Monday, October 27, 2014

Favorite Things Party!!

Linking up once again with Erika and Andrea for their favorite things party!!  Sharing my favorite thing right now under ten bucks. I mentioned this in my five this past Friday, but my love for this stuff runs deep!!  Just like the huge cut I put it on!!  ;)

Now I know it might be a little silly that I am so obsessed with this at the moment, but I'll give you a little background.  

Almost two weeks ago now (right after getting THE BOOT off...the very same day actually! life was good!  HA), I was cleaning my knives at the kitchen sink. I don't really use the big a$$ knives, but in this instance the two biggest I had were in there and needed cleaning.  What I was trying to get off was not really coming off and I kept thinking to myself that I really should just throw them in the dishwasher! But I know that this ruins good knives, so I didn't.  But when you think it people, ya really should just do it, because not long after that, the knife slipped and I got cut.  I HIT BONE!!  If this had ever happened to anybody before, you know just how quick it is!  

At first I was thinking that did not just happen.  Actually, I was not just thinking that, I actually said that out loud.  Living this solitary life I do, I can do that!  I was also laughing so tears wouldn't escape!  I didn't really know what to do so, I switched the water to cold, and ran it under there for a while. Then I wrapped it in a towel, and put pressure on it. 

I should add that this was 9:30 at night and I had yet to get in the shower!  (I always shower at night!).  I had a thought of calling my mom and asking her to come wash my hair for me in the sink like she used to do when I was a kid, but then thought the better of this! It was late and she'd would want to take me to the hospital for a stitch or two. (Which my school nurse said I could have used!) Actually... this is my mother I'm talking about, she probably would have come and washed my hair for me, but she would have looked at my sliced finger and said, "it's fine...go to bed!" LOL  When we were little we could never stay home sick.  My mom would always say, "You're fine!  Go to school!"

Showering  and trying to wash my hair was not fun but I got through it ....all the while with a bleeding finger.  I tried to wrap it up for the shower but that was very short-lived!  Finally, I put a few band-aids on it (maybe all the band-aids I had) and went to bed!  

At this point I did not have any neosporin yet.  I actually didn't get this miracle of an ointment until Friday!!  My weeks at school are super busy and I had no time during the week to get it!  So I just kept it bandanged tightly so it would stay together. It probably took about a full 24 hours for it to stop bleeding.  Not only did I go through my own band-aids, I pretty much went through my school's band-aids too!  :)

 But wouldn't you know it the day I got the Neosporin and put it on, my cut was completely different.  It didn't hurt as much, was super soft and I could actually bend my finger without the fear of it bleeding all over!! It pretty much closed up overnight.  I might be a little crazy putting it on a dozen times a day, but being a teacher I am constantly washing my hands, so this is a factor too.

I'm pretty much healed, but I still have it bandaged and am putting the neosporin on it.  I think it's working so well, that I will have very little scaring.  

I know neosporin has been around forever.  I guess I just never used it much!  This is probably the deepest cut I remember having in a long time!  I am sure parents stock up on this stuff for their kids who are costantly runing, jumping and getting scaped knees and such.  Me?!? Not so much!  I clean cuts out with soap and water and have a small bottle of peroxide that I got for a dollar two years ago and still says it will last me another three!  But now I have plenty of Neosporin to last me for maybe FOREVER!!  Typically a tube is around 5 or 6 dollars. but there's coupons and sales, so you might be able to find it cheaper.  I got the original and it's working great!!  I guess when they say, "Every cut, every time" they mean it!  

And a big thanks (she types sacastically!) to my co-worker who told me that things happen in ankle, this cut, what's next ?? So now I'm just waiting on my third thing.  Hopefully it's minor! :)

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. Love your favourite unique!

  2. Neosporin is quite a cure all!

  3. You should totally advertise for Neosporin! Love it! ;)


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