Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bright Pants!

Happy Style Perspectives Wednesday Ya'll. Last week's patterns and neutrals were a hit with everyone!  Before we get to this week's fun, here's a wrap-up of how each TBB lady interpreted the prompt!  Love everyone's style and how their personality shines through!!

Spring has Sprung and this week's Style Perspectives theme, bright pants is just the perfect prompt. No one's bright pants collection could rival Shaunacey's, that's for sure, (totally jealous!!) but bright pants were just the perfect look for Easter Sunday!!!

I love these blue pants and have had them for about a year but truth be told Sunday was the first day the tags came off!  I think I'll be wearing them a lot more often though!  Got many compliments on them and they were really comfy!

These are Old Navy Pixie Pants!  They come in so many colors and patterns.  I also have them in red and this fun flowery print that I save for summer!!  And since I got mine last year they seemed to have a lot more styles of them as well!  And at super affordable prices, which is good!!

C'mon I couldn't not have a post without a selfie in it could I!?!?  LOL

Such a fun pick!!  Do you do brave the bright pants too!  Link up with us and show us how!!

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  1. SOOO CUTE!! I love Old Navy pixie pants, those floral ones are fabulous!! You're such a cutie patootie!!

  2. You are adorable. And I have those same floral pants, and love pixies!! Shaun told me about them, and I'm addicted now. That blue is amazing so I'm checking out Old Navy online now:)

  3. I love ON's pixie pants and have a few pairs myself. The floral ones are my fave!


  4. You should really wear the blue pants often! They look great! And the floral pants are fabulous!

  5. I love ON Pixie pants! You look great!


  6. I really need to try on those pixie pants that everyone is talking about! LOVE the blue on you!

  7. Too cute! Those pants look fantastic on you! You need to go get them in every color now! And those floral pants, so, so cute!

  8. Those floral pants make me smile. Darling. Simply darling.

  9. I love both outfits on you - you look so pretty and springy! I have one pair of pixie pants that I love - I need to check out the new prints and colors!

  10. I am so not a flower print girl, but I love those pants on you! Super cute!

  11. You always look so cute! I'll be honest, the idea of bright pants on my bottom half makes me a little nervous, but I think I could totally wear those blue pants. Great post, as always!

  12. You are so pretty! I need that white peplum top and your floral bottoms!!

  13. Love the blue pants. Great color + the peplum top is perfect!

  14. Both outfits are adorable!!! Love it!!! :)

  15. Pixies are my favorite!!! You look soooo great in your's!

  16. Both looks are great. That little peplum top is super flirty! But those Pixies...oh, my gravy. So springy, so fun. You absolutely have THE BEST arms and wear sleeveless tops so effortlessly. Love the colors in that outfit!

  17. You look great in both the looks! Those floral pants make me think of summer - and how much I long for warm temps.

    Daily Style Finds

  18. OK, its decided, I need some cobalt pants. Love that look!


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