Monday, April 4, 2016

March in Numbers!

Happy Monday!!'s the first day back to work after Spring Break! So to help me through this day it's a big ol' coffee this morning and I'm already looking forward to the wine I'll have when I get home!!

April is Here!  A quarter way through the year-yikes!!  Not like I want it to fly or anything...well maybe I do....bring on Summer!!!

Recapping my March in numbers today with the lovely Deena!  It's a pretty short list. With the exception of Spring Break and it's doings, March was rather uneventful for me!!

Speaking of Spring Break, that was a nice little treat for the month of March.  I was off 11 days, 8 of which were in March.  It was a nice break.  I was able to check 5 items off the Spring Break Bucket List I put together, had lots of fun and relaxed a bunch too.  Breaks always go too fast!!

Of the four Saturday nights in March I spent every single one of them  at home!!  #solitarylifeprobs I was sick one Saturday though! :(

But on those Saturdays I had the opportunity to start and finish all 6 seasons, 94 episodes of Sex and the City again!  I'm so glad I decided to watch it again now.  Because I'm the age that they were then.  I've also discovered I have a little bit of each of the girls in me right now!  When it was first on I was 100% Charlotte!   LOL

But I went out a bunch though too...

4 visits to my favorite place, Meetball with family and friends!

3 dinners with friends at other fun places in town

2 visits to Parabell and 2 breakfasts at Toast

1 Sushi night!  Definitely not enough sushi this month!!

Clearly, I eat out a lot but never leave my three-mile radius!

Actually that not true...I met with friends out of town for dinner once!

4 family days this month.  Lunches and dinners with my sisters and their families, and the whole lot of us got together for Easter Sunday!

1 Hello Fresh delivery!  But only 1 recipe made!  The other two meals I ended up splitting, and eating in other ways!!  I got it on a bad week when I ended up going out a lot!!   But anytime there's a risotto, I get a delivery!!  Love risotto!!!!!!!!!!

1 book club meeting hosted!  The first book club meeting! And I'd say it was a success!!

My reading this month was not great though!  2 books finished in March (Edgewater...the Book Club book) and Rediscover Jesus, that I read throughout all of Lent! A third book I started but never completed!  Fingers crossed I can finish it in April!!

As always, too much coffee, too much wine and thanks to one over-indulgent Happy Hour on Spring Break, too much beer!!  But lots of water too, thanks to my new tupperware water bottle.

So I think that's it for me for the month!!

March on the Blog:

22 posts in March

My 350th post was published!  Style Perspectives White Jeans Edition!

The blog, Facebook Page and Instagram all saw an upswing in followers, as did blog numbers themselves.

The most viewed post in March : Home is Where the Heart is

Most View post via Mishaps and Mayhem FB PageMy Mixed Tape

2 Posts on The Blended Blog {here and here} and 5 Style Perspectives Link-ups with the Ladies of TBB {here}

Number of pics posted to Insta: 57 Check them all out here and follow me...I'm @solitarylife101

How was your March? Let me know in the comments below!!

And head on over to The Blended Blog today, Deena is sharing 4 fun Spring trends!!


  1. I love your food posts ! Thanks so much for linking up and now I really want to re-watch Sex and the City!

  2. I'm jealous of all your eating out :) What a great month!


  3. What a great month, especially with all of those days off! I need some time off of work! I don't think I've ever watched the entire series of Sex and the city, I've probably seen 80% of it...hmmm..I think I need to fix that. And Yes to I was totally Charlotte when I first started watching...and now...not so much :)

  4. I was Charlotte too! Lol I really need to re watch. I just need to stop watching Gilmore girls 3 times a year :) I really love these posts and congrats on 350!

  5. I LOVED Sex and the City, can't wait to watch it again at some point!!!
    350 posts?! Woot woot!! that's amazing!!
    My gosh you got me craving sushi like it's no one's business!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  6. Oh risotto. I am living vicariously through your eating at restaurants! Ha! Loved your tbblog posts!

  7. I always wanted to be Carrie but knew deep down I was Miranda.....

  8. You really did eat out a bunch! That sounds delicious... :) And awesome that you have so many places close to you! The hubby and I went out Friday night (pretty rare for us actually) and we drove about 30 minutes to go where we wanted.

  9. I haven't seen many episodes of Sex & The City - I think I had little kids when the show was on! Sounds like you had a good month - I'm excited for summer too!

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