Thursday, April 28, 2016

On Thursdays, I throw it back!

Two weekends ago, a few of my bloggy buddies from The Blended Blog attended The B@M conference together in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go but spent the weekend living vicariously through their posts on FB and Insta, and then later on when they all recapped their experiences on their blogs!  This week has been spent finalizing a meet-up for more of us in Toronto in 2017 and looking even further ahead to more exciting times in 2018.  All of these plans have got me very excited, but have also made me a bit reflective.  It's been two years since we all met through a Style Challenge and I am so glad to see how we have grown over that time.  I thought today I would throw it back to that first year of challenges and our very first link-ups, because out of those link-ups, and further collaborations came our collective, The Blended Blog! If you haven't visited all the goodness that is the Blended Blog yet...go now...well, after you read this!! I recapped all my challenge faves from that first year in a New Year's Eve post, 2014! And even though it's a lot of me, it mentions the ladies, their blogs and our fun!
And P.S.- Everything I am wearing in these posts, I still have! HA!

A Few Challenge Faves

New Year's Eve!!  Whoop Whoop!

I thought for today I'd take a look back and  recap some of my favorite looks from the Style Me Pretty Challenges with Alison at Get Your Pretty On,  that I spent much of 2014 participating in!  I had so much fun during each of the 4 challenges and loved linking up with fellow bloggers I met!

The Spring Challenge was the inaugural challenge and began in April and lasted through early May.

A few of my favorite looks:

Clearly I really loved my leopard flats and striped shirt!  Find out more about these looks {here}!

The Summer Challenge in June and July was a breeze!  I loved wearing colorful shorts and maxi skirts.

 My sister and my best friend both joined me in the summer challenge! So it was double the fun!

This outfit was probably my most favorite of the whole challenge!!

To find outfit details and to see more looks from the summer challenge {here}!

Before we knew it summer was a memory and Fall had arrived.  This challenge I vowed to shop my closet and found I had all of the pieces needed.  I think this challenge was the easiest.  Love how easy it was to put the looks together and style everything!  I have so many favorites!

Fall Favorites

Find more of my Fall looks {here}.

I slacked the most during the Winter Challenge, but being during the holidays pretty much lent itself to that!  I still came away with some favorites from the outfits I did manage to put together.  This challenge really built on the fall one.  For the winter challenge, I splurged and ordered the TOMS booties.  I loved wearing them!!  Super cute!!

See more of what I put together during the Winter Challenge {here}!

I love everything about the challenges...the great group of ladies in the FB group, linking up each week with fellow bloggers and challengers, our fun linky graphics (Thanks Deena!) and the ease of getting dressed each day!!  You can find out more about Style Me Challenges and see how they impacted me in my letter to Alison.

  And the fun's not over for me and my Style Me Blogger buddies!  We are continuing to link-up in the new year...talking fashion, home, life,  and everything in between!  I am super excited about it!!  Join us!!

Happy New Year!!!


This post originally appeared on the blog on December 31, 2014


  1. Awwww, walk down memory lane. Funny how I remember all of these looks on you. Is that crazy?

    1. OH and I can't wait to meet you next year! Only a bazillion more days to go!

  2. I love reading this throw back. I started the style challenge in the Fall of 2014, and I remember your name when you would post, because my Cousin is Katie E MacDonald, and you always confused me. LOL, and then I joined in with you're little blogging group the following spring. But I totally remember that lace sweater! I can't wait till Toronto 2017!! Though I may head to NYC before then. just sayin.

  3. I love the chambray top with the coral/bright colored shorts!


  4. Super cool post!!!! Can't wait to meet you in a year from now!

  5. Yay! So fun to read this - we really have come a long way! I'm so excited for next year, to finally get to meet you in person!


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