Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Oscar Night!!

I took a little unintentional blog break for a while.  I have been sick....that STINKS!!!!  I had this whole last week off from school for Winter Recess and with the exception of two days ( My "Girls Only" Slumber Party on Sunday and my actual birthday Monday) I've spent it on the couch sick.  I won't recount all the gory details but it was NOT pretty.  I am kind of needing a Winter Recess re-do!  I had lots of plans and nothing got done!!  BOOOOOO!!!!

But anyway...
On Friday the Style Me Girls Linked up to share Oscar Night looks!  I missed the last link up, I was not missing this one.  Better late than never.  And I had so much fun reading everyone's take on the prompt, I wanted to add mine!  So I'm typing this as I'm watching this year's Oscars.
(And right now on my screen is one of my faves, Tim McGraw!!!  But what is with Faith and that hair....they kinda look too similar for my liking!!  Anyone else have any thoughts?)

Back to my dream Oscars Look....HOW FUN IS THIS!?!?

I would love to get the chance to go to the Academy Awards!!  Under no circumstances would I want to be a nominee!  That is way too much pressure!!  I'd be going as the date of Bradley Cooper!! :)
(Lets just pretend his girlfriend is not 23....grrrrr...)  I just think he'd be a really great time!

I am not much for make-up really.  I have my simple staples but never really wear too much.  A understated face like this one would be me!!  That up-do is pretty much my style as well!

As for a dress, I'll be honest, I'd go simple and get something off the rack!
. I don't need anything too big and puffy or too heavy with lots of beading.  I'd want to be comfy and be able to eat, drink, and dance at all the after parties!  I thought about going to the bridal websites for pics but decided, I'd be shopping at Nordy's for a dress!  Ha!

I'd go for something like these:

Not the most fanciest of choices!  But it's JERSEY, so comfortable when you're sitting for 4 hours, and the back is super cool!!  I'm really into the one shoulder thing these days!!

I'm not sure about this color dress with my own coloring but it would work with my simple makeup!

Since this is a dream sequence type thing, I'll go ahead an pretend I'd be able to walk in these!

Since I'm going with a one-shoulder dress, I'd opt for simple bangles or even a cuff for jewels on my arm.  Something I have already!  (Wish I thought to take pics!!)

I guess I really am just a simple gal!!  But Oscar night on the arm of Bradley Cooper would be a trip!!

Go check out the Style Me Ladies fun posts!!!  Create your own Oscar Night and link up with us too!!

An InLinkz Link-up

Here's to hoping I can blog more this week, now that I am on the mend!!  I've missed it!!
Enjoy the Oscars!!


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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

    I hope you get feeling better.

    (So sorry! I did not mean to delete the first comment.)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog Julie!! Feeling better thanks...of course when I have to go back to work! HA! Have a great week!!

  3. I'm so sorry that you were sick for your whole week off. Going to the Oscar's with Bradley Cooper? Great choice! Love the gowns you picked too - I'm all about the comfort myself. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Lana...feeling much better!! Have a great week as well!!

  4. Welcome back! Why is it that teachers always get sick on their week off. Hope you can get some you time.

    1. Always the way Deena, isn't it?!? Thanks for stopping by the's good to be back!!

  5. I love those dresses! Such a flattering cut! What a fun link up! And Bradley Cooper would be such an awesome date, look at those baby blues! :) haha


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