Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Challenge Post 1

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The Fall Style Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On began on Monday and as I did in past challernges, I am documenting my take on the looks with fellow bloggers in the challenge!  This time around 20 bloggers have joined us!  And you can link up with all of us as well!  Just head on over to Carrie's blog at A Lovely Little Wardrobe.  This week's post will only showcase two of the outfits! And so far, so fun!!

Monday had challengers wearing a striped top, boyfriend jeans and booties, accessorized with a tassel necklace.  I was off for the Columbus Day holiday, so I was excited to follow the challenge pretty closely and not have to make too many changes for work!  The change I did make though, was swapping out the boyfriend jeans for skinny jeans.  They were less bulky and fit better under the boot! 

Striped Top/ Skinny Jeans/booties

Day two was pretty simple!  Long sleeved tee, black skinny jeans, plaid scarf, with military jacket and riding boots!!  I was back at work, so naturally, I substituted my black leggings and because of this I went with a longer tunic sweater instead of the long sleeve tee (as the bum needed to be covered!!) And I went with my grey riding boots just because they went better with my BOOT!!

Leggings/tunic (similar)/plaid and polka infinity scarf (nla)

I really wanted to have my act together enough to put the third outfit together, but it will have to wait until next week!  So please come back!  And don't forget to check out how some of my fellow challengers styled their looks for the first two days of the challenge!!

See you next week!!!

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  1. I have the striped top in red! Love it!

  2. Love the tunic! Looks so comfy and also flattering. My kind of shirt!

  3. Hello, fellow style challenge participant! Great looks. I went with skinny jeans, too for day one.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  4. Oh my goodness! Good job being stylish with a boot on- that's a challenge in itself! You look great though! Love the lace sleeves on your striped top!

  5. Haven't heard what happened to you, but you style that boot so well! I really liked the loose drapey top too!

  6. You look so pretty - I love what you did with day 2. Hope you get your boot off soon :)!

  7. love the striped that the one that PTMT was talking about? It looks great on you, now I wish I had gotten it too! hehe :)

  8. I love the stripped top with the lace! You look great in it!

  9. I love those gray riding boots! Actually, I just want the entire outfit. But especially the boots.

  10. Hey, fashionable friend! So glad you linked up. You know you look great and are rocking your and all.


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