Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Challenge Week 3

We're in the home stretch of the Fall Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On.  I didn't end up wearing every outfit, and it seems I styled lots stripes!!  So in no particular order, here are the looks I attempted this week!

Day 11: It's still too warm in my neck of the woods to actually wear my puffer vest, it's pretty heavy, but I LOVE it.  And I really LOVED this look.  I will totally wear this often... later in the fall and into winter!!
Puffer vest/striped shirt/dark skinnies/riding boots/leopard scarf

While we're on the puffer vest, I'm gonna skip over to Day 13, which saw the puffer again!  This time with a plaid shirt underneath.  Loved this too!!
puffer vest/plaid button down/grey skinnies/riding boots/black purse

Sunday, Day 14 had challengers in stripes again, this time with the military jacket thrown in.  Since I had yet to sport the military jacket (and just got it back from my friend), I threw this on, with a tassel necklace. I laughed when I got the Day 14 outfit on Saturday night, because it was kind of like what I wore Saturday out to dinner with friends!! (too warm for the day's actual outfit!)  Rather then a striped shirt, I wore this new striped moto cardi/jacket from Piper Street.
military jacket/striped shirt/dark skinnies/leopard flats/tassel necklace (I added this to the look!)

These last two outfits I ended up wearing to work with black pants.  

This was Day 10!  Each night we get an email with the look Alison put together.  This day, I basically flip flopped the colors of the items in the picture.  Instead of the dark, fall colored cardi, I went for the neutral cardi and a darker long sleeved shirt.  The plaid scarf was spot on for this day.  

Day 15 called for the dressy sweatshirt, grey skinnies and ankle boots.  I wore this dressy sweatshirt to work and because it was already grey, I went with black pants.  This is the BEST.  I got it last weekend when Loft was 50% off.  Super cute with the shirttails hanging out and there is little hot pink dotty rosebuds on it!  It also has a Peter Pan collar.  Sorry you can't see it in the pic, but find the sweatshirt {here}.  This is an updated version of my favorite sweatshirt from last year that I might have worn at least a hundred times with leggings and boots....
Not the best picture of the sweatshirt (I can't believe this is the only one I have with it on!), but hopefully you get the gist...and maybe had a good laugh! I just love this!!  And the new version can also be worn with leggings.  With the shirttails, your bum is covered!!  They also have it in a plaid version, I am kind of regretting not getting when it was just 60% off during the flash sale....booooooo!!  

Hopefully in these final days of the challenge, I'll do a little better and be more on target with my outfits!  You can find links to all available clothing I mentioned above {here}.  And see how I've styled all the looks during previous challenges {here}.

Have a great week...have FUN and LOOK FABULOUS!!

And don't forget to check out these ladies looks!  I'm sure they did a much better job than me!!  :)

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  1. You styled all of these outfits perfectly! I love that layered sweatshirt!


  2. Very cute outfits, my favourite is probably no.13 because I'm really into plaid at the moment and I like how you styled it with the vest on top :)

    Madeline | Cappuccino and Fashion

  3. I love your white puffer vest and your striped number! Super cute!

  4. You are looking great. I love that puffer vest on you - so cute and perfect for once it gets cold near you.

  5. I enjoy reading your posts because you and I are the two single gals in the link up. All of your outfits look fantastic!

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks so much...I'm so glad I found your blog through the challenge!!

  6. you're the cutest in the apron pic!
    I'm coveting those boots of yours!

    1. Thanks Shaunacey!! Pretty silly but it showcased the sweatshirt! LOL And my boots I got for a steal and the end of the season last winter...Carlos Santana brand.

  7. Love that sweatshirt! Love those puffer vest looks too!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Cute looks.

  9. Hey cutie pie! Great looks - I like you in a puffer vest + that's a great bag w/the vest. Thanks for linking up!


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