Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Life in Lists

Back again for another My Life in Lists Post, with Marci @ If These Walls Could Speak and Team Gilbert! I love this week's prompt and have totally always thought of this!!

List things you wish you could hire someone to do for you.

{ONE}  Hire a chauffeur to drive me a around!
I know I said this same thing in my previous list, but for serious...I need one!!

{TWO}  My Hair
A hairstylist is another thing I could definitely use.  I feel like when I go get my hair did, it always looks fab, but then I come home and try to replicate the style and it's an epic fail! And if someone did my hair everyday, it would have much more variety!

{THREE}  My Make-up
Who wouldn't want a make-up artist, too?  Another thing that would give my look more variety.  And I could use some lashes, which I could never do on my own!   If I had someone to do my hair and make-up everyday, maybe it would help me get outta bed in the morning!

{FOUR}  Clean My House
I know cleaning people exist, but I obviously do not have them!  This is a small place and not much to clean, but hey if I can have someone do it for me, I would in a heartbeat! Some people love cleaning!  I'm not a fan...I break out in a sweat when I vacuum, I really don't believe that the Swiffer actually cleans anything, and it's inevitable that I bleach SOMETHING when I clean!

{FIVE}  Take Out My Garbage! 
This really should be number two!  I hate the garbage.  Living in this condo, it's a community garbage type thing! It smells and is always so full!!  I always wait til the last minute to take out my garbage...less trips!  The garbage in my apartment complex was not great either, but at least that was a  dumpster I could stand 5 feet away from, wind up, and toss in!  If there was someone who'd knock on my door every night to take my garbage, I'd be forever grateful!

{SIX}  Cook My Meals
A chef to cook for me would be just the best.  I would eat! HA!

What would you hire someone to do for you? Tell me about it in the comments and link up your list here!

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Hire a chauffeur!! Genius!! I wish I would have thought about that and added it to my list!!

  2. haha love these!
    a personal cook might be up there for me (and hair and makeup!).
    I think if someone made me healthy food ALL the time, it would be way easier to say no to crappy stuff!

    1. Totally agree on that healthy food! I'm loving this link-up...wish lists of sorts!! :)

  3. A driver?! I should have put that on my list!

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

  4. I totally remember when we lived in an apartment complex and had to walk out to the dumpster to dump our trash bags. It was SUCH a pain so we would pile up the bags on the balcony until we finally took them to the dumpster haha! I totally need someone to do my hair & makeup every day! Thanks for linking up!


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