Sunday, September 16, 2012

Locked in the Library

Back by popular demand!!  A new blog post...

This past week was the first full week back to school and my first week with the kids.  I must admit that not having a homeroom is taking a little bit of getting used to, but I do like the fact that I see and teach every kid in the school!!

My year was already made....on Monday I had my second graders from last year. Before I invited the kids into the library, I lined them up in the hall, but one child peeked in and announced, quite enthusiastically I might add, "MISS MITCHELL, I LOVE WHAT YA DONE WITH THE PLACE!!  I just had to laugh...and was very touched!!

The library has it advantages!  I can modify the same lesson to fit students in grades Pre-K to 4th...reading them all the same book but mixing and matching different activities.  Pre-K was a challenge though!  It was hard for me to explain to them that the Library is a QUIET place, when 2 or 3 of them are screaming their bloody heads off that they miss mommy and daddy!!  But school is new to them, and I know they'll come around!  Plus, I got high marks from the aide, so I guess I wasn't too tough on them!!  I am used to disciplining the bigger kids and there's a reason I was once known as Aunt Beastie!!

I am finding Tech to be bit more daunting (which I'm a little surprised about)!!  But I'll get there!!
 The biggest disadvantage is that I miss my am not where the action is!! 

This week back was busy...I was late every night and got no sleep, which meant this weekend I was back to my old lady ways of falling asleep early on Fridays.  This week was also the Meet the Teacher night!  Easy for me, because really no one wanted to come visit me!  LOL
Funny story...for the past two years our principal has given us roses (think Bachelor-style...and every time I wanna yell...I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS ROSE!!)  This year though, I took mine home and was shocked to remember that I actually had a vase here to put it in.  My delight quickly faded, when I realized the vase was for a DOZEN roses, not one singular, sad rose!  So I put it in the vase and fluffed it up with all it's greenery!!  It looks nice...but if anyone wants to send me 11 roses, I sure as hell won't refuse them!!  :)

An update on my walks to school...
Monday, a friend of mine saw me walking to work, so she swung around and picked me up at the stop light, wondering what the heck I was doing and how on earth my dad (aka: my chauffeur/ chariot of fire) could leave me on the side of the road!...I reminded her I moved...but also found out a student lives in here!  (FAB!!  eeeekkkk!!)

The next day, a woman walking told me she loved my shirt!  Then the crossing guard told me had been looking for me and thanking God I didn't come sooner!  She didn't want me to get soaked by the sprinklers!!  People around here are so nice...even the immigrants I see loading up in trucks every morning to go find work!

Oh and I also met some neighbors.  They moved in right before me.  The woman told me, she had just finished unpacking and that she hates moving!!  But she also said she was gonna invite everyone in our section over for a wine and cheese open house/housewarming type thing.  I told her I would be there!  I love WINE!  But then I thought....IS THIS WHAT THEY DO HERE? SHOULD I HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS? THANKS LADY FOR MAKING ME LOOK LIKE THE ANTI-SOCIAL SCHMUCK OF THIS BLOCK!!!  But then I got over it.  Today I met her boyfriend.  He asked me if I liked pork because they were trying the crock pot here for the first time and would have lots left over.  I thanked him kindly...but then I worry, how do I know it's safe??  It could be laced with meth!! (AND this is probably the reason I am so not a people person!!)  Luckily though, it's 7 and a crock pot full of pork has yet to arrive at my door!!

So here it is again the dreaded Sunday night.  It's great having all the kids in the school but having to look at 150 technology surveys from the big kids and create 150 "Taking Care of Books" books for the little ones is NOT FUN!!!  Lots of work ahead of me!  I must go...and turn on my oven fan!!  I thought oven mits were supposed to prevent burns, not go on fire!!  Opppsss!!  The house smells as fabulous as you can imagine!!

Thanks so much for reading and all the positive feedback!!  I do this for shits and giggles, and I'm glad I can give you a chuckle!!

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