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Show and Tell Tuesdays!

Today is Show and Tell Tuesdays with Andrea @ Momfessionals.  I didn't Link-up the last time because it was all about organizational tips and tricks!!  Of those, I have NONE!  But I learned a lot from the ladies who linked up.  But today I'm back!   It's a super, fun and thought provoking topic!

Groundhog Day: A day you'd like to live over and over again.

I had to think about it because I've had so many good days in my life!!  There have also been many I'd like to forget!!  HA! (And because I have the worst memory, I am sure there are even some great days I've forgotten!)  I've never been married, so I can't relive a wedding day.  I've never had a child, so I can't relive that.  Instead I thought about me...when was a day that I had some of the most fun or a day that I was most at peace being me!

I love traveling and Cozumel, Mexico is one of my favorite places.  I love the beach there. Sitting my ass in a hammock among the trees and feeling the sun on my face, with just my headphones on or a book in my hand,  is pretty awesome.  But I can and have relived that.  A few times actually!  And know I'll go back someday.

Instead, I thought I'd go with something that,  even though I'd like to live it over again, I can't because it was really was a once in a lifetime!!

The day/night that I'd like to live over again is July 18th, 2008.  This was the night that Billy Joel played the last ever show at Shea Stadium before it was torn down.  It was billed as the Last Play at Shea. AND I WAS THERE!  ON THE FIELD!

My bestie and I are pretty damn serious when it comes to our shows!  I remember that this show was announced and we knew we wanted tickets.  We tried and tried but failed.  Mel was pretty confident though that because the tickets sold out in like under a minute, another show would be added...and she was right!  So all those folks who bought their tickets for the Last Play at Shea on Wednesday night, July 16th, were not actually at the last show!!  The VERY LAST Play at Shea was that Friday!

Me, Mel and her friend Olson were all online and on the phone before the show even went on sale. Olson was the first one to score tickets.  On the field...in Section A, so we scooped those puppies up!!

The day of the show we headed into the city and got there early enough that it was still light out.  When they let us in, we explored the field and stadium!!  So fun.
Mel and I before the show started
Taking selfies before taking selfies was cool!!  

I was on the field at Shea once before, believe it or not, when I was really young.  My friend from grade school and I created a poster for a contest and were able to circle the field with it.  I don't remember as much from that day, but it was in the Daryl Strawberry Era and our poster had all these people in the stands with Strawberry Heads.  My friend was a really great artist!  I do remember her doing most of the work, but it was pretty awesome that she picked me to go with her that day!!

Back to the Billy Joel Show....
As you can imagine, it was pretty insane!!!  We have seen Billy a few times but this was absolutely epic!!  This being the last show ever at Shea, it had to be!  Not only did we see Billy, we saw Steven Tyler and Roger Daltry (I wasn't as familiar with him I'll admit!)

AND GARTH BROOKS!!  For country music lovers like us, he was the ultimate!   Woo Hoo!! Now I know Shameless is technically Billy's song, but it's my favorite Garth song, EVER!!  When a man sings Shameless to me, then and only then will I know he's THE ONE. (Hence the reason I'm still waiting! HA!!).  But having Garth there singing Shameless with Billy Joel can not be beat!

But the fun didn't stop there....Tony Bennett was there, oh and just SIR PAUL MACCARTNEY!!! who made it there in the nick of time, from jolly ol' England! Police escort, planes swirling overhead, the whole nine!
The Beatles played the first concert ever at Shea, it was just right that he was there to play the last!!  The show actually ended with the Beatles classic, Let It Be!!  Both Crazy insane and beautiful!

Shea Stadium was torn down and CitiField was built across the way! Paul McCartney actually played the new stadium's first concert after it opened almost exactly a year to the day of the Last Play at Shea. And Billy Joel joined him on stage.  Mel and I didn't attend that show, but we have been to a show at CitiField...Dave Matthews Band and Zac Brown Band...not quite as epic!! But still fun!!

It's nothing that can be repeated for me...that feeling of being there in that place on that night!!  And I know I'll see Billy Joel again eventually, but that night indeed, was one in a million.

They actually ended up making DVD of the show Which I don't have but I probably should consider it, huh?!?

Have a great day!


  1. What a fun day! I liked it when you said you were taking selfies before they were cool! Ha!

  2. What an awesome memory. Ball field and music!!!! I need to see Billy Joel!

  3. That is a great memory and an awesome day to relive!

  4. Sounds like a great day to relive! It was such a shame when they tore Shea down :-(

  5. What a great day to relive. I would love to see BillyJoel!


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