Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Teacher Tuesdays: Kid Quotes

Thought today I'd do another teacher post....Teacher Tuesdays if you will!!

This year I've been trying to write down the cute, funny things I hear my students say to me or overhear them talking about with their classmates!  They always make me smile!!

One thing that every teacher is required to do,  is a lunch duty.  Being the librarian, I'm a floater, so basically everyday I'm somewhere new!  One day in the third grade class, I heard a boy singing...

"Nobody can drag me down...whoohoo...nobody can drag me down".  So I asked, "Is that Justin Bieber?" to which the kid responded, "No it's Kidz Bop 31"

Hahahahahahahahahaha....made my day!!

Student: When the Combat Handbook comes back, can you put it in the holds?
Me: I'll try to remember friend!
Student: Here's a tip...write yourself a note!
{Fresh or cute?!?  The more I think about it the more I'm leaning toward Fresh!!}

Sometimes in library when students finish their checkout assignment early they can then read their book quietly.  One day a Kindergarten girl was reading Arthur's Neighborhood.  It's a lift the flap book and one of the pictures shows a character walking into D.W's room while she getting undressed (a privacy thing!), so they just loved that.  When they came up to show me, I made a joke...D.W's in her undies!?!  What!?  So they laugh and forget about it.  Then I overheard...."Boys and girls can not be together when they're  naked!!  No they can NOT!!  It gave me a chuckle!!  Then another girl came up to tell me that book was crude.  I was taken aback...and slightly impressed that she knew the meaning of the word crude.  And I thought...not my Arthur!!!

Every so often in after care, there's this third grader who will belt out "What's Going On" by 4 Non Blondes.  I love it!  She sings really well and it surprises me that she even knows that song. I remember loving this song...like when I was in Middle School! {And who knew the song was called What's up!!??}

One of my faves...
"Look Miss Mitchell!  I can flick my ears, And they won't ever come off! Because God made them to stick!!" -E, a little Pre-Ker who just made me smile so big!!

This next quote is probably the funniest ever.

In the computer lab the tables are set up in rows.  Like this.....
I log in the younger students myself, so I have to go down the rows.  One day as I was logging in, I asked a child to move in so I could get by.  And I always say...Can you please scuch in...Miss Mitchell's not that skinny!  The one student turned to her friend and with the most deadpan face says "she's not!"  I just couldn't hold back the laughter!!

But on a day like that , I still get the little kinders who every time they see me, scream my name like I'm a rock star, rush up and tackle me with hugs and tell me they love me...so it's a win-win!!
Just today, a little Kinder boy, said to me..."I just love you so, so much!"  And then I become  a big ol' mess!! And think to myself... these are my kids!  If I am having an impact on even one child for the better...then I'm good!!

Because in a job like this, it's the little things!  The laughs, the songs, the stories...that the kids and I will all remember!! 

Thanks for indulging me in a little Teacher Talk today!!


  1. This is all so sweet! Kids are amazing!!

  2. These are so cute!! Too funny about 4 Non Blondes! I used to love hearing my Kinders singing to themselves. You could always tell which type of music their parents listened to! haha. ;)

  3. bahahahah I love kids! so funny
    Annabelle called me a cow yesterday... ah-mazing!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  4. I love it. Such a good reminder of why we do what we do. You are so cute as Arthur!!

  5. I loved those! You are making an impact and they will remember you forever!

  6. Awww, love this! You and Leslie have such great/cute/wonderful stories :)


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