Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm back!

I missed a week and now can't remember much of what happened!!  Ugh....

Maybe I should talk about that!!  It is like really old lady style, my mind is going!!

Ooohhh...I do remember something!!!

Last Saturday was the Feast of St. Liberata.  A big festival for the people of Patchogue and this year the Italian American of the Year was someone from my Landlord's family so the parade (really just like 5 people) came into our complex!  And I got to pin my dollar on the statue of St. Liberata. (Some crazies pinned 5, 10, 20's on there!!  I could barely afford that damn dollar!!)  Supposedly that's to bring good luck!  That I have yet to see!!  It was pretty funny!!  Too bad it wasn't a nicer day!!

Oh and on Friday, I got to be the crossing guard!!  hahahaahahaaha!!
It was an early dismissal at school, so at 11:30 when my students were walking home, the crossing guard was not there!!  So I was her!!  I laughed the whole time....and found out that those students have a much longer walk then I have!!

This weekend was a Huntington Fall Festival!  To which I went both Friday and Saturday nights!  I heart cover bands!!  LOL  And I only went on Saturday to get my Gavin DeGraw tickets for the Paramount!!  WooHoo!!  After the festival, I slept at my mom and dad's... Sadly I slept better and longer on a pull out couch in their basement, then I do in my own bed.  I am looking into this!!

I am happy to be home today for  my first day off since September!!  What to do? What to do?  You probably guessed!!  I went to Bravo!!!!  ;)
Still quite a crowded little place at noon on a random Monday!!  I just got the staples of what I needed!  I really need to do a big shopping, but I am so against  I can't get to much because it is always going bad or moldy!!

And I should be planning and checking emails but I'm not!!  Instead I have begun a little obsession know as Hulu!!!  I have watched all these advanced premieres!!  And I know, all the crap I like is sure to be cancelled!  But if anyone is interested Nashville and Chicago Fire are both on there!  I'll give them both a second watch!!

And can we talk about how bloody damn cold it is!!  I thought I would welcome Fall but I lied!!  I am looking forward to my skinny jeans, sweaters and boots, but it's chilly and I refused to put the heat on in my apartment!!  SO I don't look cute....I am bundled in my sweatshirt and blanket!!  And I will continue to be while I sit and enjoy the rest of my day being a sloth and watching Hulu!  Hopefully your holiday has been more productive than mine!!

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