Monday, April 21, 2014


It's Monday!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!  I know I did!  Lots of fun and laughs with my family...hope yours was much the same!

Is there anything that illustrates my solitary life better?  I think not!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Today I'm home on Spring Break...YAY! for that!  Not so much for the banging that began above my head at about 7:15 this morning!  Boooooooo!!  There are both advantages and disadvantages to not yet having an upstairs neighbor.  One obvious disadvantage being that the place is not yet finished!!  So at 7:15 on a Monday morning when I'm trying to sleep...they are banging!!  I had this same issue over the February vacation...but everyday that week I was already up early so it didn't bother me that I can SLEEP IN!

When you move into a new complex, at the closing while you're signing your life away, you also have to sign about all these you know this is a construction zone and you know they'll be banging and all that mumbo jumbo! Which, right then I was fine with!  But see the bad part is, I'm the only one having to ensure this.  The rest of the places in here are filled with people!  I'm the only one that doesn't have anyone above me. (Perhaps they've heard something about me....hmmmm!). Lucky me.

I just worry...If I can hear them...
I mean really...are they hearing me when I pee?  What happens if they bang to hard and come crashing down on me when I'm in the shower!  Oh yikes...have they heard me singing in the shower???  EEEEEKKKKK!!
I hear their conversations while they're walking up the stairs and can hear their music up there!

And it's a beautiful day out today!  I can't sit out in my little front area and get a tan!  YES...I do sit in the front, which I know is a tad bit on the ghetto side, but it's where the best sun is...and I'll do ANYTHING for a TAN!!

Maybe all this means is a GUS is moving in soon!  And hey who knows, maybe he'll be HOTT and quiet, and I won't mind him on top of me all the time! ;-)

But for the rest of the week, I'll be popping sleeping pills before bed!

Have a great week!  I'll be back tomorrow with another My Life in Lists Post, and Wednesday for WIWW!

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