Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude

This morning I posted my March in Review post with my bloggy buddy Deena.  And I thought I'd post again this afternoon with Shaunacey for her Monday Moments of Gratitude!  Because really... who doesn't like two-fers?!?  These are not of the "spirits"variety, but feel free to enjoy a glass of wine while reading.  I debated posting again, but I didn't post last week and kinda have a lot to be grateful for!

This morning I am back to work after Spring Break!  Over the break, I discovered that I really do enjoy my time off!  I sometimes think I could actually be one of those people that doesn't work!  HA!  But a mortgage and a shopping habit that I have yet to tone down, snaps me back to reality!  And I really am grateful to have a job, period, because I know so many out there are looking for work and struggling right now!

But  I am grateful that I have a job that allows me time off. Teaching is not always the easiest profession but when it gets stressful or out of hand, you know there's always a break to countdown to!  I complain about work a lot and am always counting down to something (and don't get much sympathy from anyone...because ya know...I get summers off and all) but it's also a great time to recharge....even if the second you walk back into the building, it feels like you were never really off at all.  So the countdown to summer starts now!

I am also grateful this week for my family.  Easter Sunday was the first time all of us, (with the exception of my mom and dad), got together since January.  I feel like now that my parents are not around to keep us all together, we don't see each other that often anymore.  And that's ok!  Because it just makes the time we do see one another that much more special and fun!  And the family grew by one!  With the edition of this sweet girl, who I introduced you all to on Friday!  This is my sister's family's new puppy!

A few more moments...

I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my besties this weekend for a girls' day!  It was a super fun day of laughs, jokes, pizza, Shopkins and Frozen Surprise Slides!  Like Chutes and Ladders, just all Frozen-y.  And Aunt Katie won a game!!  Woo hoo!!  (because Aunt Katie likes to play far!! HA!)
#bestiesforever...and an elk!

I am so grateful that my friend who spent the entire break sick, is on the mend!

I'm already looking for the little moments in this week to be grateful for.  Who and what makes you grateful?  Let me know!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Grateful that we have your blog to read, Katie. Thanks so much

  2. Katie, you're always one of my favorite blogs to read! I am thankful for your adventures. I read all of your blogs from your first year of blogging on Friday (#BigFridayNight). I love your sense of humor!!

  3. BAH the puppy is sooooooo cute!! So sweet.
    Oh my gosh those pics are cute, looks like fun!!!
    thanks so much for linking up, I'm realizing how much we're going to miss you next week!

    Simply Shaunacey

  4. I love puppy pictures! So cute, and chutes and ladders is probably one of my least favorite, I prefer Candy Land, hehe. Great things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my parents living close to help out while Mr. is away.

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