Sunday, September 9, 2012

I was kidding...

SO when I originally posted that I was going to start a blog on Facebook, I was KIDDING!!  But the more I thought about it, the more silly things were happening to me.  Half of which I shake my head and laugh at...some of which I'll admit...I've cried about!  (Don't worry Ma...the laughs far out way the tears!!)

Living on my own at 32 should not be new.  I should have taken this step a long, long, long, long time ago!!  But I am catholic school teacher, who doesn't drive and makes way less money then anyone might think!  So my parents, and then my sister, so graciously took me back following college.  And while my wanting to buy a place has been in the works for quite sometime, I thought "Ya know what?!? I have enough saved for a house...for now let me just keep that in savings and use this year's salary to rent."  It was quick, after that...maybe too quick!  LOL

It's been about a month here.  A few things I discovered thus far....

I need a bug catcher!!
There are a lot of bugs here. I don't think this is a buggy place, I just think that with it being summer and all and my apartment being surrounded by trees and shrubs, I'm gonna have bugs!  I've seen spiders and ants and I'm pretty certain I sleep with mosquitos at night.  (No Jean...apparently this is not a one night stand!) I am sure my bug situation has nothing to do with the fact that my front door doesn't close all the way because of my fabulous new mat (Thanks Lauren and Amy!) and by the time I realize it, close to ten minutes have gone by!  Oooppppssss!! 

Bug catching made me late for work the other day too!  Not late, late but late on my terms.  If there was ever a day I could be late though, it was last week.  This year, I am teaching library and tech so I didn't have kids last week and now don't have to be there so, so early! BUT...maybe I do!!!  Walking to work at 10 to 8 (Yes...I live that close...), I heard a bunch of footsteps coming up behind me, then rush passed me!!  It was middle school kids who go to the school across from mine!!! 
 When we reached the corner, THE CROSSING GUARD, let us all go.  Since I had to cross over again...she stopped traffic and let me go AGAIN!  I was a little embarrassed but thought it was funny too.  After this, I decided I would leave much earlier, so as not to meet the middle schoolers or the crossing guard again!!!
The next middle schoolers...but I crossed the street safely with the help of the crossing guard lady!  Or as I now like to refer to her... my new best friend! LOL

Note to self...never buy a top that has a tie in the back or buttons up the back!!  BECAUSE THERE'S NO ONE HERE TO TIE IT OR BUTTON IT FOR YOU!!!!!  Because of my new solitary life, I need to remember this.  I took these things for granted when I lived with others.  Someone was always there to button me, zipper me or tie me up in the back!  I contemplated not wearing that shirt, that day but since I had picked it out the night before (due to my lateness previously) and had no time to think of anything else.  So I did what I could to tie it, went to work disheveled, and asked a friend to tie me in the back!

Me and my Bravo!
I am a big fan of the Bravo supermarket.  Because it's close to me obviously!!!  And they honestly have really good deals.  Like today for example.  I bought all these cans of food for buy one, get one free, 5 for $5 and so on.  I got home with all my groceries and while putting them away realized something:  I DON'T HAVE A CAN OPENER TO OPEN ANY OF THESE! After about a second of laughing at my stupidity, I had nothing to worry about!!!  Out the door I went. To Family Dollar down the road!!!  And got myself the DELUXE can opener...for $2!!  LOL

SO now it's back to being that dreaded 5'oclock on Sunday!  I've planned for tomorrow when I meet my students in Library and Technology, I've watched some football, eating snacks and drinking beer. 

My beer is another story!!  My last Shock Top in the fridge I was saving for the JETS game.  I thought about getting more when I was at the Bravo (no Shock Top there, but beer in general) but decided I should go with the canned goods instead!  This would have been fine, IF I didn't spill the beer on the carpet!!  Damn it!!!

Reading this, it might seem that I am not liking living on my own!!  I absolutely am!!  I can take longer showers, I don't need to put on a bra to come out of my room in the morning, and can have dance parties in my living room!! I've also noticed though that I talk to myself a lot, don't really like the quiet, and I LOVE visitors!!

I don't know who'll read this, but if you do I hope you get a lil' kick out of it!  My policy has always been to laugh at laugh along with me!!

Until next time...if there is a next time,

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