Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So Totally...


Really Bravo, really???  NONE of your Fat Free Half and Half's had a date stamp????  I was not going to get it then- how was I supposed to know when it expired?....I instead had to go with the FULL FAT version, which yes, totally tastes different!!

And why, oh, why Bravo do you advertise things in your circular that you DO NOT HAVE????  I was so looking forward to getting Smart Ones at 50% off this week!!! 

And who knew the patrons of the Bravo loved Blue Point Pumpkin Ale so much??  So much so that three out of the six pack were stolen!!  LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!  I couldn't get it anyway...my bag was too heavy already.  And I know my bag is heavy BEFORE I check out because I carry my Market Bag with me to shop!!  And I will have you know, I am the ONLY soul in the Bravo who cares about the environment!!  But I may go back tomorrow...Loving my Pumpkin Ale already!!

Bravo was not all bad today however...I did get Mott's juice boxes 2 packs for 5!!  And yes, you read that right....I said Mott's Juice boxes!!!  I need those for my lunch.  I am so over soda...and I refuse to pay $5 for a 12 pack when it used to be three 12 packs for like $6!!! 

I do realize that Bravo is not a legit supermarket, but it is just so convenient for me and had served me well thus far...oh well!!

Nothing else to really report this week in my solitary life of Mayhem and Mishaps....oh except if you count my Brita pitcher full of water spilling all over my kitchen counter and down to the floor!!  Causing me to be late for work (which my crossing guard noticed!!!)  Actually I was late to work 3 days last week, all of which my crossing guard friend recognized and commented on!!! I ignored her...she doesn't know I'm a bitch 'til about 10, when I fully wake for the day!!

I also had an incident with my sugar bowl as well.  Instead of fulling my empty sugar bowl with the sugar, I started pouring the five pound bag of sugar into my coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I didn't notice what I was doing until I had poured about a pound in already!!  What a waste!!!

But I am not going to let any of these mishaps bother me!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year: PREMIERE WEEK!!!  Woo Hoo!!  So tonight, I'm gonna sit my ass on the couch and watch my shows, with a big bowl of ice cream drenched in peanut butter...(not my usual spoonful that I treat myself to)...and enjoy!!! 


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