Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Teacher Tuesday

Teacher by Day...blogger by night!  That's the blog's tagline!  I have no children of my own, but often claim students as "my kids"!  HA!  I see these kids more than I see my own family and spend more time in school these days than at home, so from time to time I like to throw in a Teacher Post!

So today it's another edition of Teacher Tuesday!  Last Teacher Tuesday was a "Kid Quote" Edition.  Today will be a hodge podge of quotes, funnies and observations!!  So lets's get to it!!

  • About a thousand times a day lately, I say to myself, "If I ran the school... And sometimes I say it out loud at not the most appropriate times.
  • Currently there are three students vying for my "favorite" spot, three students who yesterday called me Mrs. Mitchell, and one who called me "grandma".  The kids thought that was really funny.  Because "Grandma's are like 50 and Miss Mitchell is only 25".  Thank you to that sweet student for making my day!!  It's funny to me these days what kids think is young or old!!
  • By April about 75% of the students have checked out!!  And clearly I have as well.  I've discovered that I am getting lax in my library book record keeping and planning.
  • I often think to myself, really, really? When anyone talks to me. 
  • Some of the faculty might think I am anti-social, but I just don't go into the faculty room...ever... because it smells like something died in there!
  • I'm so happy that the After Care students have taken to the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel After School Challenge.  It keeps them busy, they are having so much fun and are learning lots of skills as well!
  • It's been raining a lot in April.,..I am still in my winter/rainy day uniform of leggings and boots...the kids are starting to notice that I am repeating looks!  LOL

And just because I love them...I'll end with some Kid Quotes!

Teaching Poetry all April and a poem I was reading had the word rap in it.  It asked the kindergarten students if they knew what  rap was and a little girl raised her hand and said "A rhyme-only cooler!!"  I thought that was a pretty great answer!  HA!

"Elvis WAS Rock and Roll! Michael Jackson was cool too...they're both dead."

"We are part of the Kid Colony- we live on the continent- CLASSROOM!!"  That right there is a kid with a great imagination!!

Conversation between three 3rd graders in After Care one day...two girls and a boy!
Completely out of the blue!!

L (girl) says to the boy: "I am not your girlfriend"...
Second girls: "Oh my Gosh-CLASSIC!"

Out of the mouths of babes!!  Sometimes I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing...and sometimes I just can't hold it in!!  

Am I going to make it another 47 days??  I sure hope so!!  LOL

Have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. Oh, man. Kids say the weirdest stuff.



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