Monday, July 27, 2015

Quote Challenge: I'm sure happy with what I got...

So excited to share my second favorite quote with you today!  Thanks again to Lana for tagging me in the Quote Challenge.  

Last week I shared a quote from my favorite book, Wonder.  Today I thought I'd share lyrics from one of my favorite songs (hope song lyrics count!) Kenny Chesney is my favorite country artist and he has so many great songs!!  

His song,  Never Wanted Nothing More is one of my favorites and the chorus really speaks to who I am.  This is me.  I have great family, awesome friends, a house I own and a job I love.  I'm happy being me.  I kinda love this little solitary life I have here. Sure my CP makes me a little bit different from everyone else, but I'm the only me I can be.   And I laugh... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!  Mostly at myself!!  What's the alternative? 

Take a listen to the full song!  It's super cute!!

Kenny Chesney sings the song, but the writer is an man named Chris Stapleton.  He's written a ton of songs for country artists and now is coming out into the spotlight as an artist himself.  My sister and I saw him at an acoustic show and he was awesome!  Check him out!!

Hope Kenny and I were able to get your Monday started on the right note!! (Yes...I'm a comedian..)

Have a great day!!


  1. This is such a perfect way to start off the week!!

  2. Haven't heard this song before but it's fun. That quote would be a great graphic tee...maybe a little too wordy but maybe at least the I'm What I am and What I'm Not? Thanks for sharing.


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