! My Mixed Tape: The soundtrack of My Life...so far!!  There are so many songs I absolutely love and many that take me back in time, so I had a great time narrowing down songs to include!  Actually, it's more the artists that define times in my life rather than the songs...

K-K-K-Katie, My Beautiful Lady
I remember my grandfather singing this to me when I was little!  It's super old...from the 1900's.  The best version of it I found was this...but my grandpa's version was way better!!

Hats Off to Larry
When I was little my dad had a jukebox.  I danced around our den to that damn jukebox ALL the time.  The jukebox had a lot of oldies.  My favorite was Hats off to Larry...probably because I LOVED a guy named Larry!  He was in his 20's, I was 6 or 7!  HA!  Every single time, I imagined I was singing to him...hahahaha!

Any song by Debbie Gibson defines my young 80's self.  When I was seven I saw her in concert, third row, center at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and it was AMAZING...LOL  I was a dancer and a singer when I was little!!  I would blast the music and dance around my room for hours!!  From her very first album, to her last...I loved it all.  I actually met her a few years ago, and she signed my Out of the Blue Tape cover. I swear, when I met her I was seven again!!  I was a total fan girl!!  It kinda makes me cringe thinking back on it!!  My absolute favorite song of hers was called We Could Be Together. It was off the Electric Youth album.  I had a dance and everything.  I am pretty sure my sister and bestie were sick of hearing that song, the amount of times I had it on replay!!

My Tape signed...eeekkkkk!!

Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid
This one you just have to BELT OUT!  And this was the only song, that after singing, my bestie told me I had a good voice!  HA!  I will never forget that compliment as long as I live!!

I was also a big fan of the boy bands!  First New Kids in the 80's, the Backstreet Boys, and 98* in the 90's but the biggest piece of my heart goes to the boys of *NSYNC...two fifths of whom were on my Beloved MMC!! My bestie and I loved *NSYNC so much we saw them in concert twice in one week, during the summer of '99.  I recall losing my voice!!  I followed them from the very beginning all the way to the end!  And I love all of Justin's solo stuff, but I'll admit my heart broke a little when they broke up!!  So many of their songs are my favorites...Tearin' up My Heart is definitely up there!!
And they do an awesome cover of Christopher Cross' Sailing, too! #jussaying #atleastithinkso

Every year in college is defined by an artist that we listened to more than any other!

Freshman year it'd have to be Fleetwood Mac....Landslide is my absolute fave from them. BTW...Love the Dixie  Chicks version of Landslide too!!

Sophomore year for me was all about BRUCE!!!  Thunder Road was my JAM!! I played it on the jukebox at Bishops (our Bar!) every night I was there from sophomore year through senior year!!   I still love Bruce to this day and fully intend on seeing him in concert before I die!!

Junior Year was U2.  They released the album All that You Can't Leave Behind that year and the song Stuck in a Moment was pretty much my theme song then!!  There were a lot of moments in college I felt stuck in! They were all fun though!

I'd have to say that during all 4 years in college Billy Joel was a mainstay in our house.  As far as he goes, the catholic school girl in me will always love Only the Good Die Young and This is a Time to Remember was my HS Junior Prom Song...I liked that prom way more than I did the senior prom so when I hear that, I'm back at prom again....with my two dates!  Is there a better lyric for high school than "These are the days to hold unto cause we won't all though we'll want to"??   I think not!!  I wrote about the time my bestie and I saw Billy Joel's Last Play at Shea as a day I'd relive again {here} for a Show and Tell Tuesdays last year!!

And speaking of Billy Joel, Shameless, written by Billy Joel and sung by Garth Brooks will forever be my all time favorite song.  It's my secret wedding song. I'm holding out for the guy who'll sing Shameless to me!!  (Yes...I do realize I'm living in a dream world!)

The song that defined about 4 Memorial Day Irish Festivals camping, a bunch of St. Patrick's Day parades in NYC and a million unforgettable memories made with my cousins following college was by the band Sullivan's Jack.  Miles to Go...I just love it.  And I love the new Irish tunes that bring me closer to my heritage.  I know my cousins all love Rebel Song (my second fave), but for me Miles to Go was it...it just makes me wanna jig!!  
Sull Jack Groupies at the Reunion Show 2015

And how could I not include my Kenny on the soundtrack of my life!?!  There are so many I love but I would have to sat that two that define me right now are Never Wanted Nothing More and Beer in Mexico.  You might remember I wrote a little bit about Never Wanted Nothing More during the Quote Challenge.  A lot of times it's the lyrics that I find a little piece of myself in.  In Beer in Mexico there's a line that says,

"Maybe I'll settle down, get married or stay single and stay free, which road I'll travel is still a mystery to me....so I'll just sit right here, have another beer in Mexico do my best to waste another day, sit right here and have another beer in Mexico, let warm the air melt these blues away.....  

Who knows what will happen to me or where my life will go.  I'm gonna leave it in God's hands and until he gives me a sign to help me figure it out, I might as well enjoy myself...with a few beers!  ;)

As for my current place and time, I'm not sure there's a song that defines me....maybe All the Single Ladies!?!  LOL... just kidding!!  That's pretty much it for me!!  

I can not tell you the fun I had putting this together!!  I listened  to old songs on YouTube and danced around my living room.  Who knew all the lyrics would come back to me so quickly!! HAHAHAHA...if you want to hear one or all of these song head to YouTube!  I created a playlist here!

Have a great Tuesday!!  I can't wait to read about everyone's mixed tapes!!  


  1. This is a super fun post! Makes me think about my life in song...

  2. So fun!! Part of Your World is the best song to belt out!! haha And I completely agree that NSYNC was the best boy band. :)

  3. This was fun!!! I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan as well!!!

  4. Great post! I love all of these songs, too! I had the Debbie Gibson perfume and probably bathed in it during elementary school. I can still remember how it smelled!

  5. Love it. Billy Joel is on my must-see concert list!

    1. Please, please, please come to NY...he is in residence at Madison Square Garden...he plays a show or 2 there every month!!! We'll go!!

  6. Oh this is a fun post! I was an NKOTB girl and that my first concert at 7 years old in 89! And I totally agree with you Sailing cover by Nsync is great. They had beautiful voices for acapella! xoxox Amanda

  7. I have been working on a mixed tape post for a while but it's still sitting in my drafts folder. Thanks for the inspiration to finish it up.
    I love your picks.
    1 song that brings me back to high school days is - Sheena Easton's True Colors. One of our teachers did a creative dance to it for a concert in our high school and I've never been able to forget the song or the image.

  8. We need to hang out stat. 1.debbie Gibson was the soundtrack to me getting my tonsils out. 2. Nsync for life. 3. MMC - I'm a die hard fan umm remember when they did in the name of love by U2?!? Died. 4. I danced to landslide at my wedding with my daddy. Great post !! Next time I'm in NYC we need to hang out lol

  9. I so wish I had the time to do my blog post of this, I have LOVED reading everyone's lists!! You need to listen to Smashing Pumpkins Landslide, it's one of my faves!

  10. Oh the boy bands, listen to them on repeat I tell ya!

  11. Shameless is one of my all time favorite country songs but I had no idea that it was written by Billy Joel!? (Okay, I'm listening to it now.. crazy!) I'm so jealous that you saw NSync twice?! I never got to see them in concert :( but I would have killed to see them just once!

  12. I LOVE THIS. Did you pretty well know which songs would make the list or did it take awhile to think of them? Funny how we associate certain bands or music with periods in our lives. I would love to do this, too! Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. What a fun post. You picked some great songs! Now I'm going to have to give this some thought. Hope you're having a great Easter weekend - and yay for spring break!

  14. I found you on the blended blog and had to click this post just because of the Debbie Gibson cassette! She was my fist tape I bought!!! I also could say something about practically all the other songs you picked: I had a airbrushed "Shameless" front license plate on my truck in high school, Landslide is AMAZING! (Fleetwood mac and Dixie Chicks) U2 is one of my all-time fave bands...and Little Mermaid is my hands down fave Disney movie! My friend and I used to walk around the neighborhood singing all the songs. I need to go pull out my old cassettes (if I can find them!) Ohhh...and NKOTB...Joey 4-ever :)


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